Which Is Best in 2022?

2. Browning Strike Force Pro XD 24MP Trail Camera 

Available on Amazon, this trail camera comes in a handy bundle pack which includes a 16GB SD memory card and card reader. Its sharp 24MP sensor can capture extremely detailed photographs, as well as FHD 1080p video. 

Equipped with an external microphone, all video recordings are accompanied by the surrounding sounds of wildlife. To save on battery power, the audio can be customized to a length anywhere from 0.5 seconds to 2 minutes. Furthermore, this camera uses a special Dual Lens technology to ensure both nighttime and daytime images remain crystal clear. 

The Strike Force Pro is an incredibly fast camera, featuring a trigger speed of 0.15 seconds with a recovery time of just 0.5 seconds. This incredible speed gives you the best possible chance of capturing amazing wildlife moments.

The Browning Strike Force Pro XD offers excellent battery life and is powered using only 6 AA batteries. The motion detection range of this trail camera is 80 feet while the Infrared flash range is adjustable by the user. 

Customize IR settings via several options, including long-range, power saver, and fast motion. This feature means you can tailor the camera to your exact needs.

The Strike Force Pro XD can take up to 8 rapid-fire or multi-shot images and even includes a time-lapse mode. Unfortunately, there’s no hybrid mode on this Browning camera — this means you have to choose between photo or video mode. 

Thanks to its dual-lens, this camera is a great option if you’re looking for a device that can take nighttime images with just as much clarity as sun-lit photographs; it also makes it great for night vision video recording

This trail camera is top of the line. If you’re not in need of such a feature-rich camera, then check out our next review for a more compact option.

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