What are the different meanings of moth tattoos?

The moth tattoo is primarily used to symbolize transformation and metamorphosis, but also has a long-standing association with ill-luck and death.

The variations between their positive and negative characteristics, and their relationship to the butterfly, make them a fascinating choice for amazing tattoo art.

Rarely seen up close, moths have earned an interesting mythology thanks to their nocturnal nature and relationship to superstition, however, they are still mostly used in tattoo depictions of transformation.

Symbolic Moth Tattoo Meanings

1. Transformation and Metamorphosis

Traditional Luna Moth Tattoo Mr E10

Source: @mr_e10 via Instagram

Moth tattoo designs are rooted in symbolism. The creature’s extensive metamorphosis makes them a beloved emblem for anyone that has undergone a stage of serious (and difficult) personal growth. 

They can also be deployed as a more unique reminder to stay steady on the path of perseverance. They are spiritually connected to the moon and are thought to be symbols of eternal recurrence.

Luna moth symbolism represents resilience in the face of adversity, adaptability, determination, and success, all of which stem from this fascinating process of transmutation. 

They begin their lifecycle as a lowly caterpillar, gorging on leaves before building themselves a cocoon. The caterpillar’s body is completely broken down to its base elements, only to be reformed and emerge as a completely different animal.

Symbolically – much like its sunny counterpart the butterfly – moths are often brilliant examples of tattoo designs dedicated to the process of change, struggle, and rebirth.

Traditional Luna Moth Anastasijamocna

Source: @anastasijamocna via Instagram

2. The Nighttime Butterfly

Colorful Male Moth Chest Tattoos

You could make the case that moth symbolism is for people that don’t like butterflies – the collectors that prefer the dark and night hours to those happiest in the day.

Moths share a nearly identical life cycle as the butterfly, but hold the uncanny distinction of being strictly nocturnal.

Awesome moth tattoo designs are often for collectors with an affinity for the night, as opposed to the butterfly seekers. 

They are a popular design symbolizing transformation (those with butterfly tattoo designs are generally sunnier in disposition) but want the moth meaning to suit their behavior, interests, and personal style.

Moth tattoos are also popular with tattoo lovers that don’t like color art. For some, a heavy black ink traditional tattoo of a moth better expresses their concept and symbolism than a brightly colored realistic butterfly might.

Realistic Moth Female Portrait Tattoo On Chest For Men

The Moth: An Insect of Ill Omen?

3. Exploring Duality

Dagger Moth And Tiger Mens Leg Tattoos

Much like a butterfly tattoo and other animal tattoos, moth ink can incorporate images such as tribal tattoos, a skull, or dagger that can contrast ideas such as life and death, good and evil, or danger and betrayal.

Duality is an interesting and heavily depicted topic in animal symbolism, and there are a great many ways to show these competing ideals The cycling emblems of life, death, the human soul, and potential rebirth are often irresistible subjects for tattoo lovers to explore.

The Death’s Head hawkmoth tattoo, for example, is a representation of the here and now, the skull on its back, or dagger it’s resting on, represents the inevitable future for the human soul as the insect’s wings perish.

Together the symbolic meaning of life and death combine in a mesmerizing way that presents no separation – they’re interlinked and will always be so.

Mens Thigh Tattoo Of Female Portrait And Moth

4. Are Moth Tattoos Bad Luck?

Male With Skull And Cross Bones Moth Traditional Inner Elbow Tattoo

The symbolic meaning of the moth as good and bad luck varies from culture to culture, with an older association with death thanks to the moth species’ nocturnal reproduction habits.

In Mexico – part of their natural migration and distribution throughout North America – luna moths are seen as bad luck, especially if one makes it into your house. In parts of Mexico, it’s said that if a luna moth flies into the house of a sick person, it’s an omen they will die.

While these beliefs aren’t as common as they were in the past, they demonstrate that the luna moth and its morbid associations still hold weight within different cultures and communities.

Color Luna Moth Jpereztattoos

Source: @jpereztattoos via Instagram

5. Are Moths a Symbol Of Death?

Arm Luna Moth Fn Monte97

Source: @fn_monte97 via Instagram

Moths are often considered symbols of death, which can be traced back to their depiction in a style of still life painting known as the vanitas style.

Arising during Middle Ages mythology and common in funerary art, the vanitas style uses still life paintings of different artifacts associated with death as a meditation on the futility and emptiness of life. 

Often certain animals were included in these motifs, with crows, vultures, and moths being popular depictions for their carrion diet, dark aspect, and superstitious association with death.

There are also different tattoo art variations of the insect (see the Death’s Head hawkmoth below) popular in design as a contemporary link to the occult and the macabre.

Thanks to their nocturnal habits and superstition, moths became associated with death and decay. Some still see moths as portents of ill-fortune and get them inked as protection against ill luck.

Negative Space Guys Moth Blackwork Hand Tattoo

Common Types of Moth Species in Tattoo Art

6. Luna Moth Tattoo Meanings

Chest Luna Moth Tattoo Nicoledgnilli

Source: @nicoledgnilli via Instagram

One recent trend in the world of animal and insect tattoos sees people choosing the luna moth as inspiration for their incredible tattoo art.

The effect created by a luna moth tattoo can be impressive as a symbol of positive and profound transformation linked to rebirth. 

Enthusiasts engage a variety of styles and approaches to recreate the lovely insect on their bodies, often providing elements of realism, color, and brightness that fit in line with modern approaches to tattooing rather than the traditional style of times past.

The use of neon color, crescent moon imagery, geometric linework, and other design styles make the luna moth popular for unique interpretations of rebirth and metamorphosis in body art.

Geometric Luna Moth Tattoo Riverdawnrising

Source: @riverdawnrising via Instagram

7. Death’s Head Hawk Moth

Crying Woman With Moth Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoo With Realistic Design

If you want to get a moth meaning linked to death or ill omen, then the is the obvious choice. A large, savage-looking moth with a skull on its thorax and heavy black and/or yellow coloring, the death’s head moth design looks like nature’s revenge on humans in insect form.

Death moth tattoo designs are some of the most old-school designs available, encapsulating the long and rich tattooing tradition/superstition of trying to ward off death by confusing it with a symbol it’s already linked to.

A brilliant tattoo artist can make your death’s head moth tattoo look as if it’s alive or make it seem as old as time itself.

Manly Moth Guys Traditional Tattoos On Chest

8. Other Moth Design Ideas

Outer Forearm Moth With Negative Space Moons Mens Tattoo Ideas

While the moth tattoo idea is dominated by dead moths and luna expressions, there are other designs utilized in tattoo art. These include:

  • The atlas moth (the largest moth by wingspan)
  • The white moth (often etched in black and gray with the fuzzy highlight)
  • The hummingbird moth (seen in North America
  • Tiger moth (not to be confused with the airplane, has striking colors of black, orange, and white)
  • Diamondback moth (a great choice for geometric moth concepts)

Small Ornate Guys Black Ink Traditional Moth Arm Tattoos

Adding Meaning to Moth Tattoo Application Styles

9. 3D Moth Tattoos

Hexagon Geometric Guys Moth Upper Chest Tatto Ideas

3D moth tattoos are designed to spark your imagination and second guess what your eyes see. Shadows, shapes, and realistic colors can bring your insect tattoo to life, giving them character and the essence of realism.

Shadows can lift the moth off the skin (or have it burrow deeper) and make it appear as if it’s about to take flight. 3D tattoos inked with the right shading and color combinations on your skin tone will make your moth tattoo pop and look very natural.

Guys Electric Watercolor Moth Tattoos

10. Realistic Moth Tattoo Ideas

Back Luna Moth Natosaurus.rex

Source: @natosaurus.rex via Instagram Source: @ellisarchtattoo via Instagram

The natural diversity of this nocturnal creature makes the moth an attractive subject for the realistic tattoo style. 

Much like butterfly wings, the moth wing is a cornerstone of their attractiveness that provides a great opportunity for your tattoo artist to test their mettle with color, shade, and linework. 

The spots and lines of an Atlas moth or death’s head can be arranged in a manner that carves out the presence of an eerie human face or a serene landscape, while the luna moth or hummingbird moth can feature more delicate linework and brighter colors.

Creative Mens Hand Tattoo Of Flying Moth

11. American Traditional and Neo-Traditional Moth Tattoos

Retro Mens Dagger With Moth Traditional Leg Tattoo

It almost breaks down that the type of moth tattoo you want to get establishes which style you will look to get it inked in. 

If you’re into the hawk moth tattoo ideas, you are more likely to look at bold black ink, or classic traditional body art, because it matches with the death’s head motif and concepts of duality, etc…

A luna moth is likely to prompt an exciting modern interpretation of old school principles with vivid color and contemporary technical effects such as dotwork and 3D elements to draw out the collector’s affinity for transformation and rebirth.

Creative Moth With Owl Eyes Mens Back Tattoos

12. Geometric Moth Tattoo Art

Dotwork Floral Guys Upp Back And Neck Moth Tattoos

Geometric tattoos bring together the natural and scientific realms of thinking.

The beauty of the moth in nature is expressed by the whole insect tattoo – exotic angles, lines, symmetry, and the interplay of shapes in each image.

A 3D moth design combined with geometric imagery displays a thought-provoking interplay between nature and science, where one ends and the other begins and is also a great opportunity for your tattoo artist to display their skill level.

Abstract Watrcolor Mens Moth Full Chest Tattoos


Moths are a great insect tattoo subject that takes a nighttime approach to concepts of transformation and rebirth.

For other collectors, a moth design is a great opportunity to explore elements of duality, death, and ill-luck within the concept of a nocturnal creature.

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