The Best Heated Mittens (Top 5 Reviewed) in 2022



Whether you’re simply prone to cold hands, or love gliding down snowy slopes: investing in a pair of Best Heated Mittens can be the solution to keeping the cold at bay. Yes, toasty hands do come at a cost, but if you’re serious about winter sports and/or want maximum warmth from your gloves, they’re worth the money.

Maximum dexterity

Which pair of heated mittens is ‘the Best’ depends a lot on where and when you plan to wear them. For example, if you want a mitten that offers outstanding dexterity, the innovative 3-finger Saviour Heated Mittens could be your ‘best’ fit. Those consumers who want heated gloves with all-day performance may see battery-life as the top priority. In this case, MOUNT TEC Unisex Explorer 4S Mitten (which offers 8 hours of battery run time on low, and 4 on high), could be the perfect fit.

Maximum insulation

Another factor to take into consideration is how insulating you want the gloves to be. Yes, a heating element will generate and distribute warmth, but extra insulation between the glove’s layers adds an extra barrier against frosty fingers. If insulation is your concern, an option like the Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mitts, which features premium EnduraLoft, insulation, is one of the best you can get.

Maximum battery life

Also, ask yourself how many heat levels you require. Most heated mittens (4 out of 5 on our overview) come with the standard 3 temperature settings: low, medium, and high. However, there are expectations, such as the VOLT Heated Mittens. This premium pair of gloves offers 4 heat settings (medium-high is the addition), allowing a greater adjustment in temperature.

Maximum enjoyment!

Rest assured: every product in our Best Heated Gloves Overview is worthy of your time, money, and attention. We’ve only included designs that score top-marks on quality, value, and performance: with sufficient 5-star Amazon reviews to guarantee they actually deliver the warmth they promise.

We’re confident you’ll find a toasty match, that fits like a glove, in this Best Heated Mittens overview!

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