The Best 12 Person Tents – Top 6 Reviewed in 2022

4. CORE 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent – 16′ x 11’

This is another option for a straight wall tent, which perps won’t provide the privacy that some desire, but with this model by Core, there are some other benefits. If you’re going camping with a group, but you want to be in more extreme conditions, maybe going primitive or backcountry camping, this tent will be a far better option for you. Core is a trusted brand for camping kit, and they make durable, weather-resistant tents, that will keep you dry in the winter and cool in the summer months. 

In the winter, this tent offers you a water repellent rainfly, which will safely keep water off the top of your tent, so you can be safe and protected form a sudden downpour. However, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the summer months, you can easily remove it, to reveal the mesh ceiling which offers panoramic views for stargazing on clear summer nights.

And, with enough space to comfortably sleep 12, and to fit in 4 queen-sized air mattresses, you can embrace the beauty of the temperate summer nights from the comfort of your mattress, without getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Also, the advanced venting system uses the adjustable air intake vent on the ground, designed to draw in cool air, while the mesh ceiling allows hot air to escape keeping you cool in the heat. 

Another benefit of this tent is that it’s truly spacious. Even with 12 sleeping in here, you won’t feel too crowded, as the ceiling is high enough at 86 inches high. Another great feature is that you can configure the interior of this tent in multiple different ways. You have two different doors with which to leave and enter, and different room dividing options.

This makes the tent easily accessible and usable for all of your group, and means you can configure it in different ways depending on your needs, or from trip to trip for variation. You could even have one separate room for kids and adults, for extra privacy, with the dividing wall being used as a projector screen to play the favorite cartoons for the little ones to occupy them. 

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