The 7 Best Camping Saws in 2022

Why should I invest in a camping saw? 

The best way to understand why a saw is so useful is to imagine what it’s like camping without one. A basic weekend camping trip with friends or the kids might just entail packing the car with some tents, sleeping bags, fishing poles, and food. You might forage for useable firewood, and some people might even stop at a roadside stand to buy some ready-cut logs. But for those ready to move away from pre-packaged camping and engage with nature, a saw is the perfect tool to begin.

It’s a nice way to step it up for more amateur campers, and it’s also the most essential tool for lifetime camping enthusiasts. No matter the experience level, the freedom to cut wood for clearing, burning, or building means you can plan your necessities better.

There will be more time to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature if you can get to your campsite and set to work constructing a fire and a cooking apparatus without taking an hour to walk around blindly in the woods looking for the perfect lumber. And having a project to work on will add a new dimension to the way you think about camping activities. Even the most basic project is impossible without a saw to cut material. 

We looked at two different styles of camping saws. One is the folding hand saw, which is a simple saw and handle that folds in half at a central hinge. These are usually shorter in length, but more lightweight, and a good baseline if you only want to have one small saw for cutting firewood.

The second type of saw is a bow saw, which looks like a four-sided parallelogram with the saw on the bottom. The bow saw is longer and heavier, but it can cut through larger logs and is generally more stable during use. More frequent campers typically buy one of each to stay prepared for any situation, but you can certainly survive with one or the other depending on what you want to do with it. 

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