The 7 Best Camping Hatchets – Reviewed in 2022

So we’ve outlined our recommended best camping hatchets, but how do you make the final decision? As you can see, there is a big variety of these products, which shows the different uses and purposes a hatchet can have. So before you decide on the best hatchet for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Will I be hiking for a long time before I set up camp? If you’re looking to take your hatchet with you on long hikes, a lighter option is the best for you.

What kind of tasks will I be completing with my hatchet – light or heavy-duty? If you’re only looking to make firewood, use it as a fire starter, and set up a tent with your hatchet than you should choose a light, smaller, option. You might even go for one of the cheaper options too. But if you’re looking to fell small trees, clear woodland, or even to help with self-protection or processing wild game, then choose a larger, headier hatchet with a bigger blade.

How many tasks do I want my hatchet to complete? Most of these camping hatchets come with a flattened back to be used as a hammer as well as an ax. But if you’re looking for even more functions, consider one with extra features.

So, depending on your needs and demands, there’s something here for everyone in our list of the best camping hatchets. One final thing to consider when looking for the best hatchet is your trust in a brand (you could also consider Gränsfors Bruks, Schrade or Fiskars x7). With a product such as a hatchet, quality is key. You want it to last for years and to never fail you or the consequences could be potentially dangerous! It’s worth investing in a good quality hatchet, from a brand you trust and potentially with a lifetime guarantee if you’re a committed camper.

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