The 7 Best Baits for Crappie Fishing (Reviewed) in 2022

6. Berkley Powerbait Power Minnow

Minnows have long been the angler’s first choice as bait for crappie, and this soft plastic minnow from Berkley is no different. You can use this lure in conjunction with jigs, drop shots, and spinnerbaits, as it’s highly effective at enticing a bite. The design of this plastic bait is lifelike and detailed, with 3D eyes, a split tail and a holographic insert to closely mimic a crappie’s favorite food. 

If you’re an avid fan of using live bait to catch crappie, then give this amazing lure from Berkley a try. The trademark Powerbait scent is infused into this crappie bait, making it smell and taste completely irresistible. Once it hits the water, the attractant will actually release a cloud, bringing yet more crappie into your area to catch. The Berkley Powerbait Power Minnow is easy to fish, and just as effective as a live minnow would be. As well as crappie, these artificial baits are great for walleye and bass fishing.  

Unlike live bait, there’s no need to refrigerate this artificial lure from Berkley, in general, it’s much more convenient than using live bait. The tailspin gives this lure a unique and realistic movement, ensuring good presentation in the water. However, the hook is quite small, so you might struggle to catch the larger crappie. Also, because the material used in this bait is a soft plastic, durability isn’t the best and you may need to replace your bait after a few big bites.

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