The 6 Best Tea Kettles for Camping in 2022

5. MSR Pika Ultralight Aluminum Teapot 

We know some of you prefer to only buy your camping gear from established, expert brands, which is one of the reasons why we had to include the MSR Pika Ultralight Aluminum Teapot in this overview. Other reasons this kettle deserves your consideration are: it’s ultra-lightweight and made of premium materials. Plus, it easy to handle, and simple to clean.

The MSR Pika Teapot is made of top-grade ultralight aluminum. The hard-anodized coating makes it less prone to scratches and abrasions, adding to its durability and longevity. This premium choice in camping kettles has a 33.8 fl oz capacity. Yet only weighs a mere 5.2oz! And we guarantee: that is an outstanding capacity-to-weight ratio for any camping kettle.

The design has a sleek silhouette with an ergonomic and precise pouring spout. The spout is shaped to minimize the risk of spillage and pour precisely, and directly, into your cup. The kettle comes with a secure, see-through lid that stays firmly in place when pouring. Fortunately, the lid is also easy to remove when you hold the kettle upright. And once you’ve removed the lid, the larger-sized opening at the top also makes cleaning the kettle easier. Ensuring no harmful bacteria or residue are left in the interior bowl.

3-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty

Another bonus is that the MSR Pika Ultralight Aluminum Teapot comes with a 3-Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty. This means that if the quality of the teapot does not live up to expectation, the manufacturer will find a solution (replacement or refund). This serves as a testimony of the confidence that MSR has in the quality standard of its products. And makes the kettle a risk-free purchase in outdoor gear.  

Yes, the MSR Pika kettle is slightly more expensive than other designs on this list, but according to reviewers, it is 100% worth it. This sleek kettle scores top marks for its quality, heat-conductivity, durability, and ease-of-usage. With no negative reviews at all, it’s hard to think of any major cons. Though, if we had to nitpick, we would have liked the kettle to be available in various sizes, allowing you to pick the capacity that matches your needs best. 

Overall, this kettle simply is an outstanding choice in camping teapots. Yes, we know sometimes a well-known brand-tag doesn’t necessarily translate into an amazing product… But in the case of this Pika Kettle by MSR, the quality absolutely lives up to the superb standard we’ve come to expect of this expert in outdoor gear.

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