The 6 Best Backpacking Trowels in 2022

4. Vargo Dig Dig Tool

For those backpackers that want maximum digging power, the Vargo Dig Dig Tool may be the best backpacking trowel. This design is inspired by the Japanese Hori-Hori Knife, aimed to slice through roots and tough ground with ease thanks to its sharp, serrated edges. This heavy-duty, titanium trowel is slightly expensive compared to other models, but for its premium performance, it is worth the money.

The Dig Dig Tool by Vargo features an ergonomic design with a rolled handle and top end, making it easy to grip and use. The silhouette works like a full-sized shovel, without digging into your hands as other thin metal trowels might. The rounded top also enables you to use two hands to apply even more power and leverage when dealing with tough, solid undergrounds. The Dig Dig Tool also comes with a large hole and cleats for securely attaching guidelines, making it even more versatile as a digging tool. 

This dual-use trowel & tent stake is made of ultralight titanium. This material-choice has various benefits. Titanium is lighter than steel, twice as strong as aluminum, more durable than plastic trowels, and highly corrosion-resistant. The Dig Dig Tool by Vargo Large measures 8.13″ x 1.7″, with a total packing weight of just 1.25 oz.

It may be pricier than basic backpacking trowels such as the Coghlan’s Backpacker’s Trowel and GSI Outdoors Cathole Trowel, but for its extra durability and performance, we think it’s worth the extra dollars. That said, for those backpackers that want a simple and affordable trowel, this may just be a bit too fancy. 

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