The 5 Essential Knife Blade Shapes

Today I’m happy to have a guest post from Perkin Knives, a company which makes exquisite handmade survival and hunting knives. You can find all of the knives shown here on their website.

When choosing a knife, it is crucial that you consider the shape of the blade. Blade type for your knife is really essential because it will have a direct impact on your usage of the knife. Each type of blade has some advantage or disadvantage. So, picking the right blade is just as important as the metal and the handle material, for a good knife.

There are a lot of different blade types to consider.  However, the main ones to know about are: clip point, drop point, tanto point, dagger point, and spear point.


Pros and Cons of Each Knife Blade Shape

Confused about which blade is the best? It is obvious, clip point, tanto point and so many more. Here is a guide with all the advantages and disadvantages of the blades that are quite popular.

1. Clip Point Blade

clip point blade

Clip point is quite a popular blade that is used widely among the masses. Back edge runs straight, right from the handle. Here it stops halfway up the knife, from where it turns and continues to the point of the knife. The “cut out” part is curved or straight and is known as the Clip point. It is a great for hunting knives.


  • Point is sharp and controllable
  • Great tool for piercing
  • Presence of a good cutting edge for slicing


  • The point is narrow, making it weak


2. Drop Point Blade

drop point blade

The drop point blade shape is an all-purpose blade, which has grown to become another popular blade choice in the world. The back edge of the knife runs to the tip of the knife straight from the handle in a slow curved manner. This blade can make a great survival knife.


  • Strong Point, which is sharp as well as controllable
  • Good amount of cutting edge for slicing


  • Point is not the sharpest compared to other blade points
  • Not a good tool for piercing


3. Tanto Point Blade

tanto blade shape

This kind of knife has a high point along with a flat grind. This helps make the point extremely strong. The front sharpened edge meets the back edge which is unsharpened at an angle and not a curve.

The knife lacks a belly which makes the knife have a stronger tip. These are highly versatile for outdoor applications and survival scenarios, like facing a wild animal or enemy.


  • Extremely strong point
  • A great choice for a piercing knife


  • Lacks a cutting edge for slicing
  • Controlling the point is difficult


4. Dagger Point/ Needle Point Blade

dagger blade type

This knife blade has two sharpened edges, making it a great thrusting or stabbing knife. The two edges make it a good weapon in close combat situations where you need to defend yourself.


  • Super thin and sharp point of the knife makes the knife a good tool for piercing soft targets


  • Weak point, which can break upon impact with hard targets
  • Absence of cutting edge for slicing


5. Spear Point:

spear point blade

It is a symmetrical pointed blade, which has the point in line with the centre line of the blade’s long axis. The blade can have single or double edges that are sharp. This symmetrical design makes it a great throwing knife.


  • Strong point
  • If the knife is double edged then it will have a sharp point
  • The blade is controllable


  • The cutting edge for slicing is small


The above-mentioned blades are just some of the examples. Have a look at all the different blade designs and then decide which one is the best for you. Stores around the world, offline and online are ready with a wide variety of knife and knife blade designs.

Remember that not every knife is good for piercing or slicing. Knives are pretty much usable for myriad of purposes. So, you need to look at the features, and decide the best knife to suit your purpose.


Author Bio:

Having been on the Perkin Knives team for several years as a marketing executive, Billy has been part of a great many top-of-the-line projects. Not only has he personally contributed to the service in every way, but he also happens to be one of the most revered members of Perkin Knives.



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