The 5 Best Camping Windbreaks – Reviewed in 2022

3. Mobihome Beach Tent Sun Shelter Pop Up Tent

An alternative to a classic windscreen is a beach tent. One of our favorite budget-friendly options on Amazon is the Mobihome Sun Shade Pop Up Beach Tent. Not only will it shield you from gusts of winds and sandblasting, but it also offers ample shade ensuring you stay cool and sunburn-free. 

The Mobihome Beach Tent Sun Shelter Pop Up Tent has a footprint of 79″ x 44″, with a center height of 43″, and can comfortably accommodate 2 adults. This tent features 3 walls, an open front, plus 3-side windows. 

Designed to shield you from strong sunlight, sand, and gusts of winds, it also provides you with 360° ventilation in warm weather conditions. This affordable beach tent includes an extended floor, providing you with a bit more wiggle room without having to put your feet in the sand. 

Although the Mobihome Sun Shade Beach Tent is a budget-friendly option, it definitely doesn’t compromise on quality. This tent is made from durable materials and features a shell made from 190T polyester with a 450mm PU waterproof coating complete with double-stitching, taped seams, a waterproof PE floor, and sandbag pockets to hold it securely in place on extra windy days. Additionally, the fabric provides UPF50 UV protection, shielding you from hazardous UV rays that are often present, even on cloudy days. 

Super easy in setup

The Mobihome Sun Shade Beach Tent is super simple to set up. It features a special hub system and a fiberglass frame that work together, allowing you to erect it in one swift movement. Simply roll it out, lock the poles in place, pull the drawstring, and voila — your sunshade is fully erected. 

To use it as a windbreak, you’ll have to secure it in place using the 4 included pegs. We recommend packing some additional steel pegs and guy lines, as we think the current setup may be a bit too flimsy for heavier weather conditions. That said, for moderate weather, the included plastic pegs should be sufficient. 

This camping tent includes two storage pockets tucked away in the back which are great for keeping your beach accessories neat and organized. The Mobihome Sun Shade Beach camping tent also includes a waterproof carrying bag

Weighing in at 5.6 pounds, this instant tent is quite a bit heavier than more basic models (such as the Sport Design Beach & Camping Windbreak). Just be sure to use the shoulder strap on the carry bag if you’re hiking into a remote campsite.

Still, if you’re looking for a shelter that will keep you shielded from the wind, rain, and sun, then this affordable 3-sided beach and camping shelter could be just what you’re looking for. 

Although it’s not the most heavy-duty windbreaker on the market, considering its budget-friendly pricing, we reckon you can’t go wrong with this best-seller.

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