The 5 Best Camping Shovels Reviewed in 2022

Why Do I Need A Camping Shovel?

Many camping tasks are transformed if the right tool is available. Relighting a campfire is much easier if you use a shovel to evenly spread the charcoal around the fire site, and a shovel is very useful to stoke and extinguishes the flames. If you cook over a fire, you’ll find a shovel useful to adjust the logs without having to move your cooking apparatus.

For assurance against the accidental spreading of a fire, try digging a fire trench, and always make sure to bury the remains of the fire when you leave. Camping near a water source is even more enjoyable if you know how to use a shovel to dig a small drainage trench, and you can also ensure rainwater will flow away from your tents. You’ll be amazed how a simple shovel changes the way you camp!

For the more seasoned campers, check out some of the models below that have added tool attachments. No need to carry several different tools with you anymore! Some of these models have additional axes or fire-starting features that will simplify your camping tasks without robbing you of the satisfaction of hands-on labor. Most new models feature up-to-date ergonomically designed handles that go a long way preventing soreness and fatigue while you’re working.

Real adventurists who camp year-round should consider an all-weather shovel as a central and essential part of their tool pack, especially those camping on their own. Sand, snow, and dirt vary from one another and your shovel must be designed to handle any type of material. Some shovels are even built to be attached to a long stick for a DIY fishing spear or fire poker.

A shovel is an absolute camping essential and a clear sign of a true enthusiast. If you want to get down in the dirt, make sure you bring the right tool along with you. We’ve taken a look at seven shovels with various features and design elements and selected our favorite. Read through our list to get a good idea of what to look for in a shovel on Amazon, so you can be ready to get your hands dirty!

A tent in the woods.

Some shovels even come with a hammer, so you can get your tent stakes in tight.

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