The 3 Best Tents For Tall People – Reviewed in 2022

Best Tent For Tall People FAQ

What is the difference between a tall tent and a long tent?

Generally, tents for taller campers can be divided into 3 categories: tall tents, long tents, and tall & long tents. 

Tall tents

Tall tents are extra-high designs that on overage reach a height of around 7ft. These tents with an extra-tall center are often dome-shaped, and though their offer extra headspace, the actual floor space can be quite average. The advantage of an extra-tall tent with vertical walls is that you will have ample space to move around when getting dressed or when packing up gear. One thing you should remember is that tall tents can also a bit more tricky in set-up due to their height. And a footstool can come in very handy when you’re fitting a rainfly on a tent with a peak height of 6 or 7ft. But, consider you’re reading an article for taller people, you probably should manage fine without a stool or step.

Long tents

Long tents are specifically designed to give you extra floor space, ideal for tall campers who want a proper night sleep without their heads or toes touching the sides. An extra-long tent should comfortably accommodate hikers, backpackers, and campers up to 6.8″. Do note that long tents often lack extra width or headspace. Instead, they are designed for lying down/sleeping. So if you want extra length AND extra headroom, this may not be your match. However, the fact that the design compromises a bit on width and height, actually makes this type of tent often a lot lighter, and portable, than dome tents. So, if you plan to take the tent on hikes or multi-day trips and need to carry it with you, this ultralight tent category is most-recommend. 

Tall AND long tents

This last category of tents for tall people is simple: these tents are both spacious in length/width, and in height. For example, the Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Camping Tent, and the Coleman Octagon 98 (as listed in this review). Though they offer outstanding comfort, they often also come with a higher price tag and heftier weight than the previous two categories. Plus, it’s hard to find a single-person tall AND long tent, as most are aimed at family camping trips and multi-person accommodation (4-person tents or 6-person tents). The big perk is that these large tents don’t require you to compromise on space, whilst also offer plenty of room for your gear, or friends. These also tents come with extra perks such as large windows, large doors, and handy gear pockets. We wouldn’t recommend this tent type for hikers or backpackers due to increased weight and large packing dimensions. However, this type of tent can be ideal for car camping. 

Is the brand of a tent important?

We get asked this question a lot, not only about tall tents but generally about every type of camping gear. And no matter what equipment we’re talking about, our answer is always the same: ‘Yes, but for us its never the most important factor when shopping for outdoor gear’. With so many options and designs on the market, it can be difficult to determine which tents actually deliver on quality, value, and performance. 

By buying a tent from an expert brand in camping equipment/outdoor-gear, you’re taking less risk. Established brands put a lot of time, money, and expertise in the development of their products, and generally aim to live-up to a high-quality as set by their previous products. This gives you extra assurance that, for example, 3-season tents truly are great for spring, summer, and autumn – instead of receiving a flimsy design that doesn’t stand up to colder weather conditions. 

When you buy from a new brand or second-rate brand, you risk getting duped with a low-grade product. However, we’re not saying you should only buy from the big outdoor names. In fact, some of our favorite outdoor gear is by cheaper, unknown brands – as value isn’t always linked to a brand name. Sometimes you’re able to get a fantastic deal by taking a risk on a brand you might have not heard of before. 

Customer ratings are a top priority

That is why, for us, customer reviews are more important than a brand name. We reckon the best way to judge whether or not a product is worth your attention is by seeing what other campers, hikers, and backpackers think of it. A brand can write a first-class product description about fantastic floor space, extra-durable zippers, and say their tent performs even in extreme weather. But in the end, it’s the customer reviews that confirm if it’s really a great tent, regardless of the branding.

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