The 10 Best Shower Tents

7. Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent

Green Elephant has included tons of tent pegs and other support methods with this tent to make sure it doesn’t collapse, fall over, or blow away. Not only will that help spare you the embarrassment of rolling around inside the tent, but it will also keep the tent in place through some bad weather so you still own one in the morning. 

It’s taller than many other models and gives most people plenty of space to stretch out while inside. Although the shape of it doesn’t look so sophisticated, the inside details are fantastic and give plenty of space for accouterments like toiletries and towels. 

Sandbags are included so you won’t have to make any additional trips to the supply store to make your shower more secure. It also works well as a simple privacy tent for changing or as a toilet stall. A rain stall is included so bad weather doesn’t interrupt whatever you’re using this tent for. 

Broadly speaking, this is the epitome of the camping shower tent. It doesn’t go out of its way to surprise with flashy features, but it works well, has plenty of space, and is easy to use and transport. 

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