Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review – Must Read This Before Buying

About Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Are you a fan of body art? If yes, you’ll want to check out Mad Rabbit. This company’s line of tattoo aftercare balms, sunscreens, and gels are designed to keep your ink vibrant and protected from aging and fading.

Plus, this company’s products are all-natural and organic—so, it’s no wonder Mad Rabbit got to present its offerings on Shark Tank. Today, the brand has more than 235k followers across Instagram and Facebook.

But are its products worth the buzz? This Mad Rabbit tattoo review will help you make that decision.

In the following sections, we’ll introduce you to the brand, its story, its collection, FAQs, and more. By the end, we’ll determine if this clean alternative to the toxin-filled counterparts on the market is worth the buy.

Overview of Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Tattoos are a big commitment. There’s the time spent finding an artist that understands your unique vision, the money for their expertise, and the fact that it’s going to be there for the rest of your life.

So, it makes sense that people want to care for their body art to keep it looking its best. But, friends Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor were shocked when they realized that there were virtually no aftercare options that featured natural and high-quality ingredients.

If people are going to invest in a tattoo, you would think that they would invest in the upkeep. With that in mind, Oliver and Selom set out with the “mission to eliminate unnatural and processed ingredients found in traditional aftercare” and to create a product offering that embodied the basics of holistic healing.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

The friends officially launched the brand in 2019. It is extremely transparent about the ingredients included in each balm, gel, and sunscreen. If you’re curious, just head to the Ingredients page. Here, you’ll find a glossary with information about each component.

You might have seen the Mad Rabbit Shark Tank episode, where the founders accepted a $500k deal with Mark Cuban. All of the sharks were impressed by the brand’s early growth, and it has only continued to boom in the following years.

Now that you know more about the company and its founder, this Mad Rabbit tattoo review will cover some highlights:


  • Collection of aftercare necessities that are specifically formulated to protect tattoos
  • Made with ingredients that are natural, clean, and organic
  • Free of all toxins, parabens, and artificial ingredients
  • Thousands of positive testimonials that attest to its products
  • Subscription program is available
  • Ships internationally
  • 30 day return policy on all orders
Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Wondering what this brand’s formulations can do to preserve your artwork? Up next, this Mad Rabbit tattoo review will introduce you to its best-selling products.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

The brand’s products are designed to keep your tattoos in perfect condition… forever. Whether it’s protecting them from the sun, soothing initial irritation, or keeping them nourished, Mad Rabbit’s collection provides all-around tattoo care.

Interested in joining the Mad Rabbits and having your tattoo necessities delivered to your door every 1-5 months? Choosing the subscription option will save you 25% on each order.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm Review

Keep your tattoo looking vibrant and healthy with the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm. This product nourishes and hydrates the area to ensure your artwork continues looking exactly how you want it to.

Formulated with all-natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and sweet almond oil, this product also supports tissue generation and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But, be sure to wait to use this moisturizer until your tat is already healed.

This balm is not greasy or oily but offerrs a nice texture that will soften your skin. Customers can opt for one of three different scents:

  1. Vanilla & coconut
  2. Frankincense & lavender
  3. Cucumber

Is your tattoo already a few years old? Not to worry, this product works on old and fresh tattoos alike. The brand boasts that you’ll see improvements in hydration and nourishment after just one use.

In a study performed by the company, 87% of users reported that their ink appeared more intense after regular use. Check out the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm before and after photos on the product page to see the results for yourself!

This Mad Rabbit Tattoo butter is optimized for black, color, and grey tattoos. Add it to your daily routine for $16 (1.7 oz).

Mad Rabbit Tattoo SPF 30 Sunscreen Review

Just because your skin is inked, doesn’t mean you’re no longer susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. In fact, tattoos are extra vulnerable to damage. The Mad Rabbit Tattoo SPF 30 Sunscreen ensures both your ink and your skin are safe.

This product is formulated with carrot extract, aloe vera, vitamin E, argan oil, chamomile, and other nourishing ingredients. The UV protection comes from zinc oxide—this type of SPF is popular because, unlike chemical sunscreens that penetrate, it forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface.

In addition to this sunscreen’s protective qualities, it’ll hydrate the area, as well as soothe already-exposed skin.

The non-greasy Tattoo SPF 30 Sunscreen is $25 (3.4 oz).

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Soothing Gel Review

Whether you’ve just gotten your first tattoo or your body is covered from head to toe in ink, the healing process can be unpleasant. Why not soothe irritated and itchy skin with something clean, natural, and perfectly safe for the area?

The Mad Rabbit Tattoo Soothing Gel repairs and nourishes the skin without restricting airflow, meaning that your new artwork will still heal as it should, just faster! When daily use begins within two weeks of fresh ink, you’ll also reduce the risk of tissue damage and scarring.

The formula is made from natural ingredients including aloe vera, chamomile extract, vitamin c, and argan oil. When first applied, it’ll provide a cooling sensation that instantly reduces irritation and discomfort.

The Tattoo Soothing Gel rings in at $26 a tube (3.4 oz).

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Starter Pack Review

Ready to dive into the brand’s clean tattoo aftercare? Ensure your tattoo heals safely, remains vibrant, and is protected from the sun with the Mad Rabbit Tattoo Starter Pack.

In this bundle, you’ll receive three of the company’s top-selling products:

  • Tattoo Balm (1.7 oz)
  • Tattoo SPF 30 Sunscreen (3.4 oz)
  • Tattoo Soothing Gel (3.4 oz)

Alternatively, this kit serves as a thoughtful gift to celebrate a friend’s new ink. The combination of these powerhouse products will ensure that your tattoos are taken care of and protected all day, every day.

This Mad Rabbit Tattoo aid starter pack retails for $50. You’re actually saving $17 when compared to purchasing each item individually.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Limited Edition Hoodie Review

Rep your support for this brand’s nourishing tattoo aftercare with the Mad Rabbit Limited Edition Hoodie. Featuring ribbed arm cuffs, a fleece-lined hood, and knotted drawstrings, the company’s attention to detail is just as apparent as in its formulas.

Made of a cotton and polyester blend, this hoodie is all black with the white, blue, and green Mad Rabbit logo. And, you’ll see the slogan “Be bold. Be you.” on the back and one cuff.

This sweater has a generous fit and is meant to be a little roomy. It comes in sizes S-XL and retails for $77.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Limited Edition Hat Review 

For something a bit more subtle, the Mad Rabbit Limited Edition Hat has a dark grey faded denim look with a brown leather closure at the back. A white brand logo is embroidered on the center.

This one-size-fits-all cap is made of a durable washed twill. It retails for $26 and is currently sold out, so be sure to check the website for possible restocks.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

It makes sense that some who invested in a tattoo would want to keep it in tip-top shape with safe ingredients—so, it’s no wonder that this brand has generated a buzz. But what are customers saying once they try the products?

This Mad Rabbit tattoo review turned to the web to find out. Below, you’ll find testimonials sourced from the brand’s website, Amazon, and Reddit.

On the company’s website, its three products have received hundreds of ratings and score exceptionally high. Here’s an overview:

  • Tattoo Balm: an average of 4.84/5 stars from 4.5k ratings
  • SPF 30 Sunscreen: an average of 4.88/5 stars from 43 ratings
  • Soothing Gel: an average of 4.88/5 stars from 166 ratings
Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Shoppers frequently mention a helpful customer service team, quick deliveries, and effective formulations in their comments. For example, one customer reports that the company’s products are the best on the market:

My husband and I both have tattoos so we have tried multiple creams and lotions… The Mad Rabbit Tattoo balm is hands down the best stuff. It’s thin enough that you don’t feel like your caking on thick Vaseline. It gives your tattoo a beautiful shine and brightens the color!

Meanwhile, another Mad Rabbit Tattoo cream reviewer won’t get a tattoo done unless he’s stocked up on the formulations: “Non greasy, spreads easily and evenly and makes my pieces look amazing. Love the soothing gel too, I won’t get work done without having a tube ready.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Because the comments on the brand’s website were so positive, we turned to other sources to get a more well-rounded picture. In Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm Amazon reviews, the product has earned an impressive 4.4/5-star average from 4.9k ratings. So, it seems like these products hold up on other sources.

For example, one dedicated shopper appreciates the convenience of ordering via Amazon: “I’ve been using this product for nearly 2 years now. It’s helped make my tattoos glow and kept them moisturized for an entire day after a single application. I’m very excited to see this amazing product on Amazon so I can easily order it via Prime.

Other users share these sentiments. They also note effective formulas that enhance the appearance of their tattoos and provide a nourishing and hydrating feeling.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

The positive reviews far outweigh the negatives. Customers report high-quality ingredients, effective formulations, and a solid customer service team.

Is Mad Rabbit Tattoo Worth It?

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

By now you’re probably wondering, does Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm work? Based on the research we’ve conducted, we’d say yes!

It’s no secret that tattoos are expensive. But, you want to invest in them because they’ll remain on your body forever. Taking care of them with safe, natural, and clean ingredients just makes sense. You treat your face with that much care, so why not your tattoos?

Across the web, there are thousands of happy customers, many of which have shared their before and after photos, proving that the Tattoo Balm, SPF 30 Sunscreen, and Soothing Gel really do work. And, shoppers report a helpful customer service team and delivery process.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Though the products are more expensive than your typical lotion or sunscreen, you don’t have to worry about exposing your body to toxins and harmful chemicals. You definitely get what you pay for, and the ingredient glossary provided by the brand ensures you know exactly what’ll come in each tub or bottle.

We also appreciate the fact that the brand has a 30-day window for returns, ships internationally, and offers a subscription program that saves shoppers money. For all of these reasons, this Mad Rabbit tattoo review thinks that this brand’s products are worth the buy for all of your tattoo-care needs.

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Promotions & Discounts

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Though the brand doesn’t currently have any active promo codes, it does offer other ways to save. For example, you can purchase products in bundles and kits to save a few dollars.

But, if you opt for a subscription, you can save 25% on every order. This Mad Rabbit tattoo review discovered that subscription purchases are shipped every 1-5 months, right to your door.

Where to Buy Mad Rabbit Tattoo

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

The company’s products are available at and Amazon. If you prefer to shop in person, there are several retail locations in the US that carry the brand’s gels, balms, and sunscreens. Simply head to the Locations page to see if there is one near you.


Mad Rabbit Tattoo Review

Is Mad Rabbit cruelty-free?

Yes. Mad Rabbit products are cruelty-free.

Can you use Mad Rabbit on a fresh tattoo?

The Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel can be used on a fresh tattoo. In fact, it’ll help it heal quickly and safely.

For the brand’s Tattoo Balm and SPF 30 Sunscreen, you’ll want to wait until your new tat is fully healed.

What is Mad Rabbit Tattoo’s Shipping Policy?

This Mad Rabbit tattoo review found that the brand ships internationally! For US orders, shipping is free on orders over $30. Domestic orders will arrive within 3-5 working days.

For international orders, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Orders should arrive within 5-20 days, depending on your location.

What is Mad Rabbit Tattoo’s Return Policy?

The brand offers a 30-day return policy. But, it does not cover return shipping. Mad Rabbit specifies that customers should include their name and order number on the return package to ensure there are no delays.

But, there are different instructions for damaged products. If your item is broken upon arrival, take a photo and send it to Mad Rabbit’s support team. They’ll make plans with you to get the situation resolved.

How do I cancel my Mad Rabbit subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply log in to your account and select “Manage Subscriptions” and follow the cancellation instructions.

How to Contact Mad Rabbit Tattoo

If you have any questions after reading this Mad Rabbit tattoo review, you can reach out to the brand via:

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