How To Make A Temporary Tattoo

Do you want an adorable body craft without permanently piercing your skin? A temporary tattoo is a reasonable way to go. Making a temporary tattoo is easier than you think, and virtually all the material and equipment used can be easily gotten around the house.

Here are 10 different ways to make temporary tattoos on your skin. Check out these 10 DIY temporary tattoos and thank me later.

10 DIY Temporary Tattoos Ideas_ How To Make A Temporary Tattoo

1. 4 Ways To Make Temporary Tattoos

1. 4 Ways To Make Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos are always beautiful and cool when done right. But for it to be done right you need to understand basic steps on how to make your tattoo. Here is how to become a DIY tattoo producer: You can choose from these three procedures; it is either you’re drawing with an eyeliner pencil, using a stencil, or printing one on paper.

When you’re using an eyeliner, make sure it is not shiny, or oily. Also, look out for the tip of the eyeliner pencil, once it is blunt and giving a thick uneven line, it needs to be sharpened.

Be sure what you want to draw before starting anything, sketching on a piece of paper will be effective.

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2. DIY Temporary Tattoos

2. DIY Temporary Tattoos

A gel pen is okay for this temporary tattoo but you must be careful not to put excess ink. tracing paper or greaseproof paper will work well for the design.

Sketch the design on the tracing paper, but if you’re not very sure of your drawing skill you can first sketch the design with a pencil and transfer it later.

After sketching the design, cut it out and place it close to your skin, exactly where you want the tattoo to be. And with a cloth wet with warm water you can fix it to your skin. Some pressure is needed here.

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3. How To Make Temporary Tattoo Using A Pen And Toothpaste

3. How To Make Temporary Tattoo Using A Pen And Toothpaste

I need a soft and beautiful temporary tattoo. In this guide, they used a completely different method from other temporary tattoos.

Here is the method in detail;

Shave the area you want the tattoo to be – free of hair, then rub a thick toothpaste on the skin. This step helps to remove oil from the skin and allow the tattoo to stay longer on the skin.

Wipe off the excess toothpaste and draw the design in the area with a pen. After this apply baby powder on it and go over it with thick eyeliner.

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4. DIY Temporary Tattoo Waterproof

I like how the instructor in this video made her tattoo without actual drawing. If you don’t know how to draw, this is the best idea for you.

She went on the internet and searched different designs of tattoos, clicked on the one she loved, and placed a tracing paper on her computer screen, and traced out the design. Then she goes over the design again with a permanent marker.

She rubs her hand with rubbing alcohol and places the design on it with some pressure. After the design has duplicated on her hand, she goes over it with waterproof eyeliner.

5. Homemade Temporary Tattoo

To make this tattoo, you need rubbing alcohol, tissue paper, water, scissors, a printer, and perfume.

The steps in making this homemade temporary tattoo are very simple and affordable.

First, you need to print out a design you want then clean your hand with the rubbing alcohol. Cut the design and spray it till it is drenched in perfume. Put it inside water and let it soak for three minutes, remove it after three minutes and place it with pressure on your hand.

6. DIY Temporary Tattoo Using Your Printer

Are you not curious how it is possible to get a tattoo using a printer? This method was inspired by two Tik Tok ideas. The instructor blends the two ideas to make his version and it comes out greatly well.

The first idea is to print a design on a sheet of paper. Trim out the design and soak it in perfume. After this, put it inside water for three minutes, remove it and spray more perfume on it.

Spray perfume to the area of your hand you want the tattoo to be, then place the wet design on it and apply pressure for some minutes. Once you remove it, the design is already on your body.

7. How To Make A Temporary Tattoo

7. How To Make A Temporary Tattoo

You will love this tattoo on your hand or any other place you draw it. Because the method used is quite different from other methods like printing and the use of eyeliner.

Here are the uncommon amazing steps:

Gather basic materials like a sharpie, baby powder, alcohol wipes, and liquid bandages. Clean the space you want the tattoo to be with alcohol and wipe, this will make the tattoo stay longer in the skin and adhere to the skin. Draw the design with the sharpie and you’re good to go.

It is easy, affordable, and beautiful.

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8. DIY Temporary Tattoos That Are Safe

8. DIY Temporary Tattoos That Are Safe

Tattoos are beautiful when done by a crafty artist. Do you see the floral design on that hand?  It looks simple and beautiful.

There are various ways to make this beautiful tattoo. You can use a sharpie or a printer, or eyeliner, or some household items. you can choose any of the methods that will be convenient for you. For me, the method of using eyeliner will be the best.

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9. DIY Temporary Tattoo With Perfume

9. DIY Temporary Tattoo With Perfume

Tattooing is a new trend among people of average age. It is beautiful and it says something about the bearer. Do you want to know what it is? It is class!

This tattoo is made from perfume. It is not necessarily the big and expensive perfume like Dior and the likes, you can simply use kiddie perfume which will cost only up to $10 or $30.

Get the perfume and read the detailed steps and instructions on how to make this in the link below.

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10. DIY Temporary Tattoo In 5 Minutes

You don’t need to wait till you have all the time in the world to do a tattoo, you can use that five minutes break.

For this temporary tattoo, all you used is just 5 minutes, an ink cotton wool, and powder.

Use the pen to make a design of thick and even lines. Using the cotton wool, apply powder to the design and go over the design again with a pen. Repeat the steps one more time and you’re good to go.


There you have it! 10 adorable temporary tattoo DIY. They are inexpensive and simple. Each of the ideas gives you the chance to customize the method to fit your preference. Feel free to use the comments section below if you have any question or contribution regarding this post.

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