Gillette Fusion ProGlide vs ProShield Review: Which Is Better?

Gillette Fusion razors comes with many features and benefits. Because this shaving handle can attach to different types of cartridges, you’ll have to make a choice about the right razor for you. Both the ProGlide and ProShield are popular and top-rated choices worth considering if you want a quality shave. While each offer a close cut and smooth shave with lubrication, there are differences between these razor products.

Men with sensitive skin who want extra moisture and sharp blades for a gentle shave should use the Gillette Fusion ProShield. However, if you want a razor that maximizes cutting ability for coarse, thick facial hair while still providing an enhanced lubrication strip, then the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide is the right pick for you.

Check out this ProGlide vs ProShield review to help you decide which razor cartridge is better for your skin and shaving needs.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide vs ProShield

ProGlide vs. ProShield: Comparison Table

Here’s a quick rundown of the features for both the Gillette Fusion ProGlide and the Gillette Fusion ProShield.

As you can see, there are subtle differences between the Fusion ProGlide and ProShield razors. In the next sections to follow, we’ll take a closer look at what each product has to offer to determine which is the best Gillette razor.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Key Features of the ProGlide Razor:

  • FlexBall technology for a more precise shaving experience
  • 5 anti-friction thin blades for a gentle, clean shave
  • Lubrastrip provides extra glide and moisture while shaving to protect your skin
  • The precision trimmer on the head allows easy shaving in hard to reach places, including the nose, ears and sideburns


The Gillette Fusion ProGlide is a top-rated razor blade, making it one of the most popular refill options for men. The ProGlide offers a smooth close-cut shave that’s great for all lengths of facial hair and skin types, including sensitive skin.

The first four blades on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide are an iconic design P&G delivers in its Fusion Gillette products. These blades are responsible for delivering a clean trim while reducing any tug and pull when shaving.

What’s new about the ProGlide design is its 5 anti-friction blades that allow it to easily cover and match the contours of your face, so you get a smoother shave with this razor every time.

The anti-friction blades combined with the precision trimmer provide the best results in shaving, especially in hard to reach areas like under the chin and nose.

Design & Features

For those with sensitive skin, the Fusion ProGlide is a razor you’ll love. The Lubrastrip is the added special feature design consisting of glycerin and mineral oils that better promote hydration and spare your skin any burns and irritation.

Compared to previous Gillette blade Fusion models manufactured by P&G, the ProGlide razor’s lubrication strip lasts longer and carries more lubrication.

Finally, the comfort guard feature prevents the blades from digging in too deep when shaving. This reduces any accidental cuts you might experience and also provides maximum cutting capabilities in your razor.

Shaving Experience

For a quick, clean shave, the Gillette ProGlide is your go-to option. The highlight of this razor is its gliding ability, which also makes it highly recommended by various users.

The ProGlide is also easy to use, making this the perfect blade for beginners as well. In addition, the razor blade is compatible with any Gillette Fusion razor handle.

Gillette Fusion ProShield

Gillette Fusion ProShield

Key Features of the ProShield Razor:

  • FlexBall technology allows easy contouring on your skin
  • 5 anti-friction sharp blades for a clean, close-cut shave
  • Microcomb feature smooths skin and brings facial hair to the blade for an extra close trim
  • Extra lubrication strip for even better protection as you shave; great for men with sensitive skin


Much like the ProGlide, the Gillette Fusion ProShield also has 5 anti-friction blades and a precision trimmer to deliver the maximum cutting and trimming of hair.

Hard to reach places like under the nose and chin are also no match for the ProShield. Among all Gillette razors, the Gillette Fusion series manufactured by P&G is by far the best you could get your hands on.

The Gillette ProShield also comes with a micro comb feature that further enhances the shave after every stroke.

Design & Features

The Gillette ProShield provides a unique shave lubrication system different from the ProGlide. Instead of just one lubrication strip, you have two strips before and after the blades to add even more protection for your skin.

This is also one of the reasons why P&G introduced the ProShield razor to begin with. While shaving and trimming capabilities make a great razor, shielding the skin from cuts is also just as essential.

The size of the blades is also very thin, which adds to the sharpness and durability of the razor. Finally, the razor cartridges for the ProShield will last you for one month.

Shaving Experience

If it’s your first time getting into shaving or you have extra sensitive skin, the Gillette ProShield ideally fits this description. It’s normal to get a cut the first time you shave or because you’re in a hurry and accidentally cut too deep.

The ProShield was designed with one objective in mind: shielding. Having the thinnest blades and precision trimming also makes the gliding experience effortless with barely any tug and pull.

For first-time shavers, the ProShield is a razor package that offers durability, precision shaving, and protection after every stroke.

ProGlide vs. ProShield: Which Is Better?

ProGlide vs. ProShield

Although both ProGlide and ProShield look equally alike and carry similar features, there are also indistinguishable traits between the two.

In this ProGlide vs. ProShield review section, we’ll discuss 6 key factors that make a great razor and compare which razor performs better.

Weight Comparison

This is one difference you can’t tell by simply looking at either razor. The ProShield weighs less than an ounce while the ProGlide is about 1.1 oz. Considering the weight of your razor is important for every novice.

A heavier razor offers a more steady grip and puts the razor to work, which means you don’t need to apply as much pressure.

A lighter razor might be harder to use if it’s your first time because you’ll have to apply more pressure. If you dig too deep or add too much pressure, this could cause a cut.

However, the ProShield is an exception to this. While the razor is light, safety is a key benefit thanks to its dual lubrication.

Winner: ProGlide. Although the ProGlide is still considered a lightweight razor, the heavier frame design adds steadiness and pressure balance while using.

Shaving Performance

ProGlide vs. ProShield Review

For starters, the FlexBall technology that P&G introduced for the Gillette Fusion series is a superb addition that improves the maneuverability and usability of the razor.

Both the ProGlide and ProShield offer FlexBall technology, making it a tie so far for this performance feature. Both also come with 5 sharp blades that perform well in gliding and shaving.

For hard to reach places such as under the nose and chin, both the ProGlide and ProShield provide a precision trimmer to trim these areas easily and fully.

Winner: Tie. When it comes to performance, both are equally matched. The blades, technology, and precision trimming abilities place both razors in equal standings when delivering an effective shave.

Lubrication Strip

The lubrication strip adds moisture after every stroke, making it easier and safer to use, especially for beginners and men with sensitive skin. Considering that both razors carry sharp thin blades, you can always expect a close-cut shave every time.

The ProGlide offers a great layer of lubrication for comfort and safety when shaving; however, the ProShield comes with dual lubrication before and after the blades. This dual lubrication makes it safe to use even without any shaving gel or cream.

This goes to show just how much shielding you can get for your skin. Nevertheless, it’s always best to use shaving cream or gel to prevent cuts, bumps and burns. Some guys even prefer to shave in the shower.

Winner: ProShield. The Gillette Fusion ProShield is the obvious winner for this category. It’s not just about the lubrication and moisture, it’s about skin protection. The dual lubrication makes it safe and more comfortable to use for both experts and first-time users.

Special Features

ProGlide features a comfort guard while the ProShield features an extra layer of lubrication. Although the comfort guard provides a layer of protection for users, the ProShield makes shaving easy and safe while maintaining moisture on your skin.

In short, the comfort guard is useful if you want to maximize the cutting capabilities of your razor. The extra layer of lubrication is useful for protecting and maintaining your skin before and after your blades cut.

Winner: ProShield. The bottom feature leans more towards personal preference. Cutting ability is always a critical design aspect of any razor, but it is also important to strike a balance with safe gliding and handling for a clean, gentle shave.

Handle Compatibility

Gillette Fusion Razor

Both the ProGlide and ProShield cartridges are easily compatible with any Gillette Fusion razor handle. You can even attach either of the cartridges onto handles with electric motors, which promote an even better shaving experience.

The versatility of being compatible with multiple handles is an innovative design feature that allows users to switch between cartridges they feel most comfortable with, rather than purchase a new razor.

Winner: Tie. Both razors provide the same level of compatibility, so this isn’t an issue. Try your favorite one and, if you want to experiment with the other, you can always use the same handle.

Life Span of Cartridges

Both razors are suitable for any kind of shaving product, including gel, cream, butter, and foam.

With a 1-month lifespan per razor, both designs are long-lasting and durable. For this reason, most men buy a package with several refills and only make purchases once or twice a year.

A good razor should last you at least 30 shaves before needing to be replaced. On that note, this depends on the quality of shaving oil and shaving cream you use when you shave. Quality products with rich lubricants will naturally preserve the life span and need less frequent replacements.

Winner: Tie. Life span is important to consider when it comes to replacement costs. Both the Fusion ProGlide and ProShield carry equal replacement costs, so it’s safe to say price and usage won’t make a difference between the products.

The Verdict

The Gillette Fusion ProShield is the winner of this matchup, but you can’t go wrong using either razor since both are well-designed and offer a great shaving experience for most men. What this tells us is that both razors are high-quality and deliver an excellent shaving experience for both beginners and experts.

Needless to say, if you want to know which razor fits your profile best, here is how to decide which razor is better for your shaving needs:

Choose the ProGlide if you want to prioritize cutting capabilities for a close, clean shave.

Choose the ProShield if you want to prioritize skin protection and a gentle shave because you have sensitive skin.

All in all, both razors deliver the best results regardless of which you choose. Your preferred razor option depends mostly on your skin type, whether or not it’s your a shaving beginner, and the type of shave you’re looking for.

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