Beyond S’mores: 26 Campfire Dessert Ideas (No Cast Iron or Cookware Required!)

Want to make some really gourmet desserts over the campfire? All of these camping desserts are incredibly easy, delicious and are fun to make by roasting over the fire. They also don’t require any special equipment (no cast iron cookware or Dutch oven needed!).

The only thing you need is a good roasting stick (like one of these) and maybe some tinfoil.  I’ve divided the desserts into s’mores variations, desserts which get roasted over the fire on sticks and tinfoil camping desserts.

Enjoy!  And if you need more food ideas, check out these incredibly easy, mostly healthy camping meal ideas.


S’mores Variations and Other Roasted Marshmallow Desserts

1. Reese’s Cups: instead of chocolate in s’mores.

reese peanut butter cup smore

2. Cookies: instead of graham crackers

3. Add peanut butter: With or without chocolate.

4. Roasted peeps: The sugar gets nice and crusty, though the flaming peeps do look a bit morbid!

campfire roasted peeps

5. Pop tart: use a brown sugar and cinnamon pop tart instead of graham cracker for the s’more.

6. Nutella: Instead of chocolate.

7. Dunk the marshmallow in Baileys. Then roast.

8. Stuffed marshmallows: Try putting a Hershey kiss, Rolo (or other chocolate-covered caramel candy). Roast and enjoy.

9. Marshmallow “cups”: Let the marshmallow roast until it is crispy on the outside. Carefully pull it off the stick so the crispy part separates from the soft inner. You will have a cup which you can fill with goodies like candy or fruit.

campfire marshmallow cups

10. Strawberries and fluff: Put a strawberry on your roasting stick and cover it in marshmallow fluff. Roast until golden. If you don’t have fluff, you can slit a marshmallow almost in half and put it on the roasting stick so it sits over the strawberry.

Campfire Desserts You Can Roast on Sticks

11. Cinnamon buns: Take any frozen or canned cinnamon buns. Put the uncooked dough on your stick and then roast. It’s incredibly easy and delicious. Some people roll the dough over the stick to get a cinnamon bun rollup.

campfire cinnamon buns

12. Roasted starbursts: Put a starburst can onto your stick and roast until the outside gets bubbly. You can even put multiple colors on a stick at once. Just make sure you let it cool enough before eating.

13. Donuts: Just stab a donut through a stick (carefully so it won’t fall off!) and roast.

campfire roasted donuts

14. Pineapple: Roll chunks of pineapple in brown sugar and cinnamon. Then roast like a marshmallow.

15. Apple: Peel an apple, stab a roasting stick into the center, and roll the apple in sugar and cinnamon. Let it roast until very soft on the outside.

16. Fig newtons: Skewer these and cook over the fire. They taste delicious when all toasted outside and gooey inside.

campfire fig newtons

17. Figs: For bonus points, shove a little piece of goat cheese inside before stabbing it into your roasting stick!

18. Wahdingers: Take a canned biscuit, put it over a roasting stick with a wooden dowel on the end (or wrap tinfoil around the end of your roasting stick). When the biscuit is cooked, remove it from the stick and fill the hole with berries, cream, chocolate, marshmallows, or whatever you want. These are also delicious filled with savory ingredients like cheese.

campfire Wahdingers

19. Campfire Eclairs: This is similar to the whadinger above. First, wrap the end of your roasted stick with tinfoil. Get some crescent roll dough and wrap it around the tinfoil. Make sure the dough is closed at the end.  Roast the dough over the fire until it is golden.  Carefully remove from the tinfoil and fill with pre-made pudding or nutella.

20. Hot dog roll cinnamon buns: Instead of canned or frozen cinnamon buns, you can use stale hot dog rolls. Break them in half, put on your stick, slather with butter and then roll in cinnamon sugar before roasting.

Tinfoil Campfire Desserts

21. Banana boats: Leaving the peel on, slit a banana lengthwise. Spread apart the halves and shove sweets inside (chocolate chips, peanut butter, little marshmallows, cookie pieces…). Wrap the entire banana in tinfoil and then roast over the fire. Eat with a spoon.

banana boats on campfire

22. Orange cakes or brownies: Cut the top off of an orange and scoop out the innards. Fill the empty orange shells with premade brownie or cake mix. Only fill to ¾ full as the cake will expand. Wrap the oranges in tinfoil and cook over the campfire.  You can also skip the tinfoil and just set the oranges next to the fire.

orange campfire cakes

23. Campfire Cones: Fill ice cream cones with layers of marshmallows, chocolate, candies, nuts, fruit, etc. Wrap in tinfoil and then heat on the fire. Eat with a spoon.

24. Stuffed Peaches: Slice peaches in half, remove the pit and fill them with blueberries and gobs of cream cheese (or goat cheese). You can roast them on top of a grill rack or wrap them in foil and set next to the fire.

campfire peaches stuffed with cream cheese

25. Baked stuffed apples: Remove the core from an apple and fill the space with brown sugar, cinnamon, nuts, raisins, peanut butter (or whatever you like). Wrap it in tinfoil and roast over coals.

campfire stuffed apples

26. Cobbler or crisp: Put all the ingredients for your favorite crisp or cobbler (I like plum and apple with cinnamon and brown sugar) into small tinfoil pouches. Make sure they are sealed up well and put them over the fire or on embers. Let them bake for about 20 minutes.  Carefully open and enjoy.

You can also make cobbler or crisp in a Dutch oven or other fire-safe cookware.  Just make sure that you put a nice layer of fruit at the bottom and keep it off direct flames.  Otherwise it will burn!

campfire cobbler


What’s your favorite camping dessert? Let us know in the comments section below.

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