Best Vegan Hiking Boots for Women

Best Vegan Hiking Boots for Women

As a vegan, one of the hardest things is finding products which are normally made out of leather.  I can easily get by with a canvas wallet or belt, but I need durable hiking boots. Luckily, increasingly more manufacturers are starting to make vegan hiking boots, including rugged lightweight boots for serious hiking and backpacking.   Below are my top picks, including some good budget options as well as pro-quality women’s vegan boots.

Best Vegan Hiking Boots for Women


Choosing Vegan Hiking Boots

Weight Matters

The hiking mantra goes, “A pound on your feet is worth five on your back.”

That mantra comes from studies which found that it takes 4.7 to 6.4 times more energy to move when weight is on the footwear instead of torso.

So pay attention to the weight of the boot.  Some of the better hiking boot brands use materials which are durable and tough without adding much weight.


Goods Boots Are Expensive

When I bought my first pair of vegan hiking boots back in 2005 (god that makes me feel old!), I had to make a special trip to NYC to go to the store “Moo Shoes.”  At the time, it was one of the only places you could find non-leather boots and other vegan footwear.  The boots cost around $120, which was a fortune for me at the time – but the investment was worth it.  Over a decade later, I still have those boots.  They got patched a few times, but still are holding up.

The message?  Don’t waste money on cheap gear.  Paying more now means you’ll have boots which will last you through many trips.

The boots I’m wearing here I’ve had for 15 years!!! I still use them for stomping through snow in the winter, but have upgraded to lighter-weight boots for hiking.


Check the Return Policy

I generally don’t like to buy footwear online because you can’t try it before you buy it.  But, because most local stores don’t have a big selection of vegan boots (especially for women), online shopping might be the only option.  Amazon generally has a good return policy, as does REI.  I’ve even bought multiple pairs of boots at once to see which I like best and then returned the ones which didn’t fit.  Again, be sure you know the return policy so you don’t get stuck with boots that don’t fit well!


Are you vegan? What are your favorite vegan hiking gear? Let us know in the comments!

 Image credit: “Boots” (CC BY 2.0) by Kevin Doncaster

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