Best Mattresses – Buy the Top-Rated Mattress Brands of 2021

Did you know that 33% of your life is spent on your bedroom mattress?

However, not many individuals sleep on the mattress fitted especially for them.

Your mattress preferences and weight, and height will determine the best mattress for you versus what the best mattress may be for somebody else.

While all mattresses on the market say they are comforting for your slumber and made just for you, some brands don’t live up to their price tag.

To give you only the top-rated mattresses, the editorial team took time to analyze mattresses based on specific parameters to come up with a ranked list of the best mattresses you can buy.

The Top Mattress Brands to Buy in 2021

We compared stress tests and even perused customer reviews to develop the following ranking of 2021’s top mattress brands.

  • GhostBed
  • GhostBed Natural
  • Nature’s Sleep
  • Eight Sleep
  • Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  • Casper
  • Sleep Number
  • Tempur-Pedic
  • ChiliSleep
  • US-Mattress
  • Sleep EZ
  • Puffy Mattress
  • DreamCloud Sleep
  • Naturepedic
  • Plush Beds
  • Layla Sleep
  • Sweet Night Mattresses
  • Purple
  • AirWeave
  • Nolah
  • Happsy
  • Sweet Zzz Mattress
  • Helix Sleep
  • Zoma Sleep
  • Amerisleep
  • Swanwick Sleep Glasses



The most popular and highest-ranked mattress on our list is GhostBed. You can choose from GhostBed Luxe, GhostBed Classic, GhostBed 3D Matrix, and GhostBed Flex options.

Some GhostBed models are made to make you feel supported and comfortable on a long-lasting mattress. Different GhostBed models keep you cool as you sleep. While GhostBed Flex is more of a hybrid matching these two features together, the GhostBed 3D Matrix’s technology is patented for a better sleep experience.

Marc Werner founded GhostBed and is also well-known as the founder of the Werner Ladder Company. On their website, you can take a mattress quiz to help you find one specially customized for your needs and preferences.

Did you know that GhostBed also has a celebrity endorsement from tennis great Serena Williams? She supports it so much that there’s an actual Venus Williams Collection in the GhostBed model lineup that you can purchase online.

Besides GhostBed’s mattress selection, you can also customize your sleep experience with pillows, bedding, bed frames, other accessories, and the like. Find your perfect GhostBed model starting as low as $600.

GhostBed Natural


GhostBed Natural is the more eco-friendly version of GhostBed that cools you down as you sleep. It’s the second GhostBed branded mattress featured on this ranked list. It adheres to the similar manufacturing parameters that have made the brand a leader in the mattress industry.

Not many mattresses are USDA Organic certified, but GhostBed is one of those lucky brands that fall into this category. Exclusively manufactured in the United States, it’s an eco-friendly and all-natural mattress made from organic cotton clover that is only the cleanest and purest.

When you try GhostBed Natural, you receive a 101-night sleep trial as well as a warranty that lasts for 25 years. Not many mattress companies offer such outstanding money-back guarantees or warranty benefits, so you are in luck if you decide to try a GhostBed Natural mattress.

A queen version of the GhostBed Natural mattress costs $1,225 and is an even higher value than other all-natural mattress brands, including Avocado Latex Mattress, PlushBed, and Birch Natural Mattress.

Expect to pay double than the GhostBed for the GhostBed Natural’s extra premium experience with models starting as low as $1,225.

Nature’s Sleep


Did you know that the top 2 mattresses featured on this ranked list from the GhostBed brand are manufactured by Nature’s Sleep’s parent company? Hence, our top 3 rated mattresses come from the industry leader named Nature’s Sleep.

Besides offering the high-end GhostBed mattress models, Nature’s Sleep has other highly notable models such as the Prairie 8” Mattress, Brook (or Canyon) 10” mattress, the Laurel 12” Mattress, the Willow (or Lily) 14” Mattress, and more.

Nature’s Sleep does not only offer mattresses. You can select from bedding comforters, pillows, bed frames, mattress toppers, and so much more to custom-fit your sleep experience.

Eight Sleep


Even though Eight Sleep was founded in 2014, it has increased in popularity over the last three years. You can find a mattress for a great price when shopping for the Eight Sleep brand.

This brand is well-known for manufacturing the Pod Pro mattress, claiming that it can regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Its cooling technology is hydro-powered and even comes with a tracker that determines your health and wellness during your sleep cycles. If you want your mattress to heat or cool you down based on your current body temperature as you sleep, the Eight Sleep mattress model could be the right fit for you!

The Eight Sleep Pod is not your ordinary mattress. Both sides of this mattress can change temperature anywhere between 55°-110°F, so if you are sleeping with a partner, it will regulate temperature differently for each person only based on your current body’s temperature. The Eight Sleep app will help you keep track of any statistics found as you are sleeping. If you choose, you can have the GentleRise Wake Up Technology get you up in the morning rather than a traditional clock or smartphone alarm. The Pod Smart Temp 2.0 system even claims to help you get to sleep faster at night.

  • Prices range from $2695 for a Full to $3395 for a California King
  • Available Sizes: Full, Queen, King, and California King

If you’re simply looking for a topper and not an actual mattress, you can also try the Pod Pro Cover, which costs about $1,745 to get the cooling and heating technology you want without investing in the higher mattress price.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress


The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress contains cooling technology to keep you cool at night so that you do not wake with night sweats.

Did you know that this brand offers a one-year trial, whereas not many other mattress brands on this list do such a thing for their customers? You have one year from your original purchase date to decide whether you like Nectar’s Memory Foam Mattress, or you can petition to get your money back.

You receive free accessories from purchasing this branded mattress, such as a mattress protector, cooling pillow, and sheet set. Think of the quality you can get with Nectar’s Memory Foam Mattress without trading it for a lower quality by spending a lower price on a competitor mattress. If you are interested in trying a Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, you can find it for $799.



The chances are that you have heard of the mattress brand, Casper. You have a wide variety of sleeping bundles, mattresses, sheets, and pillows to choose from when you shop from this notable brand.

Just like GhostBed, you can take a quiz to be matched with the best mattress that fits your needs and preferences. Casper insists on the 4D sleep technology it supports that aligns your body (Zoned Support), regulates your temperature during sleep (AirScape), and lulls you to sleep quicker (Casper Signature Feel), amongst other benefits of its smart technology.

If you can find discount codes, you can grab a Casper mattress for a fantastic price! The Original, Nova Hybrid, and Wave Hybrid are a few models you can choose to buy from Casper. Get your Casper mattress for as low as $626.

Sleep Number


You’ve seen the Sleep Number commercials more than likely. It was the first mattress company that allowed you to customize your sleeping experience. Fast forward to today, their mattresses are still high-quality and effective because of their scientifically proven research and mattress technology.

Like other customizable mattress brands on this list, Sleep Number asks you to take a sleep quiz to find the mattress that fits your needs and preferences. Download the Sleep Number app to keep customizing your sleep experience at the touch of a button. Backed by a 100-night trial and a 15-year warranty, you will surely be satisfied with your investment in a Sleep Number mattress because of its automatic movement sensing and adjustable comfort setting.

You can choose options from Sleep Number such as Classic ($999), Performance ($2,099), Innovation ($3,199), and Memory Foam ($3,199). These are all based on prices for the models and could cost more. The p5 Smart Bed, m7 Smart Bed, and the Sleep Number 360 ILE Limited Edition Smart Bed are a few of the many mattress options you can select. Get your Sleep Number mattress for as low as $999.



Just like Sleep Number, you may have seen Tempur-Pedic commercials for the past many years. Tempur-Pedic keeps innovating their mattress products with distinctive selections such as Tempur-Pedic’s Sleeptracker-AI that responds to any snoring via the Tempur-Ergo Smart Base.

With your Tempur-Pedic mattress purchase, you receive a 10-year warranty and a three-month trial. You even get free white glove delivery with your mattress purchase. Did you know that Tempur-Pedic was inducted into the 1988 Space Technology Hall of Fame? Tempur-Pedic was recognized for using innovative space technology to improve life in a unique way on Earth.

Tempur-Pedic stands by its product and calls its company the highest recommended bed in the United States. Collections include the Adapt Collection and the Breeze Collection, which range from $2,299 to $3,999. Select from mattress models such as Tempur-ProAdapt, Tempur-Cloud, and Tempur-Adapt. Get your Tempur-Pedic mattress for as low as $1,999.



If you get hot while you sleep, it’s normal. Try ChiliSleep to find a solution with cooling technology that helps you go to sleep quicker and leave you feeling revitalized when you wake up in the morning.

The distinctive feature of a ChiliSleep is the reversible Chili Cool Mesh for you to customize your desired feel. The cool mesh is for hot sleepers, and the cotton side is for those who like the warmer sensation during sleep. You’ll be surprised to know that this is not a mattress: it’s a specially formulated hydro-powered blanket that you put on top of the mattress you already have for instant temperature control.

Explore other ChiliSleep selections such as OOLER Sleep System with Chilipad Cool Mesh, the Weighted ChiliBlanket, and the Cube Sleep Systeme with Chilipad Cool Mesh and other options. Try a ChiliSleep option for as low as $489.



US-Mattress is the parent company that offers mattresses such as Serta, Sealy, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, and other popular brands.

Visit the US-Mattress website to compare prices and features of all the major mattress brands that people have grown to know and love.

You can find many coupons and discount codes on the US-mattress to make the best mattress purchase no matter the time of year. Purchase a model from US-Mattress for as low as $499.

Sleep EZ


Sleep EZ has been delivering sleep solutions to the mattress industry since 1976, making this brand one of the oldest on our list.

The brand has advanced to creating mattresses that contain 100% pure natural latex. Some other competitors use a mix of synthetic and latex materials, while Sleep EZ only utilizes latex to make their mattresses. Hence, this makeup offers better body support to calm your stomach, back, and side pressure points.

With your purchase of an EZ Sleep mattress, you receive a 90-day money-back guarantee. Sleep EZ is even organically certified and sold exclusively online so that you are only receiving the highest quality mattress brand possible. Buy your Sleep EZ mattress for as low as $650.

Puffy Mattress


Forbes classifies Puffy Mattress as the best brand for those who have back pain while they sleep. However, the brand has mattresses that are perfect for every sleeper. When you use a Puffy mattress, you will feel an improvement in your joint pain and usual aches and pains.

Prominent names in the product line include Puffy Mattress for $599, the Puffy Lux Mattress for $1,149, and the Puffy Royal Mattress for $1,349. Puffy Mattresses are all manufactured in America.

You will enjoy the Puffy Mattress sleep quiz that matches you to the perfect mattress. There’s a lifetime warranty and a 101-night sleep trial to guarantee further that you would love investing in a Puffy Mattress. Once you order your mattress, it will be delivered quickly to your home in 2-5 business days. You can find a Puffy Mattress as low as $599.

DreamCloud Sleep


DreamCloud Sleep offers mattresses and pillows, sheet sets, mattress protectors, and other sleep accessories.

You can try DreamCloud Sleep during a one-year trial to see if you like it or not or get your money back. This brand’s other great perks include free shipping and returns, 0% APR financing, and a lifetime warranty.

The DreamCloud original mattress is as low as $699. Upgrade to the DreamCloud Premier for as low as $899. If you want a more premium selection, try the DreamCloud Premier Rest for $1,099. This versatile brand dedicates to customizing its mattresses for many types of sleepers. Get your DreamCloud mattress for as low as $699.



Naturepedic originated in 2003 and has been on a mission to change people’s lives with a better sleep experience that’s healthier and safer. The distinctive feature of Naturepedic is its polyurethane foam and flame retardants used to make the mattress that is now a certified organic mattress option on the market.

This brand offers mattresses for infants, children, and adults. Some individuals like this brand for their infants and children to reduce toxic exposure from other mattresses made with harmful ingredients. Get a Classic Naturepedic infant mattress for as low as $259. Upgrade to the Breathable for $349 or the Breathable Ultra for $399 for a more premium and safer sleep experience for your little one.

Naturepedic stores are based throughout America and Canada, making purchasing the specific mattress you want easy. It’s an ideal brand for parents that want to create a safe, organic, and healthy sleep experience for their whole family. Get your Naturepedic mattress for as low as $259.

Plush Beds


Plush Beds gives you options for your sleep experience, such as bed frames, mattresses, mattress toppers, sheet sets, pillows, comforters, and more for American consumers. All Plush Bed products are certified organic, and you get a 100-night money-back guarantee with purchase. The brand’s mission is to be different from its competitors by using only the most natural ingredients in its products.

The USDA Organic certified ingredients used in Plush Bed mattresses include wool, latex, and cotton. The Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress is their most popular mattress option that comes in 9 sizes and two firmness levels for you to customize your sleep area and experience. Beyond the standard bed sizes on the Plush Beds market, you can choose from the split king, split queen, split Cal king, and California king.

Brand representatives say that lower than 1% of mattress brands compete with Plush Bed’s certified organic ingredients. If you want a more all-natural sleep, try Plush Bed for as low as $1,299 today!

Layla Sleep


If you want a convenient mattress in a box, try the Internet-exclusive brand, Layla Sleep.

Their mattresses are known to be better than memory foam options. You can take advantage of online sales during the year, and there’s even a money-back guarantee that comes with your purchase.

There’s a copper infusion in Layla Sleep mattresses that are supposed to make it a better option than other memory foam mattress competitors. You can even flip the mattress for a comfortable feel on both sides. Layla Sleep says they are the only mattress company that has a copper infusion in their mattresses and a hybrid option with a flippable feature. If you are unsatisfied after 120 nights, then you can request your money back. Find your Layla Sleep mattress for as low as $1,499.

Sweet Night Mattresses


You can enjoy a “sweet night” with Sweet Night Mattresses without having to trade for high-quality despite its budget-friendly prices. There are models as low as $253, which means Sweet Night Mattresses’ distinctive feature is the incredible value and pricing for its mattress perks.

The Whisper Memory Foam costs $268. You can try the Dreamland Hybrid Mattress for $318. Even the Breeze Memory Foam Mattress for $338 or the Sunkiss Memory Foam option for $468. Hence, the most popular options are all under $500 before factoring in tax.

The company originated in Naperville, Illinois. Sweet Night Mattresses released their mattress options for quality options at great prices! Get your Sweet Night Mattress for as low as $253.



Purple is an online-exclusive mattress company.

Their GelFlex Grid is a breathable feature on the mattress that’s only two inches in depth. Pressure points are supported via the GelFlex Grid, like shoulders and hips, while aligning your body to the rest of the mattress. There are over 1,400 air channels that help you keep refreshed as you sleep.

Consider adding a dual-layer comfort foam base with your Purple Mattress purchase for a more supportive sleep experience. J.D. Power classified Purple as the #1 mattress company because of its customer satisfaction ratings. Purchase your Purple mattress for as low as $1,199.



Did you know that AirWeave is a Japanese-branded mattress that does not utilize foam or springs? Instead, Airfiber is used to help align your spine and relieve aches and pains with its breathable technology. It’s an extra firm mattress that offers a high-quality sleep experience different from competitors on our ranked list.

While competing mattresses are usually too plushy and soft, research shows that firmer mattresses are better for body support as you sleep. AirWeave offers you a firm mattress with a high-quality feel.

Their cooling mattresses leave you feeling revitalized with not as many aches and pains when you wake up. The Airfiber technology gives you that premium sleep experience without feeling like sleeping on a low-quality, hard mattress. You can get your AirWeave mattress for as low as $1300.



Nolah’s memory foam traps heat and outputs a more cooling feel so that you do not get hot as you sleep. No wonder it’s one of the award-winning mattress models manufactured in America. You get up to 4 times enhanced relief for pressure on your shoulders, hips, and back. It’s longer-lasting than other competitor brands.

You get a 120-night money-back guarantee to try it out before you decide to return it. If you want to try a different model before your 120 nights are up, you’ll love the free shipping and returns the company offers.

Choose from options that are 10” (Original), 12” (Signature), or 15” (Evolution) to find the sleeping experience that’s right for you. If you’re a side sleeper, it’s more highly rated amongst these types of sleepers than any other type. Nolah won the 2021 Gold Award as the #1 for side sleepers. Get your Nolah sleep mattress for as low as $849.



Happsy offers a comfortable line of mattresses that has some flame retardants incorporated for a safer sleep. Happsy has comforting mattress options that are healthier than other competitor mattresses because it offers some fire retardants. The brand strives to go above and beyond organic standards with the non-toxic materials used to manufacture them.

You won’t have to compromise for quality even though you pay a lower price than usual for an organic mattress option.

The Happsy brand has the highest-rated reviews amongst organic and natural mattress options. Most online reviews about the brand are positive. Get your Happsy mattress for as low as $1,399 for the queen.

Sweet Zzz Mattress


Sweet Zzz is another organic sleep company that offers organic bamboo sheets, organic mattresses, and other all-natural sleep product options that are eco-friendly.

The two most popular models are the Hanna Hybrid Mattress which is as low as $479, and the Natures Novel Latex Mattress for as low as $699. You get a 100-night money-back guarantee with your purchase and a low price for a high-quality sleep option.

The latex in Sweet Zzz mattresses has natural latex that’s handmade. The organic cotton and blend of other eco-friendly ingredients make for an outstanding sleep experience. All mattresses under this brand are manufactured in America. Sleeping on a Sweet Zzz mattress achieves a cross between comfortable sleep and great science to make a great sleep experience. Get your Sweet Zzz Mattress for as low as $999.

Helix Sleep


Helix Sleep mattresses are mainly featured on podcasts rather than television commercials. You can find many positive online reviews about the brand as well. If you want a mattress-in-a-box, try out Helix Sleep, one of the leading online mattress companies for this type of product.

Helix Sleep has won many awards in 2021, such as from Apartment Therapy, Wired, GQ, and other media outlets. Sleepopolis selected Helix as the best mattress for sleepers that need spine alignment and back pain relief. Another company, Tuck, chose Helix as the best hybrid mattress for its valuable price point.

Not many mattresses are doctor-recommended, but Helix Sleep is one of those recommended options by doctors. Dr. Lulu Guo is a Doctor of Sleep Medicine who has publicly said the ingredients in the mattress keep you cool as you sleep and support many different sleep positions.

You get to take a sleep quiz before being matched to a Helix mattress, and you receive a 100-night money-back guarantee with your purchase. Get your Helix Sleep mattress in a box for as low as $999.

Zoma Sleep


Zoma Sleep offers great product benefits such as a cooling mattress and faster recovery as you feel pain relief at different pressure points.

All Zoma products are manufactured in America. Many athletes in the NBA and MLB stand by this brand for their premium sleep experience. Hence, Zoma Sleep receives many endorsements via celebrity athletes from these two sports leagues.

Shopping is easy to do for Zoma Sleep as there are only two mattress options. Choose from the original model or the Zoma Hybrid with models starting as low as $799.



Amerisleep is a hybrid mattress that has the most pressure relief and bounces for your buck. There’s an eco-friendly cooling option that is made with Bio-Pur memory foam infused with eco-friendly plant oils. This formula helps with pressure relief that responds to your personal needs. Amerisleep has other models available that are dedicated to additional sleeper types, too.

The company’s best-selling option is the AS3. The AS5 option is rated as their best cushiony, soft mattress that offers bodily support. If you need back relief, consider trying the AS2 model.

It costs about $1399 for the most popular model’s Queen mattress option. It’s a little more expensive than some budget-friendly competitors on our ranked list. Still, Amerisleep stands by its highly acclaimed quality that offers you a cooling and supportive sleep experience. Find Amerisleep models for as low as $1,149.

Bonus Review: Swanwick Sleep Glasses


Here’s a bonus review that’s not even about a mattress or a mattress cover brand. Starting this week, you can wear blue light glasses such as the Swanwick Sleep Glasses if you want better sleep. The brand has excellent options for blue light protection sleep glasses.

Your brain is encouraged to stay awake whenever your eyes are exposed to blue light because it still thinks it is daytime. Because we are always on our phone and television screens during the day, it could interfere with your sleep cycles.

The Classic Night Swannies and the Crystal Night Swannies cost $69, while the Aviator Night Swannies cost $109.

Even if you have a high-quality mattress for sleeping, it cannot help you get to sleep if you are continually exposed to blue light. Consider trying Swanwick’s Sleep Glasses for as low as $69.

How the Top Mattresses of 2021 Were Ranked

While every mattress company claims to offer a comfortable night’s sleep, distinct features make mattresses utterly different from one another.

Here is how our editorial team ranked the top mattresses of 2021:

The Sleep Trial for Each Mattress

How can you tell if you like a mattress without sleeping on it? That’s why the top-rated mattress companies. Our editorial team wanted to feature mattress brands that offer sleep trials. Most brands have a 30 to 120-day money-back guarantee that allows you to ask for a refund if you do not like the sleep experience.

The Mattress’s Warranty

The highest quality mattresses have a warranty of 10, 15, or 25 years. Some brands even have a lifetime warranty, which is even better for the value of investing in a mattress. If your mattress comes apart for any reason, having a warranty will replace your bed without a hefty price. The companies with the most extended warranty, such as the 25-year warranty from GhostBed, ranked higher on the list than other mattress companies.

The Quality and Makeup of the Mattress

The makeup of mattresses varies across the industry. Many leading brands have 100% organic cotton, as other brands have no synthetic and pure latex makeup. Certain brands include memory foam, as others do not. Our editorial team preferred products that were made with higher quality and all-natural materials rather than cheaper alternatives. That’s why we featured pure latex and organic cotton mattress brands at the top of the list.

The Price and Overall Value

While some people would prefer to spend $200 as a more budget-friendly option, others do not mind spending upwards of $2,000 for a mattress. No matter your budget, you can still get a great night’s sleep by choosing one of the top mattress brands on this list. We featured mattress brands with different price ranges. Our mattress selections are as low as $200 and as high as $6,000. These estimated prices are for Queen mattresses.

The Manufacturer’s Reputation Overall Experience in the Industry

We found the answers to if a company was highly reputable for making only the best quality mattresses. If the brand was a new start-up with positive reviews rather than a reseller trying to make a quick buck to rank up in the industry, we ranked the higher-quality brands more valuable. We wanted to rank the companies higher that had experience in the industry and an overall established reputation.

Shipping & Delivery Procedures

Only the highest-rated mattress brands offer the best shipping and delivery procedures. Most brands have free shipping options to cut down on costs for further savings. For example, GhostBed’s white-glove delivery process is completely free with your purchase of their branded mattress. Other mattress companies allow free shipping as long as you spend $500 or more on their products. The shipping and delivery procedures were highly considered when ranking these mattresses.

Variety of Mattress Sizes Available

Most American mattress companies contain seven standard options for a king, queen, twin, twin XL, full, split king, and California king. The higher-quality brands have other sizes available to customize your sleep experience further. Our editorial team preferred companies that offered a wider variety of mattress size options. Still, it was not that bad if fewer sizes were available such as the split king or twin XL sizes.

Scientific Testing

Some mattress companies keep scientists on staff that help them in the process of producing their mattresses. Other mattress companies have testing labs on sight that verifies the long-lasting perks of their mattresses. The more scientific testing conducted on the mattress, it received a higher ranking.

If a Sleep Quiz Was Offered

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to mattress features. The sleep quiz helps you determine your sleeping preferences to find the best mattress for you. If you are distressed thinking about which mattress option to choose, you can have more peace of mind by taking a sleep quiz to help you decide. If a company offered a sleep quiz, we ranked it higher on our list.

Positive Reviews from Customers

Our editorial team tested out each mattress before deciding the final ranking. As mattress experts, we could balance how one company surpasses another in quality and other distinctive features. Since mattresses are an experience all the user’s own, we know that some people prefer different mattresses over others. If we saw a brand with much more positive customer reviews, then these were ranked higher than the others.

The 10 Benefits Using a High-Quality Mattress

A higher-quality mattress could enhance your physical life. Some people complain of migraines and horrible back pain that could be remedied by purchasing the right mattress for your needs.

The ten ranked benefits of sleeping on a high-quality mattress include the following:

The Best Sleep Experience

The highest benefit of a great mattress has the best sleep experience. Better sleep is known to help you with stress levels, enhance your mood, reduce your risk of significant disease, and other health perks. If you are sleeping on a low-quality mattress, then you could be compromising your sleep.

Improves Your Physical Form and Posture

If you are suffering from bad back pain and you always feel like you are slouching, then a great mattress can improve your physical form and posture over time.

Improves Emotional and Mental Health

Scientific studies have proven that a great mattress can improve your emotional and mental health. If you are having trouble sleeping, then you could feel mentally drained the entire day. Sleeping on a better mattress will give you a great sleeping experience that will help you feel revitalized with an improved mood that will keep your emotional and mental health stable.

Not As Many Breathing Problems Such as Allergies and Asthma Symptoms

Did you know that some mattresses cause allergies? If you are sleeping on an old mattress, you could be suffering from the allergens making their home in your mattress. The sweat and dust inside the mattress could be responsible for the allergens. Upgrading your mattress has even shown improvement in asthma symptoms.

Reduced Snoring

Did you know that a low-quality mattress could cause snoring? If your mattress does not keep you in a correct alignment, it could cause you to snore. Purchasing a higher-quality mattress will reduce snoring if you do snore a lot in your sleep already.

Ability to Cut Weight

The more you sleep and the quality of sleep that you get help with cutting weight. Once you are done working out, you need to let your body recover. Suppose you do not get enough sleep because your slumber is on a low-quality mattress; sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen can be cumbersome. Sleeping on a better mattress will improve your weight and overall health and wellness.

Aligns Your Spine

The best mattresses can do a spinal alignment. Look for this perk in the description of the mattress you choose. If your spine isn’t correctly aligned, you can feel more back pain and have more problems getting back to sleep the next night. You will not have as much pain and enhanced mobility if you sleep on a higher-quality mattress.

Less Stress During the Day

If you feel more stressed at work because of a busy schedule, your old mattress could be making matters worse. As you toss and turn in bed throughout the night, your body produces increased cortisol, linked to higher stress. A new and improved mattress compared to what you are used to can lessen your daily stress.

Your Memory Improves

Sleep improves memory retention. Your memory will suffer as you continue to sleep on a bed mattress. Your memory and sleep quality will significantly improve when investing in a new high-quality mattress.

Other Health Benefits

There are many other health benefits to sleeping on a better mattress because it can change your life in many ways. You will have improved wellness and health, better energy, and a better sleep schedule based on your sleep preferences and unique physiology.

A 2018 scientific study showed from other sleep studies how an excellent quality sleep positively affects mental and physical health. You could feel more physically safe and have less risk for chronic diseases as you get more sleep on a better mattress.

The Three Popular Mattress Types

There are three major types of mattresses you can choose from, including:

An Innerspring Mattress

The most standard mattress type is an innerspring mattress that has been on the market for many years. Spring technology is incorporated with cushioning or foam layers. Innerspring mattresses continue to be popular because of how the coiled springs form to your body. This mattress type is excellent for couples that share a mattress and have different sleeping styles and needs.

A Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress makes it feel like you are getting a hug as you lay down. If you love this feeling, then a memory foam-type mattress may be the best option for you because you will feel more comforted and supported in your sleep experience.

A Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are more affordable options that are long-lasting mattress options made from synthetic and natural rubber. Hence, these mattresses can hold their shape better than other models while offering a more supportive experience. The highest-quality latex mattress can last for up to 15 years.

There are even hybrid options on the market that combine two or more of these types into one unique mattress. Most hybrid models have latex and memory foam for a more comforting experience at a budget-friendly price.

The 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Mattress

No matter if you decide to shop online or in-store, be sure to ask yourself these five questions during your mattress shopping experience:

What is the length of the warranty?

If the mattress warranty is more extended, the mattress is guaranteed to last for a longer period. A more extended warranty on a mattress product means it’s a higher quality, even if you think that you may not need to put in a warranty claim.

Do you need a foundation for the mattress you want to purchase?

A box spring is usually needed for an innerspring mattress to wear evenly as you use it. Most foam mattresses won’t need a box spring, but having one with it can make your sleep experience more comfortable. An online customer service representative or in-store mattress representative should be able to tell you whether a brand needs a box spring or not.

Is there quality motion separation in the mattress?

There’s better motion separation in better-quality mattresses. This means that if one person moves on the left side of the mattress, it will not be felt by the other person sleeping on the right side of the mattress. Ask a representative for more information on a mattress brand’s motion separation perks.

Does the mattress have heating or cooling technology?

Consider how well the mattresses you are comparing can regulate the temperature in your body. Some people love memory foam mattresses for how comfortable they are, but sometimes they could cause you to get too hot as you sleep. Certain materials hold temperature differently than other materials.

What are the materials in the mattress you are purchasing?

Whether you are shopping in-store or online, you should find out the materials in which the mattress is made. This is vital to know if you are allergic to one of the materials in the mattress you want to buy.

What if I do not like the mattress I purchased?

Most mattress brands have a flexible refund policy, which means you can try a mattress for an extended period to decide whether you like it or not. Before you purchase a mattress, be sure you completely understand the refund policy and any fine print involved, so you know what to do if you end up not liking the mattress.

Mattress FAQs List

There’s so much involved when shopping for a mattress, and there’s no harm in asking questions. Do you need help selecting the best mattress for you? What separates a suitable mattress from a bad mattress? Do the Internet exclusive mattress brands live up to the quality standards of other brands? Let’s answer your frequently asked questions about mattresses so that you’re ready for when you go mattress shopping.

We get plenty of questions about mattresses. Need help picking the right mattress? What’s the difference between a good and bad mattress? Do brands like Casper and Helix live up to the hype? We answer your top questions about mattresses below.

Q: Are mattresses returnable?

A: The highest-rated mattress companies offer some sort of money-back guarantee that ranges from 1-4 months. If you do not like the mattress within the specified trial, you can request a refund. Many mattress brands offer free returns and delivery for less hassle when it’s time to switch mattresses if you find out you do not like a specific brand.

Q: Is there a catch to returning a mattress?

A: There’s no catch when it’s time to return a mattress to its retailer. As long as you return the mattress within the trial period, you will be fine. Make sure to read any fine print to ensure there are no additional parameters concerning the refund policy. Most companies know the process of choosing a mattress that’s right for you, which is why there’s free shipping, returns, and a money-back guarantee for those who may end up not liking their mattress.

Q: How do mattress warranties work?

A: You must read the mattress brand’s specific warranty to understand the different conditions and terms involved. Leading mattress companies usually have a 5-20-year limited warranty on their mattresses. Other companies have lifetime warranties on their mattresses. You can only make a warranty claim based on manufacturer defects and not for physical damage that may have been done to the mattress from other sources.

Q: After how many years should I replace my mattress?

A: Normally, mattress experts say you should replace your mattress within 7-10 years from the last mattress you purchased. Memory foam mattresses can hold their original shape for more than ten years. Latex mattresses could last as long as 15 years.

Q: What’s the best type of mattress on the market?

A: The most popular mattress type on the market is innerspring mattresses. Most high-rated mattress companies now have memory foam, foam, and latex mattress options to increase how long they last and the comfortability during use.

Q: Why should I try a latex mattress?

A: You should consider trying a latex mattress because of its long-last benefits of up to 15 years, which is the highest longevity in the mattress industry.

Q: Why should I try a memory foam mattress?

A: Memory foam and foam mattress types can hold their shape for a more extended period than other mattress types. The durability averages ten years as long as the mattress receives proper care and maintenance.

Q: How much money should I invest into a new mattress?

A: You can find many mattresses for under $1,000 that are high-quality. The average cost range for mattresses is about $1,200 to $2,500. The most premium mattresses could cost $3,000 or more. You can invest as much as you want into a new mattress, but be sure you are only getting a high-quality, long-lasting brand, so you are not spending more money on a new mattress before the 7-10 year mark is up.

Q: What mattress types do hotels use the most?

A: All hotels use name-brand mattresses to deliver a good night’s sleep to their patrons. Call your favorite hotel to ask which mattress brands they have in their rooms. Hotel representatives are used to these questions, so asking them about the mattress brands doesn’t hurt.

Q: What’s the length of time before a mattress is considered “broken in”?

A: Usually, it takes about one month to break in a new mattress. It could take longer based on the mattress type you have purchased. If you get a different mattress than what you are used to, it could take longer to break the new one in.

Q: What mattress sizes am I able to purchase?

A: The mattress sizes on the market include the following:

  • California King (Cal King): 72″ x 84″
  • Split Queen: 30″ x 80″
  • Split King: 38″ x 80″
  • Split Cal King: 36″ x 84″ (any split varieties come with two mattresses)
  • King: 76″ x 80″
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″
  • Twin: 38″ x 74″
  • Twin Extra Long (TXL): 38″ x 80″
  • Full: 54″ x 74″

Q: What exactly is a split-size mattress?

A: If you purchase a split-size mattress, it will come to you in two pieces. Some people may live in an upstairs apartment or home and need the mattress split up to get to their bedrooms. Other couples have different firmness or softness preferences when they sleep, and they can customize each side of the mattress to fit their preferences.

Q: Are firmer mattress types better than soft mattress options?

A: Most mattress studies show that a firmer mattress is better than a softer mattress. However, different people have diverse physiologies that say otherwise. If your mattress is too firm, you may have lower back pain. However, a mattress could be firm, but it may not have the best support, which leads to upper back pain or shoulder pain.

Q: What’s the best mattress type on the market?

A: Scientific studies have shown that latex is the best mattress type on the market because it is firm enough to give you support as you sleep, but it does not conform to your body, causing discomfort in other ways like memory foam mattresses.

Q: What are the differences between memory foam and latex mattress types?

A: Latex is a more breathable, natural ingredient in a mattress. Most people like how a latex mattress has cool technology versus memory foam options. Memory foam is denser and offers a warmer slumber experience. You may feel you are falling in with a memory foam mattress, while latex options keep you lifted as you sleep.

Q: What’s the answer to why my bed has different foam layers?

A: Certain mattresses could have as many as 1-4 foam layers which may alternate between latex and memory foam. Hybrid mattresses have more foam layers and offer both mattress-type feels with a budget-friendly cost.

Q: What exactly does an adjustable base do for my mattress?

A: If you purchase an adjustable mattress base, you can customize how the mattress sits, whether in an upright form or you are laying completely flat. Some people want to relieve back or neck pain by keeping the base upright. An adjustable base may be needed to correct acid reflux, snoring, sleep apnea, or other problems that could happen when sleeping.

Q: How can I choose a superb mattress option for me?

A: Make sure you purchase a mattress that helps to align your back. When lying down, you should not feel your back arching. All your body parts should be in line with one another, with your hips and shoulders settling into the mattress. No space should be between your lower back and your mattress.

Q: If I am a side sleeper, which mattress should I purchase?

A: If you are a side sleeper, be sure that your chosen mattress does not put any pressure on your hips or shoulders because, if so, your body may not be appropriately aligned during sleep.

Q: What is the highest-rated mattress on the market?

A: These mattress brands listed are among the best on the market today. The best mattress brand is subjective to people because of different sleeping habits.

Q: If I weigh heavier, which mattress should I purchase?

A: As long as the mattress has more solid support, such as a coil gauge that is much thicker than the average type on the market, you can try these types if you weigh heavier. Try a foam mattress with a thicker coil gauge as they last longer than innerspring varieties.

Q: If I am a stomach sleeper or front sleeper, which mattress should I buy?

A: If you are a front sleeper, try a firmer mattress. If you have too soft of a mattress, you may sink too low into the mattress and cause discomfort in your back’s arch.

Q: If I want a hybrid mattress, what should I know about it?

A: Hybrid mattresses are a combination of memory foam and innerspring mattresses. You can get the softness benefits of a foam mattress with the budget-friendly options of an innerspring variety. Other hybrid models combine memory foam and latex mattress types that give you a tremendous comforting feel while being budget-friendly.

Q: If I have chronic back pain, which mattress is best for me?

A: Those with chronic back pain should use a medium softness level mattress to help remedy it.

Q: How can I make my mattress feel softer?

A: The only way to make your mattress even softer is to add a mattress topper.

Q: How can I tell when it’s time to invest in a new mattress?

A: If you wake up with pains and aches or continuously toss and turn during the night, there will be indents in your mattress. If this has happened, this could mean you need a new mattress because it cannot adequately support your body anymore.

Q: Is a flippable or non-flippable mattress a better option?

A: While flippable mattresses have been widespread, most mattresses are now manufactured as non-flippable to extend durability. Durability is usually compromised with a flippable model.

Q: What should I do to clean my mattress?

A: You have to vacuum to keep your mattress clean. Go the extra mile and put a mattress pad over the top of it. You should not use water or cleaning fluid on your mattress because it could damage the technology inside of the mattress or cause molding.

Q: How can I get a mattress delivered to my home?

A: Mattress companies will ship their mattresses via UPS or FedEx within 2-7 business days so that they can arrive at your home for you to enjoy.

Q: If my partner and I have different sleep preferences, how do we decide on a mattress?

A: Try a split mattress variety such as a split California king, split king, or split queen. This way, you can choose the firmness or softness each of you desires for both sides.

Q: When is the best time during the year to buy a mattress?

A: Wait for online or in-store retailers to offer 10% to 20% off their mattresses. You can find the best deals during national holidays such as Presidents’ Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Veterans Day.

Q: Does my mattress need to be flipped every so often?

A: If the mattress you purchase is single-sided, you do not have to worry about flipping it. Be sure you have a bed base if the mattress brand requires it. If you have a double-sided mattress, be sure you regularly flip for even wear.

Q: What softness or firmness should my mattress be?

A: Your preferences for softness or firmness all depend on your liking. Try out both options to see which one you like best.

The Top Mattress Brands to Buy in 2021 Conclusion

Purchasing a mattress does not have to break the bank. With so many varieties on the market that match different budgets, you will be sure to find an option that works for your desired investment and personal sleep needs.

You can access a wider variety of options by accessing online exclusive mattress websites if you cannot find what you are looking for in-store.

Mattress retailers are increasing their discounts to keep up with the online exclusive mattress companies’ deals, too! Any time of the year is a great time to shop for a mattress!

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