Best 6-Person Tents On The Market

Best 6 Person Tent – Buying Guide

6-Person Camping Tent – Important Buying Factors

When shopping for a six-person camping tent, it’s important to understand the different factors that can impact your camping comfort. Plus, which features a six-person camping tent can have. By having a better understanding of the options, it’s easier to narrow down your search selection – making the choice a lot simpler. So, let us give you a crash-course what to look out for when buying a six-person tent:


A 6-person tent should have enough floor space to accommodate 6 adult sleeping bags. However, the actual sizing of the tent may vary based on the silhouette and additional gear storage solutions. For example, if the tent has vertical walls, the floor size/floor space might be similar to a dome tent, but the interior size/interior space is bigger. Also, some 6-person tents come with an additional, detachable vestibule for gear storage, which adds to the size. 

A word of warning: though a 6-person tent should always fit 6 sleeping bags, it may not be super comfortable/roomy when occupied by 6 people, and their daypacks, and camping gear and accessories. If you plan to camp with 6 people and want some extra space to move around or store your gear, considering sizing up to an 8-person tent to get a bit of wiggle room. 


If you’re a car camper or don’t have to carry your tent over long distances, weight may not be an important factor. However, for hikers and backpackers, the heavier a tent is, the bigger the challenge to bring it with you. The good news is that these days, 6-person tents use lightweight materials such as aluminum to keep their sturdiness and durability, but reduce packing weight. Meaning that even for those that want to carry their tent on trails, some 6-person options could be suitable. From 6-person tents that only weigh 15 pounds, to heavier 70-pound designs: there’s an option in every weight class. 

Packing dimensions

Just as the weight can be a deciding factor, so can the tent’s packing dimensions. Though most tents will include a carry bag or storage pouch, their actual packing dimensions can vary greatly. From cylinder-shaped packing dimensions to compact rectangular bundles: packed tents come in all shapes and sizes. So, to review whether a design fits in your backpack, storage pocket, car camping trunk, or gear storage, carefully check the packing dimensions beforehand. Surprisingly, some of the larger, heavier tents may be smaller in packing dimensions than their less spacious counterparts – so pitched tent dimensions are not always an indication for the packed tent dimensions.


Ease of assembly/easy setup is always an important consideration when buying a six-person tent. Though most designs will require at least two sets of hands for assembly, the level of difficulty and effort required varies. We know the last thing you want after a long day of driving, backpacking, hiking, or outdoor activities is to deal with the hassle of a complicated setup. This is why we’ve only chosen to include fast pitch tents in our overview that rank highly on ease-of-assembly. 

The quickest and easiest choice is a 6-person Instant Tent. As the name suggests, setup can be done in minutes, simply by taking a tent from the storage bag and unfolding the different parts. As poles come pre-attached, there’s no fiddling around, figuring out which part goes where. So, if fast assembly/quick pitching is a priority, consider this type of freestanding 6-person tent for maximum convenience. 

Tent doors 

When it comes to 6-person tents, most common are either single-entry or double-entry designs. You’ll notice that cheaper, basic models generally come with one door at the front. Though this isn’t an issue, it does compromise your comfort a bit if you’re camping with 6 people. Because if your friend at the back-end of the tent needs the toilet, he’ll have to crawl over you – and your buddies – to reach the exit. A double-door design gives you additional access and exit, which can come in handy when your tent is filled. Plus, an extra door allows for better ventilation and airflow, preventing your tent from getting stuffy.

Material & Quality

Most 6-person tents shells are made of durable polyester, nylon, or canvas. Each material has its pros and cons, but all are a great choice for camping comfort. The most important factor is the quality of the material. If you’re buying a six-person tent, ensure the manufacturer has used a top-grade fabric or compound to ensure durability. If the tent does not include a rainfly, make sure the shell material is waterproof/water-resistant to prevent getting soak in bad weather conditions. The same goes for the frame: whether its steel, aluminum, fiberglass or other compounds- it needs to be durable enough to withstand strong winds and wet conditions. Choose a frame material that is corrosion-proof, and preferably non-bending, such as strong stainless steel or rust-resistant aluminum alloy. 

Customer reviews

If you don’t know the grade or quality standard of the materials used (and don’t fancy doing hours of research) simply check what others are saying about the tent’s construction. Customer reviews are the best indicator of whether the materials used, regardless if its ripstop nylon or canvas, get the job done and offer the durability needed. If hundreds of other campers confirm a shell is wear-resistant, you can confidently accept this as a testimony of quality. Product descriptions may speak of ‘ultra-quality’, but other consumers are the ultimate way to guarantee whether the construction is truly top-grade. 


With so many options and designs on the market, it can be difficult to determine which tents deliver on quality, value, and performance. By buying a tent from an expert brand in camping equipment/outdoor-gear, you’re taking less risk. Established brands put a lot of time, money, and expertise in the development of their products, and generally aim to live-up to a high-quality as set by their previous products. This gives you extra assurance that, for example, 3-season tents truly are great for spring, summer, and autumn – instead of receiving a flimsy design that doesn’t stand up to colder weather conditions. 

When you buy from a new brand or second-rate brand, you risk getting duped with a low-grade product. However, we’re not saying you should only buy from the big outdoor names. Some of our favorite outdoor gear is by cheaper, unknown brands – as value isn’t always linked to a brand name. Sometimes you’re able to get a fantastic deal by taking a risk on a brand you might have not heard of before. 

That is why, for us, customer reviews are more important than a brand name. We reckon the best way to judge whether or not a product is worth your attention is by seeing what other campers, hikers, and backpackers think of it. A brand can write a first-class product description about fantastic floor space, extra-durable zippers, and say their tent performs even in extreme weather. But in the end, it’s the customer reviews that confirm if it’s a great tent, regardless of the branding.


Honorable mentions

When deciding on our top 3 tents that can accommodate 6 people, we had a lot of filtering to do. With so many options on the market, it was quite the challenge to narrow down the options. And we already know some readers may not agree with our listings. However, we’ve tried to make a fair judgment based on hundreds of customer reviews, comparable models, expert opinions, and our own camping experience. Just because some products didn’t make our list, doesn’t mean they are inferior. Which is why we wanted to include some honorable mentions at the bottom of this post, that we think are still definitely worth your time and money!

Alternative 6-Person Camping Tents that delivers on value, performance, quality, and durability are:

The ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6-Person Tent 

The CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Awning 

Big Agnes Big House 6-Person Tent

The Marmot Limestone 6 Person Family Camping Tent

The Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow VX Waterproof Quick Tent

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