Best 3 Season Sleeping Bags in 2022

1. Klymit KSB 20°F Large, Sleeping Bag

This mummy-style sleeping bag is almost too good to be true. From its construction to its fillings to its ability to keep a vice grip on your body heat. Everything about this sleeping bag is what you’re most likely looking for when it comes to a good sleeping bag that’s dependable, comfortable, and reasonable to carry around. This sleeping bag works wonders on the trail, you’ll never want to climb back out once you’ve settled in.

More than anything else, this sleeping bag is just plain comfortable. Its warmth-to-weight ratio is incredible. You’ll find that taking this sleeping bag along with your backpacking essentials is a breeze. It’s so lightweight and compact that it almost doesn’t take up any room at all. It’s long enough to easily accommodate someone well over six feet tall but compresses down into essentially nothing.

The foot area is designed to be pretty spacious so you’re not being constricted down below the ankles, leaving you feeling comfortable and free to toss and turn however you normally do when you’re asleep. The bag made with what they call “an innovative dual fill system.”

Which is just a fancy way of saying they filled this sleeping bag with down and synthetic material in a clever fashion. There’s a 650 power fill down on the tops and sides of this bag. This does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to storing heat inside of your sleeping bag. The down and the density at which they’ve filled the bag are going to keep you from getting cold in the first place.

When we look at how the bottom of the bag is filled we see the synthetic batting. This synthetic batting isn’t as luxurious as the down filling up top, but it performs a number of functions when you take a minute to consider why. First, this keeps you from shelling out cash for a sleeping bag filled entirely with down from tip to toe, second, the synthetic batting being on the bottom of the sleeping bag helps circumvent a massive issue with a lot of sleeping bags.

This batting is made to keep the ground from stealing all of your body heat. If you pair this bag with a good sleeping pad, you’re going to be essentially impregnable. This two-pronged approach is what gives this bag its impressive 20-degree rating, but that’s not all.

The mummy-style of this bag gives you a snug fit around your head with an easily accessible drawcord. If you’re concerned with the length of this bag, but everything else about it sounds amazing, don’t fret. The bottom end of the bag is made with flexible stretch baffles and includes length locks so you don’t have to worry one bit about getting a comfortable fit or a good heat seal with your sleeping bag. 

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