Backpacking vs. Camping vs. Glamping (See Which One You Are)

Backpacking vs. Camping vs. Glamping (See Which One You Are)

There’s a lot of crossover between backpacking, camping and glamping.  For example, I sometimes bring my portable espresso maker (definitely a glamping item) camping but sit on the ground instead of camping chairs.

Below is a breakdown of backpacking vs. camping vs. glamping.  See which items you do on your trips. If they mostly fall into one category, that’s the type of camper you are.

  Backpacking Camping Glamping
Shelter Minimalist tent, tarp or hammock Family tent Yurt, cabin or treehouse
Sleeping Foam or self-inflating pad and sleeping bag Inflatable mattress, sleeping bag and inflatable pillow Cot with mattress, blankets and pillow
Food Dried food Canned food and instant meals Dutch oven and cast iron meals
Water Filter water Jugs of water Faucet with potable water
Cooking Canister or alcohol stove Campfire cooking and large canister stove Wood stove and oven with hotplate
Refrigeration No refrigerator Cooler Electric cooler
Utensils Spork Nesting or folding utensils Kitchen cutlery set
Dishes Eat from steel or titanium pot Plastic or silicone bowls Graniteware, ceramic or wood tableware
Coffee Instant coffee Portable coffee filter French press or portable espresso maker
Kitchen Cook on ground Cook on picnic table Portable camp kitchen
Washing dishes Lick dishes clean and rinse Bucket sink or campground washing station Sink with plumbed hot water
Clothes One change of wool or synthetic clothes Lots of layers, cotton or whatever you have Wool and down clothes for each day
Bathroom Cathole Outhouse Plumbed WC
Shower No shower Communal campground shower or solar shower Shower with hot water
Transport Walk or hike to camp Drive to camp Taken by guide
Fees Free or park permit Site fee, vehicle fee, electric hookup Nightly or tour fee
Entertainment Talking to other backpackers Music, games, campfire stories Performances, portable projectors
Seating Sit on ground or foam pad Folding camp chairs, picnic table Adirondack chairs, high-end folding chairs
Temperature control No AC or heating Electric fan, campfire Air conditioning, wood or gas heater
Power Rechargeable batteries or power bank Portable solar charger, campground electric hookup Electric hookups
Lighting Headlamp LED lamps and flashlights Lanterns
Connectivity Personal locator beacon or satellite messenger Phone signal Phone signal and wifi


What other differences between backpacking, camping and glamping can you think up?  Let us know in the comments section.

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