8 Best Water Bottles for Hiking & Backpacking in 2022

1. Hydrapak Flux – Collapsible Backpacking Water Bottle

When you’re hiking and backpacking, space is always at a premium. Whatever you want to bring along with you has to be carried on your back. By that token, anything that helps you save on space and is designed to fit into the tightest crevices of your pack.

This bottle from Hydrapak Flux is all about fitting into your life. If you’ve ever taken a water bottle on a hike with you then you know how annoying it is to figure out what to do with your bottle once it’s empty. If you have space for a deck of cards, then you have space for this water bottle.

It’s an especially useful addition to your backpacking loadout if you’ve invested in a water filtration system. You can prop this bottle up when you need it for a quick drink, and once you’ve hydrated, you can break it back down until you’ve settled down into your campsite with your water filtration setup. 

This is the kind of water bottle you pack up when you’re trying to squeeze every single ounce of utility out of every single piece. It has a convenient handle that makes filling it and drinking from it an ergonomic dream. It’s designed to be leakproof as well from top to bottom no matter how many times you collapse it.

It’s made from materials that are ready to stand up to the abuse of constantly crushing and reconstituting the bottle. Best of all, it’s 100% BPA & PVC free. A lot of flexible water bottles or hiking water bladders will give you water a weird taste. It’s a huge bummer to have gone through the effort of making sure your water has been sanitized and filtered as much as possible only to pour it into your bottle and have it taste like the bottom of a shoe.  

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