8 Best Freeze-Dried Foods for Camping & Backpacking in 2022

3. Augason Farms 5-20091 Deluxe Emergency 30-Day Food Supply

This is a massive collection of food that will last you an incredibly long time. Their intended use is for emergency situations, but food is food, and if it travels well it can come with you on the trail. This set of rations is an incredible deal, for the length of shelf life this package has and the number of meals it comes with, you’re getting more food than you can carry, so you’ll be able to bankroll a couple of trips with one relatively inexpensive initial purchase.

Because this is designed to be eaten in a pinch, you’re going to be able to reap the benefits of disaster preparedness while you’re on the trail. The packages are easy to open, easy to prepare, and easy to store inside of whatever container you’re using to transport your food along with your camping gear. 

Because you’re getting so many more meals for the same price as other freeze-dried options, you’re able to replace more of your food with these packages. This set is a great way to drastically reduce the overall space you have to dedicate to food and cooking accessories. 

Their Achillie’s Heel, however, is the fact that the food is all a little bland, but there’s an easy solution to that glaring issue. Since you’re saving so much room and weight by bringing along these provisions instead of full meals you’re going to need pots and pans for, slide some of your favorite seasonings into your pack along with these meals, and suddenly you’ve got a three-star diner in your backpack.

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