7 Ways To Check Quality Camping Marquee


Marquee is an alternative form of shelter that can provide comfortable accommodation when you go camping. An ideal marquee usually comes in different shapes, sizes, frames, and prints to fit in perfectly to your needs.


Some marquee also comes with light sources; this makes a marquee your best accommodation companion when you go camping in a location without any provision for housing.


However, before buying a camping marquee, there are certain things to look out for to ascertain the quality. Below are seven ways you can check the quality of any camping marquee.


  1. Check the Material


Most marquees come in different shapes and sizes, which give them their beauty and uniqueness. The shapes and sizes range from the 3×3m marquee, 4×2.4m marquee, 3×4.5m marquee, 3×6m, etc. One interesting fact about marquees is that their size and shapes partly determine the type of materials used in manufacturing the marquee. It also affects the outlook of the marquee once erected.


The desire to manufacture a wide variety of marquees sometimes causes a reduction in the quality of the material used for production. It is therefore advisable that when buying a camping marquee, you should check the kind of materials used in making the entire marque set up.


The best materials to look out for include fiber for the clothing material, and metal used for the frame; these are further explained below.


The average marquee comes in various parts, the roof, walls, and stands. Out of these parts, the roof and walls are usually made of clothing material to protect from sun and other climatic conditions that might work against successful camping.


Most marquees come with various clothing materials, which form about 70% of the whole marquee. This makes the clothing used in making the marquee an important factor in determining the overall quality of your camping Marquee.


Before you pay for your camping marquee, first touch and feel the texture of the clothing material used in making the marquee to be sure it can withstand stress without easily tearing and thus lose quality.


The thickness of the cloth material used is an indication of the quality of the product, and fiber materials are one of the best materials to go for, because of their durability and resilience. However, if you can’t find a fiber material, then carefully examine the thickness of the clothing material used before making the purchase.


The average marquee also comes with a frame that serves as the structure on which the clothing material will rest. The frames are usually made of metals to allow for rigidity and stamina.


The quality and strength of the metals used in making the frame will determine the quality and durability of the camping marquee, once they are fully set.


Hence, it is something you need to look at before buying your marquee. Make sure you test-setup your marquee before you buy it. An ideal metal for a frame should be hard, is not prone to rust, bending, and breaking. You should, therefore, have a feel of the metal frame to check if they are vulnerable to rust, bending, and breaking to see the quality before paying for your marquee.



Another usually downplayed factor to check for is the prints on your camping marquee. Bad prints have the potential of reducing the quality of your Marquee fabric, especially when they are not properly done.


Prints are graphical works of art that are done on the clothing materials used as walls and roof of the marquee to add to the beauty and packaging of the marquee. These prints can be custom made at your request.


A good print should be done in such a way that it does not affect the general clothing material of the marquee. You may notice that the prints on the marquee have reduced the quality of the clothing material by creating potential spots for holes. If this is the case, then the quality of the marquee is compromised.


  1. Check the Brand


There are different brands of a marquee, and the quality of what they produce cannot all be on the same level. The company’s brand and reputation should be able to tell what you need to know about the quality of their products.


Therefore, you should go for marquee manufactured products from reputable companies, with high-quality standards.


Finding a reputable, high-quality camping marquee supplier shouldn’t be too difficult. Always go for suppliers that have high-quality camping marquee at relatively affordable prices.


  1. Ease of Set-Up and Dismantling


Another factor that can help you evaluate the quality of a camping marquee is the ease with which you can set it up. The setup of the average marquee is easy and straightforward, it is sort of semi-automatic in nature.


All you have to do is to unpack and arrange the frame, and you are good to go. It is easy to use folding marquee. An excellent folding marquee should be so easy to set up that even kids will be able to carry this out in a couple of minutes.


However, if you discover that the camping marquee is difficult to put together while trying to test-setup, it might be a sign that your marquee is of low quality.


Try and find out the reason for the difficulty in setting up, note all the points of attachment to the frame, and check to see if it is not properly screwed. Carefully observe where the error is and act accordingly.


In any case, having problems setting up your marquee is never a good sign; therefore, it is advisable to swap for another before making your final purchase.


It is also vital to ascertain that there is no problem in dismantling/unpacking your camping marquee after setting it up. A problem with dismantling is literally the same thing with a problem with setting it up.


  1. Durability


Durability is a term that is used to explain how long a product will last with little or no maintenance. When it comes to the durability of a camp marquee, there are certain elements to look at; they include information on the duration of use, the flexibility of use in any environment, and the recommended number of times of use.


Most products come with this information, which provides you with an idea of how durable the products will be for long time use. Another way to look at the durability of a camping Marquee is to look for its spare parts, which will be a testament of how easy it will be to repair and replace worn out parts.


If you cannot find a readily available place to purchase spare parts, it may be an indication that the camping Marquee you are about to buy may not last long.


Generally speaking, when purchasing a camping Marquee, here are the things to look out for when assessing durability.


  • The chances of the metal works used in manufacturing the frames getting rust. Go for a product that won’t easily rust.
  • The ease of wear and tear as a result of use, which could lead to the early expiration of the camping marquees. Go for a product that will not quickly show wear and tear.
  • The ability to repel water. Most things that are waterproof generally tend to last longer. Make sure that the fabric material used in making your marquee is waterproof.
  • The ability to regulate heat. Your fabric material should not be easily affected by weather; this can turn your camping experience from being fun into your worst nightmare.


You have to pay special attention to watch out for these things when buying a high-quality camping marquee. Do not get carried away with how it looks that you overlook the fundamental question of how well and long it will last. Always make sure you go for both beauty and quality whey buying.

  1. Take an Opinion poll or Ask for Referrals


An opinion poll is a term that refers to a series of activities done to gather information from people that have exposure to the subject matter. It involves asking a series of questions from people to find out what they think about the subject matter.


You can use this approach to check out the quality of various camping marquee. The first step you should take is to locate people who have used camping marquee at one point in their camping experiences.


You can then carefully design and give them questions to test their opinion of which product has better quality among the camping marquee they have used. Note that it is likely each claim that the marquee they have used before is of high quality and hence give you confusing feedback.


It is therefore advisable that in the questions you are administering, you determine the parameters based on your preferences that will differentiate their answers.


You can ask, which camping marquee product do you recommend for an area noted for heavy rainfall, if it has sturdy metal frames and if it favorably regulates heat. You can include other questions that fit your preference, such as, what type of camping multi-tools would you recommend, etc.


This type of approach to questioning will ensure that the answers you receive are not biased. The answers you get from these questions can also help you determine the kind of camping marquee to buy, that will have a high quality and also suit your needs.


Another way to determine camping marquee is to seek referrals. People who have gone camping and have used a camping marquee can easily refer you to a high-quality type. Such references will save you the stress of ascertaining the quality of the camping marquee as this factor is already predetermined from the referrals you got.

  1. Security


Most folks assume that when it comes to camping marquees, your safety is not guaranteed. To them, security and marquee cannot go together.


However, this is not always the case; a high-quality camping marquee has three (3) walls and a detachable front opening. Because most people are used to seeing marquees without walls, they wrongly assume that the marquee is not secure.


If you are going camping, one of the things to check out to help you evaluate the quality of the camping marquee you are buying is the sturdiness of the walls. The walls of the marquee will protect you from harsh weather conditions, insect bites, and other unforeseen attacks in the wildlife.


Therefore, you must check to see the ability of the camping marquees to offer adequate security while you are camping. You can do this by setting up the marquee and by staying inside it for a while.


Observe to see if there are any security loopholes while inside the marquee, and if you find any significant loopholes, be smart to change the camping marquee for another.


  1. Maintenance Costs


This is a point most people overlook when buying a camping marquee. Like any other structure, a proper maintenance culture is necessary to increase longevity. Therefore, it will be wise to consider the maintenance costs when buying a camping marquee.


Ask questions like the cost of replacing faulty parts, the materials or resources you will need for routine maintenance, and what it will cost you to get them. You won’t want to buy a marquee whose parts (materials) are difficult to find and obtain whenever there is a need for repair and maintenance.


The difficulty associated with getting some spare parts can make your treasured camp marquee end up in the garbage because of your inability to maintain it properly. You will also need to check the overhead cost of each significant part, to be sure that you can easily afford to replace them with quality products when the need arises.


You should also ask the agent or supplier about the routine quality checks and maintenance that you will have to do. Make sure you get a detailed response about different camping marquee structures before opting for one whose quality and cost of support will give you peace of mind.




Camping is so much fun, especially when you don’t have to worry about accommodation because you already bought a camping Marquee. However, to enjoy the full benefits of a camping marquee, you need to get a quality one from a reputable supplier.


Some of the ways to measure quality include the type of brand or manufacturer, checking the material and frame, ease of setting up and dismantling, among others, and these factors can guide your choice when looking for a high-quality camping marquee.


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