7 Best Tenkara Fishing Rods

2. Tenkara USA Sato Tenkara Rod

A Tenkara rod offers you a great degree of versatility while you’re fishing. They’re so unlike traditional fishing rods in that aspect. The simple ability to store and retrieve your fishing rod with ease from an incredibly compact space should be enough to totally sell you on a Tenkara rod of your own, but if it’s not then Sato’s rods go the extra mile for you skeptics out there.

This rod is focused primarily on versatility. To that end, it’s incredibly compact in its fully collapsed form. The rod will telescope down into an incredibly manageable 22.75-inch package when it’s not in use. This is significantly longer than the Hane Tankara rod at 15 inches, but it’s hard to say that it’s not impressive, especially for all of the strength and functionality you’ll get out of Sato’s Tankara rod.

This rod, for all of its length, while collapsed, is still incredibly light and durable. The minimal weight and the excellent balance you get from the slightly more hefty handle give you amazing control over the rod when it’s time to cast into your preferred body of water.

This superior degree of control makes it that much easier when you’re working on the perfect fly fishing cast. We’d be sorely mistaken if we neglected to mention what Sato calls their “triple-zoom” feature. Triple-zoom is quite simple when you boil it down to its essence.

This feature is just three distinct length settings on the rod. This allows you to quickly and confidently set the rod to the perfect setting when casting off to fish no matter what body of water you’re towering over. This triple-zoom can also be considered one of the reasons the rod doesn’t collapse down to the same length as some of its competitors.

Using the Hane rod as a comparison point again, you’ll see that you’re getting 2 full feet of length out of the Sato rod. What you lose in hyper-compact transportation, you get back in additional versatility, distance, and strength.

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