7 Best Solar Panel Trail Cameras – Reviewed in 2022

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Although it’s not technically a complete solar panel trail camera, our top pick regardless is the Campark Trail Camera Solar Panel. As we have seen, there are some trail cams that have solar panels integrated into their design. However, due to the size of most trail cams, often there’s not enough room, especially when fitting in other features like sensors, for a big enough solar panel. These models mean you end up actually relying on batteries, or recharging the camera yourself, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a solar-powered trail camera. 

A much better solution for a solar-powered trail camera is to purchase a trail camera that perfectly suits your needs. Whether it’s perfectly designed for capturing nighttime images and videos, or has a super-fast sensor for capturing particularly flighty species, you’ll be able to find the right trail camera for your unique purposes. Check out some of our comparisons, to find the trail cam of your dreams. 

Our recommendation is, once you’ve found the right trail cam for you, to get a separate solar panel, like the one above from Campark. This model of solar panel works with basically all trail cams, no matter the brand. It also has a really high energy conversion rate, meaning that you’ll never need to buy batteries again! Seeing as replacing AA batteries in most models of trail cams can cost you sometimes 10 dollars a week, this option could end up saving you hundreds of dollars over the years!

However, if you are looking for a trail cam with an integrated solar panel charging system, we would recommend opting for SPYPOINT SOLAR-DARK Trail Camera. This camera has integrated lithium batteries which will charge up under the sun and can cover you if you have a few days of rain or cloud coverage. The only fallback of this option is that it’s pretty expensive, and for the price, you’d probably expect to get clearer pictures than 12 megapixels. However, when it comes to solar-powered trail cams, this option is top of the range. 

So there we have it, multiple different options to help you find the best solar panel trail cam for you. Whether you’re looking for a trail camera and separate solar panel all in one price, you’re looking for a trail cam with an integrated solar panel, or you’re looking for a solar panel to be used in conjunction with your favorite trail cam, we have an option here for you. 

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