7 Best Hydration Water Bladders – Reviewed in 2022

4. Deuter Streamer 3.0L Reservoir

This water bladder is focused on the more athletic outdoorsmen. It’s a piece of equipment that’s light and made to make it as easy as possible to get your water out of the bladder and into your body. The Deuter Streamer is a 3-liter bladder with their proprietary “Helix Valve.”

This is a water valve that’s been carefully designed to make sure you’re getting an easy and constant flow of water from the bladder. If you’ve used a water bladder like these before you know that sometimes pressure can become an issue.

It can be hard to pull water from the bladder while you’re exerting yourself. The Helix Valve has a wide opening, enabling you to get the most water per pull with the minimum amount of effort. A constant issue we’re always on the lookout for is taste.

A water bladder is great to have, but if it tastes like the inside of a latex glove when you’re trying to hydrate, you’re probably not going to be getting an adequate amount of water while you’re on the trail. The Deuter Streamer takes that into account, by employing the use of a special film on the inside of the bladder.

It makes the bladder incredibly smooth (great for protecting it against itself and the contents of your bag) and it keeps the taste of the material from leaching into your water over the course of a long day outside. This extends to the tube and the valve as well. 

The film also keeps things clean on the inside of your water bladder. It’s not always easy to clean these while you’re on the trail, so every line of defense you can set up between yourself and mildew is one you should consider when purchasing a new water bladder.

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