7 Best Gun Safes Under $1000

3Mesa Safe 14 Gun Capacity All Steel Gun Safe

This Mesa Safe can stand up to 1750 degrees F up to one hour, earning the label fire-resistant. This is higher than most safes in its price range. This unit features a black powder-coated finish with gold accents giving off a fun wild West feel. The powder coating is safe from corrosion and scratches. If a fire happens to break out, and the sprinklers go off, the finish will not be ruined.

Though the product description claims 14 guns can be stored, we find it will more realistically hold 6 to 8 guns, and 10 if there are no scopes or modified stocks. The removable shelving is fully adjustable, allowing you flexibility as your gun arsenal grows. 

The body of this safe is made of 1 ¾” steel plates, as well as the fire-resistant lining. The door is an astonishing 5 ⅛” thick with a 3-way combination lock. The 12 bolts are 1 ½” thick steel, accompanied by solid steel hinges. And for an extra layer of protection, there is a hard plate protecting the lock, making it impenetrable from drill attacks. 

The relocking system is punch activated. The electronic keypad allows you to create a secondary code in addition to the primary one. The three lights located next to the keypad signal the validity of the code punched in. 

A bonus is an electrical outlet located inside the unit. You can use it to hook up a light, or even a dehumidifier. 

The exterior dimensions of this unit are 59” height, 22” width, and 20” depth. The unit comes with an anchor kit and 4 anchor holes are pre-drilled to make it easy for you to bolt this baby down. Since the door is very heavy and the unit being a bit narrow, we strongly recommend mounting it ASAP. And at a whopping 484 lbs, this safe won’t be going anywhere.

The Mesa Safe 14-Gun passes California’s DOJ regulations for Residential Security Containers.

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