7 Best Beard Brushes For Short & Long Beards (2022 Review)

Looking for the right beard brush? The best beard brush can help you grow, maintain, groom and style your facial hair. But finding a good boar’s hair bristle beard brush can be a challenge. Getting a top beard brush for short and long beards is important if guys want to have the perfect beard. So if you really care about your facial hair and the products you use on your face, you’ll want to get one of the best beard brushes for men.

We’ve spent countless hours testing and researching the best brands and brushes, taking into consideration materials, build, bristle quality, stiffness, styling ability, and price. As expected, the highest-quality brush offered excellent results – the ZilberHaar Boar Bristle Beard Brush.

Unless you want to damage your beard hair with any old brush, you’ll want to check out our comprehensive beard brush reviews to help you find the right one for you.

Best Beard Brush

7 Best Beard Brushes 2022

ZilberHaar Boar Bristle Beard Brush

ZilberHaar Boar Bristle Beard Brush

ZilberHaar is a German brand known for developing excellent grooming tools, and this pure boar bristle brush is no different. This beard brush by ZilberHaar holds a ton of history, and is carved from pearwood from the Black Forest region of Germany. The craftsmanship of this product is second to none, and it places intense emphasis on keeping the health and appearance of your beard impeccable.

The 100% natural boar’s hair bristles work to soften and strengthen your beard, and are tough enough to detangle even the biggest knots. The length of the bristles caters to a variety of beard lengths, from slow-growing stubble to coarse, long beards. The varying bristle lengths also allow guys to reach both deep and surface hairs all at once without skin irritation or hair damage.

Similarly, this amazing beard brush does wonders to stimulate and spread oils from your skin while simultaneously removing dead skin. The fact that it penetrates so far to touch, moisturize and hydrate your skin is a huge advantage when you’re trying to minimize beard itch and dandruff. These awesome characteristics make ZilberHaar our choice for best boar bristle beard brush.

But that’s not all, the pearwood handle gives you ultimate control, and allows you to groom with ease. Finally, the ZilberHaar pure boar’s hair brush comes with a lifetime guarantee – a true testament to the quality of this men’s grooming product.

If you want a brush that’s well-built, expected to last a lifetime, and will deliver high-performance for a soft beard, this one is worth the investment!

Rocky Mountain Barber Boar’s Hair Beard Brush

Rocky Mountain Barber Boar's Hair Beard Brush

Mountain Men and beard enthusiasts everywhere would consider Rocky Mountain Barber Company a great brand with a strong reputation for making effective and precise beard grooming tools. The company’s Boar Hair Beard Brush is sleek, modern and beautifully-design, and will transform your facial hair to silky and stylish.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company is extremely adamant about being transparent with their all-natural boar’s hair bristles. They encourage you to put them to the test – no synthetic or plastic bristles here.

These bristles are softer to the touch than other boar or synthetic bristles but still pretty firm, allowing you to get through knots and tangles without skin or hair follicle irritation. You won’t experience any grabbing, pulling, or scratching as you run this through your beard.

Aside from the quality boar’s hair bristles that will leave your facial hair soft and straight, the classy wood design of this beard brush is pretty awesome looking. The body of the brush is made of wood, but it has a sweet black finish that makes this beard brush a stunning addition to your grooming repertoire. Plus, the handle is warp-resistant so don’t expect it to wear and tear easily – its durability can handle the manliest of grips.

Ultimately, this men’s brush is tough and built to last yet soft on your facial hair when it counts. Your Rocky Mountain Barber Company Boar Hair Beard Brush gets down to business after the first use, and your beard will be looking trendy and tame for years to come.

Smooth Viking Beard Brush & Comb Kit

Smooth Viking Beard Brush & Comb Kit

We’ve recommended Smooth Viking multiple times before because they’re a brand with many high-quality beard care products on the market. From oils to balms to combs, Smooth Viking is a company with world-class standards, and their Beard Brush & Comb Kit further cements them as a staple in your grooming arsenal. For the best of both worlds, this set provides a boar bristle beard brush and wooden comb so you can soften your beard and style it exactly the way you want.

As we mentioned, this beard brush uses premium bristles made of 100% wild boar’s hair, a crucial requirement to removing knots and tangle effectively while also spreading natural oils throughout your beard. These boar bristles will keep your beard looking kept, shiny and smooth, and be strong enough to touch your skin below to minimize flakes, dry skin, and itchiness.

This men’s beard grooming set also comes with a beard comb made from pearwood and aims to keep your beard styled all day long. The dual-sided comb allows you to work through thick, coarse hairs first and then flip sides for a more refined finish.

The design of these tools is sleek and portable, allowing you to carry them with your wherever you go for ease of use. Coupled with a lifetime guarantee, Smooth Viking definitely know how to keep a good beard growing strong and groomed, making this beard brush kit worth buying.

Peter’s Beard Horse Hair Beard Brush

Peter's Beard Horse Hair Beard Brush

Given the rising popularity of horse hair beard brushes, we were excited to recommend a product from Peter’s Beard. This brand has produced a compact, round wooden horse hair beard brush that’s ideal for guys looking to groom and clean up their facial hair throughout the day. But because the horse hair bristles are relatively soft compared to the other options on our list, this brush is best-suited for men with thin or short beards.

This is because guys with full, long beards need firm bristles to get through their thick hairs. A firm brush will penetrate the surface, distribute your natural oils while also applying your beard oil or balm evenly throughout.

Furthermore, you need a brush sturdy enough to reach your skin and moisturize it to prevent beardruff, irritation, and dryness when growing a beard.

Because user reviews were so high, we still feel comfortable recommending this brush for short to medium length beards, but not for guys who need heavy-duty grooming for a big beard. And for the right types of beards, it will still remove knots and tangles and prevent dandruff and dead skin particles. Plus, the little tin that stores the brush is super cool and useful, especially for travel purposes.

So if you want a softer touch on your beard due to sensitivities, then you may want to try this brush made from horse hair. It does come with a 2-year warranty, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Grow A Beard – Beard Brush and Comb Set

Grow A Beard - Beard Brush and Comb Set

Another popular beard care set comes from the Grow A Beard brand. Again, if you aren’t sure whether to buy a brush or comb, it makes sense to get both and this Beard Brush And Comb Set contains the essentials for any guy wanting stylishly smooth facial hair all day.

The brush’s bristles are boar’s hair, allowing you to soften and straighten your beard, and stimulate natural oil production.

With long, firm bristles, guys will also be able to remove dry skin and moisturize their skin below, keeping it hydrated and healthy.

Next, men can use the wooden comb to further spread their beard care products, while simultaneously detangling and styling their facial hair.

Made with high-quality materials and paired with a money-back guarantee, this brush and comb combination is perfect for all beardsmen.

Rapid Beard – Beard Brush And Comb Kit

Rapid Beard - Beard Brush And Comb Kit

Looking to take your beard care to the next level? Rapid Beard is quickly becoming one of the best brands in the industry, across all product lines. Just a glance at the customer ratings for their beard oil/balm and grooming kit demonstrates a company dedicated to excellence, and men everywhere seem to be noticing.

This Beard Brush and Comb Kit works great for all types of facial hair – long, short, thick or thin – this beard brush and comb set will soften and untangle the coarsest beards.

The handmade wooden comb and boar bristle brush were built with quality materials. The wooden beard comb prevents your facial hair from getting static while undoing unnecessary knots.

The fine-teeth are thick and sturdy, allowing you to work through the toughest knots. Afterwards, guys can use the brush made with boar’s hair to moisturize and condition.

The natural bamboo handle offers a solid base for grip and handling.

The combination of the wooden comb and boar-bristle beard brush makes this product versatile and great for easy styling. Ultimately, the Rapid Beard Comb And Brush Kit is the total grooming package.

How To Choose A Good Beard Brush

All beardsmen want their facial hair looking healthy, groomed, and soft. A good beard brush will help you make your beard look fuller, tame and control unruly hairs and ultimately get the coolest styles.

Although you may be tempted to reach for any styling tool, we highly recommend you get a boar bristle beard brush or one made of horse hair as these tend to be the most effective, well-built products.

Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Before we get into the reviews, here are a few useful buying tips to ensure you get the right brush for you:

  • Made of durable materials. The material used to make your brush can indicate how long your grooming tool will last, especially when it comes to different elements. Beard brushes made out of wood such as bamboo, sandalwood or pearwood are often higher quality, but plastic is obviously water-resistant. It’s a matter of personal preference and individual use. If you want a wooden brush, obviously don’t clean it under running water.
  • Look for natural bristles. A beard brush’s bristles are either synthetic or natural, with natural bristles being made of boar or horse hair. Boar’s hair bristles top the list, as they naturally spread oils throughout your facial hair and keep your beard sleek and soft. We made sure to only review natural bristle brushes.
  • Find stiff bristles. Stiffness beard brush bristles can be the difference between a tangled mess and a smooth, styled beard. Boar’s hair bristles are relatively stiff, allowing you to easily brush out knots, straighten and clean your facial hair, and spread your balm or oil.
  • Get a handle on things. Long handles that extend out from the brush may give you a better grip, but a brush without a handle may be easier to use. The choice is really a personal one and how it feels in your hand.

When it comes to proper beard care, it’s very important to remember that no matter how high-quality of a brush you buy, you should not brush your beard more than a few times a day.

This is true whether you buy a boar’s hair bristle or something cheap from the drug or grocery store. Over-brushing your beard can cause damage due to stress on the roots of your hair follicles, resulting in breakage or hair loss.

Brush For Beard

For optimal results, we recommend guys brush their beards in the morning, after they’ve already applied their favorite beard product, and in the evening before bed or a special event.

Get The Best Men’s Beard Brush

As always, a healthy and well-maintained beard is something to be proud of, and all experienced beardsmen know that the products and tools they use are critical to their success. So pick one of the quality grooming tools above and take your beard from unruly to a work of art.

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