64 Rawr-some Dinosaur Tattoos With Meaning

Dinosaurs may be extinct. But our love for them never dies. From fearsome to adorable, these dinosaur tattoos are perfect for Dino fans.

Dinosaurs are probably the most popular animals on earth that we have never seen. Yet, from toys stores to theme parks, they are everywhere. Be it the fierce, raging T-rex or the clumsy-looking Triceratops; they live in every kid’s life.

I picked up my first toy dinosaur at the age of 5 and kept it for almost a decade. Though I can’t tell the exact species of my stuffed dino, I never stopped loving it as part of my childhood.

For you, you may love these beasts for different reasons. But unlike cats or dogs, as much as we love dinosaurs, we can’t see them with our own eyes.

And that’s why dinosaur tattoos are so popular. Not only do they represent love for the animal. But they also symbolize strength and power.

So here is a list of dinosaur tattoos from small to big, from cute to jaw-droppingly fierce. Whether you are a dino-lover or are looking for empowering ink, you will find designs that fit your style.

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Rawr-some Dinosaur tattoos

Unique and stunning dinosaur tattoos

People love dinosaurs for different reasons. And part of it is because there are different species, and we can find the one that resonates with us. So be it the fierce T-rex or the gigantic Brachiosaurus, you will find something for you in the following unique dinosaur tattoos.

T-rex and triangle arm tattoo

T-rex and triangle arm tattoo by @lenalovesart


T-rex are menacing for sure. But it takes skills to capture their essence. The skin of the T-rex is tattooed to perfection. And it almost feels like you can see the muscles and veins.

The triangle works like an Anywhere Door. Because of how real it looks, it makes you wonder whether the dinosaur will jump out the next second.

T-rex and ballon foot tattoo

T-rex and ballon foot tattoo by @ikarus.abendwind


Realism dinosaur tattoos are not always terrifying. This red balloon in this foot tattoo tones down the aggressiveness of the design. And the pop of color is surefire to catch attention.

Steampunk T-rex tattoo

Steampunk T-rex tattoo by @maok_tattoo


A new breed of dinosaur or a robot? You decide.

Inner arm T-rex in floral pattern

Inner arm T-rex in floral pattern by @osminoga


Most of the dinosaur tattoos are black and grey. But this artist made it feminine by adding patterns and colors. Since no one has seen a real dinosaur, why not create your own?

Captivating Godzilla tattoo

Captivating Godzilla tattoo by @cadecran


If you have seen any of the Godzilla movies, you will be amazed by their ability to destroy everything standing in their way.

Inspired by dinosaurs, Godzilla is a childhood nightmare for many. This tattoo captures when the enormous monster destroys wire towers with bare hands. That’s nothing that says “don’t mess with me” better than this ink.

Adorable and rawr-some T-rex tattoo

Rawr-some T-rex tattoo by @tygrystattoo


It may be true that T-rex is fearsome. But t-rex tattoos don’t have to be. Just like this one, the baby t-rex holds two maracas with its claws. And it rawrs with a grind on the face. A beast? More like a pal.

Bathing T-rex

Bathing T-rex by @suflanda


What will T-rex do when they are not hunting or slaughtering their prays? This tattoo provides some insights.

It’s not just a fun tattoo. It also reminds us to take a break when the world gets overwhelming.

The skating T-rex inner arm tattoo

The skating T-rex inner arm tattoo by @lebedtattooing


Skateboards make a tattoo cooler instantly? And this one here is a good example.

Super real Velociraptor bicep tattoo

Super real Velociraptor bicep tattoo by @tattooeunb


Velociraptors come and go like a shadow. They were known to be swift and agile. Just because they were not as enormous as other dinosaurs doesn’t mean you should underestimate them.

This tattoo captures the motion of this swift predator. The reflection of light on the skin and makes it look real. The shape of the body and tail fits perfectly on the bicep. It almost looks like a scene of Jurassic Park printed on the skin.

The kidnapped T-rex tattoo

The kidnapped T-rex tattoo by @kissink.tattoo


An image says a thousand words. So do tattoos.

This one describes the kidnapping of a T-rex. Not knowing what would happen next, the beast lost its cool.

And it leaves us to wonder whether dinosaurs are truly extinct? Or are they living happily on another planet? What do you think? Share your views in the comment!

T-rex skull thigh tattoo

T-rex skull thigh tattoo by @desmaytal.tattoo


Without the fossils, we will never know about the existence of dinosaurs. T-rex are probably the largest carnivore on the planet.

The skull is so detailed and real that it takes us back to ancient times when dinosaurs dominated the earth. Thus a Dino skull tattoo perfectly symbolizes the power that doesn’t fade with time.

T-rex skull tattoo in colorful floral patterns

T-rex skull tattoo in colorful floral patterns by @kareninjatattoo


Dinosaur skull tattoos are mostly masculine. By adding floral patterns, the artist turns the skull into a feminine piece of art.

Black and grey T-rex skeleton tattoo

Black and grey T-rex skeleton tattoo by @stephen_doyle_tattoo


Unlike T-rex and Velociraptors, Triceratops was enormous but mild. That’s why they often symbolize quiet strength – the ability to stay calm and unharmed in extreme conditions.

Realism Triceratops arm tattoo

Triceratops arm tattoo with stunning details by @gemicco


Detailed dinosaurs skeleton tattoo

Detailed Triceratops and Pterodactyl skeleton tattoo by @arri_tattoo


Triceratops and Pterodactyl reigned the land and the sky. To tattoo their skeleton on the skin reminds us that death is inevitable. And only changes are permanent.

Floral brontosaurus tattoo

Floral brontosaurus tattoo by @mariafernandeztattoo


Brontosaurus was one of the largest animals ever lived on the planet. It could be 70-90 feet tall. But it doesn’t mean Brontosaurus tattoos have to be huge.

The dinosaur blends perfectly in the floral background by curving the neck, making the tattoo elegant enough for women.

Brontosaurus in the forest

Brontosaurus in the forest by @jessicabrowntattoo


Cute cartoon Brachiosaurus tattoo

Cute cartoon Brachiosaurus tattoo by @mafupoke


Just like many other dinosaurs, Brachiosaurus is mostly grey-brown or light brown. But that doesn’t stop artists from being creative.

If you want a more vibrant tattoo, the body of a dinosaur will be a canvas to explore different color combos and patterns.

Cute cartoon dinosaur driver

Cute cartoon dinosaur riding a car by @whitewhaleamsterdam


One way to make dinosaur tattoos more relatable is to bring these giant creatures into our daily lives.

Like this tattoo, the cute dino is driving a car. It feels like it’s coming straight from a cartoon book, both cute and adorable.

Diplodocus with butterfly wings

Diplodocus butterfly tattoo by @jimburgman


Butterfly tattoos are popular worldwide. But putting wings on a giant animal like a Diplodocus is not common. Such a bold and creative move shows that the artist thinks outside the box, and the effort pays off.

Stegosaurus with treestars

Stegosaurus with treestars by @mariafernandeztattoo


What makes Stegosaurus so recognizable is its plates on the back. Unlike T-rexes or other carnivores, they used their plates as armor for protection. Therefore, a Stegosaurus tattoo is perfect for those who love dinosaurs but want to stay non-aggressive.

Realism Brontosaurus tattoo

Realism brontosaurus tattoo by @skylerespinoza


Geometric Brachiosaurus arm tattoo

Geometric brachiosaurus arm tattoo by @gyorgyforis_


It’s not easy to find the perfect placement for a dinosaur tattoo, especially when you want a realism design.

This artist tattooed a part of the dinosaur and combined it with other shapes and decorations. What’s genius about this tattoo is the elongated neck that fits the inner arm perfectly. And the triangle works like a tunnel connecting two different eras.

The last wonderland

The last wonderland realism brachiosaurus tattoo by @tingting_tattoo


Such a small tattoo with so many details requires excellent skills. That’s why if you want a dinosaur tattoo, it’s for the best to go to a qualified artist who can turn your imagination into reality.

Yes! Cute color dinosaur tattoo

Yes! Cute color dinosaur tattoo by @0chicken.tattoo


When we talk about minimalist tattoos, the black and grey designs are the first to come to mind. This tattoo, however, shows a different possibility.

The dinosaur in this tattoo has a beautiful ocean blue color. By removing the details of the face and skin, the artist manages to create a simple yet eye-catching dinosaur tattoo. And the Yes! adds personality into this tattoo.

The dinosaur trainer

The dinosaur trainer by @matttrusz.tattoo


What would happen if dinosaurs still existed on earth today. This tattoo gives its answer.

Some of them might be tamed to live together with humans. Some may even become our friends.

The possibilities are endless if you are getting a tattoo of something that doesn’t exist, such as dragons and dinosaurs. Let your imagination run wild, and you will find something both personal and unique.

Black and grey pterodactyl shoulder tattoo

Black and grey pterodactyl shoulder tattoo by @miguel.truman


This tattoo shows how a design and the placement work perfectly together. The Pterodactyl’s wings spread and fill up the space of the shoulder.

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Intricate pterodactyl tattoo

Intricate pterodactyl tattoo by @henjafin


Matching dinosaur tattoos for best friends

Matching dinosaur tattoos for best friends by @misart.tattoo


Best friends tattoos don’t have to be identical. That makes dinosaurs perfect for the theme. As with so many different species, each can find one representing him, like this trio here.

Cute dinosaur garden tattoo

Cute dinosaur tattoo by @mike_stout_tattoo


If the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct, would they develop human intelligence? This tattoo brings this assumption to life.

The dinosaur is watering an olive tree in his garden as if he’s chilling on a Sunday morning. The galaxy in the back shows he might be living on another planet. It’s not just art but also tells a story.

Dinosaur skulls side rib tattoo

Dinosaur skull side rib tattoo by @peenutkewlee


Skull tattoos represent death. And dinosaur skulls are no different. They are proof that the tattoo owner is not fear of mortality. Instead, she chooses to live the present to the fullest. The precision of the skulls also indicates her passion for archeology.

Small dinosaur tattoos on the calf

Small dinosaurs calf tattoo by @marksibtattoo


Dinosaur tattoos, in general, represents strengths and power. However, each dinosaur might not have different symbolism. So if you can’t decide which one to tattoo based on their looks, why not tattoo them all?

For others, tattooing an entire dino collection on the calf may seem adventurous. But for Jurassic Park fans or archeology lovers, it is a statement and a symbol of identity.

Baby and mother dinosaur

Baby and mother dinosaur by @tattooculturemag


Most dinosaur tattoos show the fierce side. But this feminine tattoo took a different approach by emphasizing motherly love.

This will be a perfect mother-daughter tattoo for those who want to pay tribute to their mothers. Loving, caring, and strong as they are, moms should be the ones we look up to.

The dinosaur girl sleeve tattoo

The dinosaur girl sleeve tattoo by @eslstudent


Have you ever wondered who was under the dinosaur costumes in theme parks? This tattoo reveals the face under it and makes the design fun and playful.

Small and cute dinosaur tattoos

Just because dinosaurs are enormous doesn’t mean dinosaur tattoos have to be the same way. The following designs are either small, cute, or both. If you are looking for an adorable tattoo as a dinosaur lover, this list may inspire you.

Tiny Triceratops and butterfly inner arm tattoo

Tiny Triceratops and butterfly inner arm tattoo by @inkedwithco


How cute is this inner arm tattoo! The Triceratops was smiling and chasing the butterfly. It’s not only adorable but adds motion to the design, making it lively on the skin.

Origami geometric dinosaur tattoo

Origami geometric dinosaur tattoo by @catexishandpoke


Minimalist small Triceratops tattoo

Minimalist small abstract Triceratops tattoo by @_vinz_


Dinosaur tattoos tend to be expensive because of the amount of details and the size. But this small minimalist tattoo is an exception. The entire tattoo consists of two lines. Despite the absence of details, the Triceratops stands out in the simplest way.

Cute small Stegosaurus foot tattoo

Cute small Stegosaurus foot tattoo by @ink.dust_


One thing that makes this simple tattoo special is the tattoo’s shape that fits perfectly on foot. And with a small tattoo like this, you can hide or show it anytime you want.

Elegant Stegosaurus ribcage tattoo

Elegant stegosaurus ribcage tattoo by @misspumpkin_tattoo


Stegosaurus had a naturally adorable body shape similar to a bear or an elephant. But the blue floral patterns really highlight the tattoo. It complements the dinosaur and turns it into a magical creature.

The lazy Stegosaurus

The lazy Stegosaurus tattoo by @blackfoxtattoos


A good tattoo should be a combination of personality and design. And this one hits both of the targets.

From the lying Stegosaurus, we can tell that the tattoo belongs to someone calm and laidback.

Minimalist Brachiosaurus wrist tattoo

Minimalist Brachiosaurus wrist tattoo by @handpokepaule


Minimalist cartoon dinosaur wrist tattoo

Minimalist cartoon dinosaur wrist tattoo by @lucyvandorttattoos


Were you a dino-fan when you were a kid? Have you kept your paintings at that time? If so, it may be a good idea to turn one of your childhood sketches into a tattoo. Not only is it personal, but it also reminds you always to see the fun in everything.

Matching dinosaur tattoos for sisters

Matching dinosaur tattoos for sisters by @vanessamaypowell


If you and your siblings shared dinosaur toys as kids, why not share dinosaur tattoos as grown-ups? These matching sibling tattoos not only take you back to the good old times. They also honor the brother-sister love by making it permanent.

A fun gradient dinosaur ankle tattoo

A fun gradient dinosaur ankle tattoo by @clinktattooart


Like dragon tattoos, most dinosaur tattoos are black and grey. And this tattoo shows how you can make a design stand out with just black.

The gradient not only works as shading. It also makes the tattoo lighter and blends better with the skin tone.

Cute small dinosaur tattoo for girls

Cute small dinosaur tattoo for girls by @maasherry


Japanese style landscape dinosaur tattoo

Japanese style landscape dinosaur tattoo by @flow_tattoo_toronto


If you love dinosaurs and traveling, this ink shows how you can combine them both perfectly. The body of the dinosaurs acts as a blank canvas. And you can put almost anything on it to make it personal.

King of the jungle – geometric T-rex tattoo

King of the jungle geometric T-rex tattoo by @sofia_finardi


T-rex tattoos might be a bit aggressive for some people. And it makes sense to tone it down by making it cartoony just like this one. But with the crown, the tattoo still shows the ambition and confidence of the owner.

Sending love – a small pterodactyl arm tattoo

Sending love _ small pterodactyl arm tattoo by @nein666_tattoo


Littlefoot from The Land Before Time

Littlefoot from The Land Before Time _ cartoon dinosaur tattoo by @lunaminoris.ttt


Littlefoot is a major character in the animated film The Land Before Time in 1988. You might not have seen the movie. But you can still feel his joy and delightful personality from this tattoo.

If you were introduced to dinosaurs via movies and cartoons, your favorite character would be a good ink material.

Minimalist small dinosaur tattoo above the ankle

Minimalist small dinosaur tattoo above the ankle by @alekstattooer


Simple small dinosaur tattoo

Simple small dinosaur tattoo by @tattoosbyina


Small cartoon dinosaur above the ankle

Small cartoon dinosaur above the ankle tattoo by @jskacampos


The dino besties

Small cartoon Triceratops and T-rex tattoo by @juan_blat_tatuajes


Who says herbivores and carnivores can’t be friends?

Baby dinosaur and flower tattoo on the shoulder

Baby dinosaur and flower tattoo on the shoulder by @azu.tattoo


Small cute dinosaur with year of birth

Small cute dinosaur with year of birth by @primetatuajesbogota


Small cute fire dinosaur tattoo

Small cute fire dinosaur tattoo by @jisutat


Small dinosaur on a planet

Small dinosaur on a planet by @sarah.ironmonkey


Diplodocus and galaxy forearm tattoo

Small diplodocus and galaxy forearm tattoo by @lotty_ink


We often see astronaut tattoos with space background. But dinosaurs in the galaxy? This artist created this dreamy tattoo and kept it sleek with clean lines and minimal decoration.

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The bunny eater

The bunny eater by @hand.pokka_


T-rex pixel game tattoo

T-rex pixel game tattoo by @teenoca


A gamer and a dinosaur lover? This pixel art tattoo will bring back your childhood memories.

Tiny dinosaur forearm tattoo

Tiny dinosaur forearm tattoo by @memoryinscriptions


Small dino symbols

Small dino symbols  by @amberwilliamstattoos


Can’t decide which dinosaur to tattoo? Why not have them all? A set of small tattoos like these ones will tell the world how much you love the animals.

Watercolor small dinosaur tattoo

Watercolor small dinosaur tattoo by @livingartgallery


Which of these dinosaur tattoos is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite kind of dinosaurs? Leave a comment down below!

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