6 Best Waterproof Trail Cameras in 2022

1. Toguard WiFi Trail Camera with Night Vision

This waterproof hunting camera from Toguard has a 20-megapixel sensor, meaning it can capture ultra high-quality HD video images. It comes with a useful strap designed to help you secure the camera to a tree, out of reach of animals but with a great view for capturing high definition images. The Toguard trail camera is powered by eight AA batteries, however, it’s worth noting that rechargeable batteries are unlikely to provide enough power. The camera shell is made from toughened plastic, with a camouflage design to better blend into the environment. 

This waterproof trail camera has an IP66 rating, meaning it’s dust-tight and protected against heavy rain and splashes of water. This weatherproof rating does not allow for full submersion into water, however, it’s perfectly protective enough against bad weather. Trigger speed is a vital aspect of trail cameras; this is the time it takes for your sensor to detect movement, and cause the camera to start recording. The Toguard trail camera has a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, up to a distance of 65 feet, so you can be certain you won’t miss any of the action. 

When recording in the dark, this game camera produces detailed black and white night vision images. Another useful addition is the time stamp features included with each recording, where you can see the date, time, temperature and even moon phase from when the data was recorded. This trail camera is fitted with built-in WiFi, used in conjunction with a smartphone app. This means you will be able to download images and videos from your trail camera without having to retrieve it, which is useful if you’ve set up in an out-of-reach area like a treetop. Unfortunately, the range of this WiFi connectivity can be unreliable, so it’s best not to rely on it as your only avenue to retrieve your data. However, it’s still an incredibly useful feature which makes this Toguard camera one of the best waterproof trail cameras.

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