6 Best Long Range Trail Cameras in 2022

5. Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20MP

Bushnell (along with Browning trail cameras) is one of the most trusted names in trail cameras. They’ve been keeping American homes and farms secure and hunters happy with their superior image quality for years. 

Although this reliable camera isn’t as high spec as some of the other models we’ve reviewed, it will serve you for months. With Bushnell, you can always trust that their products are built to last. 

Its 80 ft PIR image sensor night vision flash allows you to capture images from huge distances, 24/7.

I love that every photo is date stamped, allowing you to accurately log moon phases, the time, and even the temperature so you can better track your prey. 

It boasts 20 megapixels, 720p HD videos with audio, and a 32 LED Night Vision flash. It’s also simple to set up, featuring an adjustable web belt that allows you to easily attach it to trees, and a socket that can be used in conjunction with a deluxe tree clamp. 

The trigger speed on this trophy cam is its only con — it’s only 0.7 seconds. For security purposes, consider one of our other options with a faster trigger speed.

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