50 French Bulldog Tattoos in Creative Styles

For years, Bulldogs have been loved for their tenacious spirit and adorable appearance. Like the dogs they are modeled after, French Bulldog tattoos are cool, defiant, and trendy. Whether you have your own Frenchie or simply love the breed, this pet is one of the most popular dog tattoos you see today.

Even though French Bulldogs today often live comfy cozy lives, they were originally bred for bull-baiting – hence their name bulldog. The bull-baiting background leaves Frenchies to be much stouter and more defiant than other dogs of its size.

Despite its grisly background, the French bulldogs quickly became the lapdog of choice all around the globe. Even in society, American women grew to adore these quirky snub-nose dogs for their bat-like ears and straightforward personality.

The French Bulldog’s fighting spirit held through the social pampering, though. Over the years, the English and French Bulldogs have been associated with military prowess. Though these dogs aren’t baiting bulls anymore, it’s likely their strong jaws and stupendous drive still place them among the greats.

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Because the Bulldogs carry so much significance in our society, why not choose this animal as your next tattoo? Whether you’re looking for a general dog tattoo or owner of the pet, these Bulldog tattoo styles can definitely give you some design ideas.

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