50+ Custom Content Tattoos for The Sims 4 (CC Tattoo Mods)

One of my favorite ways to make my sims feel more unique from one another is to add tattoos and body piercings so they can express themselves, however, the sims team just hasn’t given us enough unique and fun options for tattoos in the game.

Thankfully, there are cc creators out there who are constantly raising the bar and creating beautiful cc clothes and even cc tattoos that you can download and add to your game to make your sims much more interesting.

We decided to compile over 50 of our favorite custom content tattoos from across the internet so you guys can find them all in one place and see some of the cutest ones out there without hassle.

The very first tattoo on this rather long list is a set of animal tattoos that are super gorgeous and are on the thigh of your sim. These are available for all genders and look awesome on your sim’s left leg.

These tats are a super sweet option because it lets you show off your sim’s spirit animal and you could choose from a lion, an owl or even a wolf.

Arana tattoos are a really beautiful collarbone tattoo with simple line work that really packs a punch. These tattoos come in all sorts of branches and leaves options for your sims to rock.

This location for the tattoo is super fun because it will show up whenever your sim is wearing a tank top, swim wear, or a lower cut shirt allowing them to fully show it off in tons of circumstances.

Arrows have been a popular option for tattoos for years and this arrow art is really simple, but also extremely fun. It goes from wrist to elbow and definitely makes a statement.

This tattoo allows you to choose from black and white as a simple option, or the option to fill the tattoo in with some purple or teal instead of just being boring.

This set of back tattoos are incredible because there are 12 swatches that cover the majority of your sim’s back and come in all sorts of crazy options. You’ll see tattoos with snakes, moons, butterflies, flowers, and so much more in the set.

The tattoo on the left is absolutely gorgeous with an illuminati triangle (I assume that’s what it is) in the middle and its absolutely gorgeous. The detailing on this set of 12 tattoos are so incredible!

If you are looking for an entirely unique tattoo, this bad girl tattoo is such a cool one. This tattoo features a human with multi color hair about to light a cigarette with the smoke coming up behind their head and even having a face.

The tattoo location is on the arm right above your sim’s hand and is such a fun option for sims who are really cool.

Birds are really able to make a beautiful tattoo and this birdie tattoo does not disappoint. This tattoo features a large bird at the top with its wings out like a champ. Below you’ll see a ton of flowers coming from the bottom of the bird for a gorgeous tattoo.

This tattoo would be absolutely gorgeous while wearing swim wear or any kind of strapless or spaghetti strap shirt to completely show it off.

This branches tattoo by Angissi is a super fun and flirty option that looks awesome on any sim. This looks super cool whenever your sim is wearing short sleeves and shows off some gorgeous details in the branches and leaves.

It’s nice because you have the option to choose from having these on a single arm, or put them on both arms so the vibe is whatever you want it to be.

Any sim who wants to make a statement with their body art can definitely choose to wear this Broken neck tattoo. This one is super interesting because unless you a re wearing a turtle neck, everyone will see it any any outfit.

This is a really cool option for a very specific type of sim, and honestly, it’s gorgeous!

This set of butterfly tattoos is able to be put on either arm, or both if that’s the vibe you’re looking for. It comes in 7 fun colors with different blues, purples, reds and even a black one if you’re looking for something more simple.

One aspect of this tattoo that I find super fun is that the butterflies don’t just go up in a straight line, they have a nice curve to them bringing them all the way around the arm in a cute design.

The back of the arm above the elbow is such a fun location for a butterfly tattoo. These butterflies are so simple but absolutely gorgeous and you are able to choose to have it on one arm or the other, or go for broke and throw it on both arms.

It’s also super cool because there are three different butterflies for you to choose from in this and all three are so pretty and you could even mix and match.

If you are looking for a back tattoo that definitely makes a statement, this is the one. This tattoo has a giant butterfly in the middle with such gorgeous detailing. It also features a series of dots, arrows, and other line work that is absolutely beautiful.

One of my favorite details in tattoos is when they are perfectly symmetrical because they really just make my eyes happy, and this one is absolutely perfect in that aspect.

If you are a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland these are definitely the tattoos for you. This set features the Cheshire cat from the famous story and a hilarious back tattoo that says “We Are All Mad Here” which is a quote I loved as a kid.

This is fun because there are multiple options in this set for you to choose from depending on the type of tattoos your sims will like.

These classic tattoos are a great option for all sorts of sims! This set features a beautiful under bust tattoo as well as some cute arm options and a beautiful leg tattoo for your sims.

My favorite tattoo option is definitely the leg tattoo with the swords through the heart because it so interesting and gorgeous.

This set of cry baby tattoos has a bunch of options for your sim to choose from. It features some cool back tattoos with wings, a gorgeous body with clouds for a head, and some really pretty arm tattoo choices.

Although most of these tattoos are cute, I must say that I am going to have nightmares about the leg tattoo with the scary animal on it. It just gives me bad vibes and I don’t want to see it every again.

These tattoos have a ton of fun detailing and a bunch of different locations for them. There are different floral details, leaves and more.

These tattoos are fun because they have thicker line work compared to a lot of the tattoos on this list making them a serious statement piece.

You know your sim is a cool chick if they walk up to the party with a full thigh tattoo because those are huge and absolutely gorgeous. These thigh tattoos have a bunch of flowers up top with some nice word detailing on the bottom.

A fun aspect of these tattoos is that they are in color instead of just being a boring black and white tattoo which can be very plain jane.

Finger tattoos are such a fun option for your sims in the game, and pairs so beautifully with nail polish custom content. These types of tattoos can really make a statement for your sims.

These hand tattoos are fun because they have so many details, there’s a moon, an infinity symbol, a lotus, and even a crown to show that your sim is the queen of the castle.

There aren’t many other tattoo types that make a statement the way that a full sleeve makes and this floral sleeve is so much fun. The creator gives you the option to have it on one arm, or on both arms.

It’s a fun option because all of the tattoos are different but somehow they work really well together and create a really cohesive look.

Leg tattoos are such a powerful statement and this one allows you to have this gorgeous floral tattoo on either the right leg, the left leg or go for the stars and choose to put it on both legs.

These types of tattoos look awesome with sandals and shorts, as well as skirts or even cropped pants so you can see just a little bit.

Floral tattoos are so simple but so gorgeous and this one definitely hits the mark. One fun thing about this one is that you can have it on the left shoulder, right shoulder or both shoulders depending on the vibe you are looking for.

Shoulder tattoos are a cool option because they look awesome when wearing any tank top, or off the shoulder top so you can completely show them off.

Tattoo location for this one is so much fun because not only is it under the bust but it also goes up top onto the chest for a really fun and unique look. There is nothing more gorgeous than a symmetrical tattoo in my eyes.

You’ll find that this tattoo comes in a few colors too which makes it even better with the above teal option, a reddish orange, a gold, a purple and of course black.

Any kind of tattoo that features suns, moons or stars really makes me happy. This spine tattoo is a great choice for any sim who loves moons. This would look so incredible in the game any time that you are wearing formal wear or a backless top out in the sun.

The geometry tattoo is a sweet option because it comes in the above gorgeous gold swatch, as well as a black and white but also comes in a gorgeous purple and a fun teal.

This tattoo by Angissi is a fun under-bust tattoo that is perfectly symmetrical and quite large. Wearing a crop top with a tattoo like this one is a really awesome choice for a super cute outfit.

A fun thing about this tattoo is that it not only comes in the black swatch, but also comes in 5 other swatches with purple, pink, orange and yellow all being options for a more unique and fun look.

This pack of gina tattoos all happen in the same location with them right under the bust of your sim. All of them are dark and simple tattoos in a location that won’t be seen most of the time.

There are four options for this tattoo pack, with the first being a snake, then being a fire, then a heart and finally the word angel.

These tattoos are definitely for a specific type of player who really enjoys the character of the joker from batman. It’s really fun because you can pair this with some fun face make up and green hair and a cc joker outfit to wear.

With this tattoo set you are going to get both face and body tattoos to make your sim either look right like the joker, or just add small details to make them seem like a super fan.

This set of Juliet tattoos give you four fun options all on different locations. There is a rose tattoo on the left shoulder, a star tattoo on the right back area, a bird tattoo on the collarbone as well as a lotus on the stomach.

These are awesome sets to have in your game because there are a few options for you to have and they can be used on all sorts of different sims.

Leaves and branches is a really awesome tattoo option available for all genders, this ones fun because it is a tattoo with floral vibes without being flowers entirely. This tattoo appears on the right side of your sim’s body.

This tattoo is really fun because it comes in five different options all in the same location so you can use it on a bunch of different sims but each time it would have a different vibe.

Since crop tops are totally in style right now, under bust tattoos are possible the best option for cc tattoos since they look so cool with any sort of crop. This mandala tattoo has such gorgeous line detailing and looks awesome!

This is such a great tattoo for a pair of high waisted jeans and a crop top because it will show it off so beautifully.

Hand tattoos are such a fun choice for tattoos on your sims and when paired with finger nail mods for nail polish they just look so beautiful.

These hand tattoos come in different simple styles and can be extremely unique on different sims. These are great if your sim is a painter, an actress, or a social media personality.

Something that is severely lacking in The Sims 4 is really great minimalist tattoos that are extremely popular in the real world. This pack comes with a whole bunch of individual tattoos in different styles.

For this tattoo set you can see a fun, simple heart tattoo, a peace sign hand, a mountain, and tons of simple line work tattoos of faces and bodies. These are great for many different sims who want a tattoo but don’t want anything too intense.

As I age, I’m getting more and more obsessed with moons and stars and this moon tattoo fits perfectly. This tattoo features moons in all sorts of different stages going right down from under the base of your sim’s head to the bottom of their spine.

This honestly feels like the perfect tattoo for a sim who wishes to become a spellcaster from Realm of Magic and loves to go ahead and watch the moon.

This peace and flowers tattoo is a fun option and it has a hand with a peace sign with dark nail polish, as well as a bunch of flowers working their way around the hand for a really fun detail. This one is on the back of your sim’s arm and is so fun!

The photo above doesn’t really do this tattoo justice, but the creator tweeted a closer look, you can get a closer look here!

This tattoo set V37 by Reevaly is a fun choice because it has floral options which at this point we all know is my favorite. The under bust tattoos are a great option too and would look great on both large and small bust sims.

These types of tattoo sets are fun because it comes with so many locations. You can see there’s a face tattoo, a small chest tattoo, two under-bust tattoos and a abdomen tattoo.

This tattoo option by Reevaly is super fun and goes up and down your sim’s entire leg. It features some fun butterflies on the top as well as some gorgeous flower detailing working its way down the calf.

These types of tattoos can be so cool since you can show off whatever part of the tattoo you want depending on how you dress. Imagine this one with some knee high socks and a mini skirt showing off just a bit of that flower and a butterfly, so cool!

A nice leg tattoo is such a fun vibe, and this simple rose tattoo is so fun. It features a single rose with small thorns and some gorgeous leaf details.

These types of simple leg tattoos are really fun for your sim’s because they can pop out of your sim’s pants as a fun little detail for you to have shown.

Once again we are here with some gorgeous floral tattoo options. This arm rose tattoo is super cool because it has three large roses as well as beautiful leaf details and a beautiful pocket watch in the middle.

The clock in the middle is so much fun and makes this floral tattoo more fun than other ones. Just one question, what made the creator choose the time of approximately 3:52? Very interesting.

If you a re into mermaids, water, and skulls these may be the perfect tattoos for your sim’s game. These cc tattoos are so fun and have a bunch of fun swatches for your feminine sims.

These tattoos are located on your sim’s back and featured so many beautiful mermaid tails, and gorgeous hair detail on a few of them, just absolutely fun and beautiful.

This is a perfect snake tattoo for a sim who might be a snake or a sim who loves snakes. The detail on the snake is super fun because its all twisty and gorgeous!

The really fun thing about this tattoo is that the same snake tattoo can be used in a bunch of different locations so if you like the tattoo butt don’t like the side or shoulder version, you’ve got options.

Do you think your sim’s favorite food is a strawberry? Well, good because this strawberry arm tattoo is a really fun option for your sims. This tattoo goes above your sims elbow and covers the majority of their upper arm.

This tattoo is really adorable and just makes me want to eat a delicious strawberry so badly. Plus, the small flower details all over the tattoo add so much flair to it.

This next tattoo is an option for a sim who absolutely loves sunflowers, like really really loves sunflowers. These tattoos are on the majority of your sim’s body with tattoos going down both legs, the torso as well as the top of their arms. This is a super cool tattoo because it can cover so much of your sim’s body and you can even choose for it to just be on one side.

The only thing you need to consider with this tattoo is that a lot of people think you can’t trust people who’s favorite flower is a sunflower.

These face tattoos are a really intense choice for your sim to wear since they are right on their face, and they are going to give off a specific look. There are two hearts, one under each eye, as well as the word sweetheart on your sim’s jaw line.

These tattoos are really fun to choose because with this one tattoo location you can see that this sim is not to be messed with, and is a cooler person than you.

These tattoos by Caroll91 are in such a cool spot with them appear between the bust and going either down to the stomach or up onto the chest. These are fun because you can have them pop up in different shirts and show off just a little bit.

This tattoo location is so much fun because it will only be seen in specific clothing, especially the second swatch because you can see the tattoo only when wearing swim wear, or a crop top.

Any time I see a leg or foot tattoo like these ones I just know that the person who has them is a super cool human. These tattoos would look so great with heels and a skirt or a pair of cropped jeans so it would just pop out a little bit.

As someone who absolutely loves floral designs in both tattoos and clothing, these tattoos are definitely something I’d love to have on my sims. The foot flower tattoos are specifically fun.

A lot of the cc tattoo options out there are completely black and white which is great for a lot of sims, but color tattoos just give off a different vibe. This tattoo has a giant birds nest with flowers coming off and an adorable bird sitting on a branch.

The colors on this tattoo are extremely fun with the light pink and coral flowers and the adorable little blue bird you’ll love finding outfits that make this tattoo pop.

This tattoo set by Merci is a single word tattoo that appears right under the collarbone of your sim. The font of this is so gorgeous because it is long and feeling extremely cute and makes me feel cozy.

The words you can have in these tattoos include happiness, family, patience, breathe and grateful which are all great tattoo words!

This tattoo by Merci is not for a sim who just wanted one tattoo, this is a tattoo for someone who got a single tattoo and then got obsessed and spent hours in the virtual tattoo chair. This piece is insane and covers half of your sim’s torso as well as an entire arm down to the wrist.

You can see so much detail in this tattoo with a peacock, a lion, tons of flowers, and even a whole face. This type of tattoo is so gorgeous and looks extremely cool in swim wear or in t-shirts.

These side tattoos are extremely simple but absolutely adorable. The flower swatch of this tattoo is probably my favorite with the heart version coming in a close second.

This feels like the type of tattoo that would be worn by a college student who got this tattoo with friends on a vacation and it just makes me feel warm and cozy.

One type of tattoo that is a definitely statement are giant, detailed back tattoos and oh man this one is fun. The detail on this tattoo is honestly so cool and would be great on sims who are fully covered in tattoos, or as a statement as their only piece.

The wing detailing on this tattoo is so fun and reaches pretty high up on the back covering so much of your sim’s back. This can be fun to wear with backless shirts, strapless shirts, and more.

These thorn tattoos are really fun and appear on both legs for your sim. These can work for all genders and look really great with so many outfits.

These tattoos can be really fun to wear under a skirt or a pair or shorts because it allows you to show them off in a fun way, or wear longer pants if you don’t feel like it that day.

One type of tattoo that you definitely could not hide is a face tattoo so this has to be for a sim who would own it. These face tattoos come in seven different swatches give you quite a few options.

You can have just a small cross beside either eye, or a heart beside either eye, or you could go and get beautiful or baby tattooed on your sim’s face. These are really well made and look so fun when added to the right sim.

The next set of tattoos for you to download are some neck tattoos that come in a few different swatches. You can see a flower swatch, a kiss tattoo swatch, and more which gives you a lot of freedom in deciding which one you like the best.

Having these neck tattoos is fun because you can pick different tops for your sims to wear to either show them off entirely, let them peep a little bit, or hide them completely so you can have a different vibe each and every day.

This sett of wild tattoos that were created by Network Sims has a ton of different things going on, you’ve got chest tattoos, stomach tattoos, back tattoos and even a small wrist tattoo. These are super fun because there are so many options!

One thing I really enjoy from this tattoo set is that they all work really well together so you can have a sim highly tatted up but all of them have the same vibe and work for a single sim.

The next one on the list is a wolf tattoo that is designed for both masculine and feminine sims and appears on the left arm. This is a super detailed a fun tattoo with paint dripping down past the elbow which is a really fun detail.

I absolutely love that this wolf tattoo comes in both a blue swatch and a black and white swatch because they give off totally different vibes and would be used for different types of sims.

Something that is extremely popular right now are zodiac signs, and these zodiac tattoos are so fun. There are 12 different tattoos for you to use on all your different sims and it can help you decide what their sign is and use that to figure out an estimation of when their birthday is.

These tattoos are super simple and are a cool idea for a sim to have a single tattoo that isn’t super overpowering on their body. Definitely a fun option for a cc tattoo for your sim.

Final Thoughts

Using these tattoos on your sims can definitely make them look unique and gorgeous and give them some much needed personality. I love tattoos for sims because you can get so many cool ones that will completely change how your sim feels and maybe even how they behave. Happy playing and get to downloading these cc tattoos!

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