5 Best Campgrounds in Slovenia That You Should Visit

Slovenia is a reknown as a green destination for a wonderful outdoors vacation. Slovenia has beautiful forests that you can find anywhere you go. This sounds perfect for camping, right? When you will go camping in Slovenia you will have the option to camp, be active and relax your body and soul in the same time.

Slovenians offer you much more than just camping. There are campsites where you can enjoy thermal water and swimming, hiking, fishing, climbing, horseback riding, seeing the local sights, and much more.

In this article I will present you some of the best camping spots in Slovenia that you will enjoy and remember always.


Camping Natura/ Terme Olimia

Natura Campground Slovenia

Relax in the picturesque and peaceful surroundings in one of the most organized Slovenian camps, which belongs to a few of those from the highest category (5 stars). The camp can accommodate 50 vehicles equipped with a motorhome, trailer and tent from the end of April to the beginning of October.

Everyone who likes to move in the fresh air in a green nature and actively spend a vacation will love it here. There is beach volleyball and tennis court in the camp and the campsite offers excellent opportunities for hiking and cycling excursions. If you do not have your own bicycles with you, you can rent them. You can also bring dogs to your campsite. Camp guests can visit the indoor swimming pool of Hotel Breza instead of Aqualuna in the rainy days.


Camp Šobec

Sobec Campground Slovenia

Spend a vacation in the lap of unspoiled nature. Relax your eyes by looking at the crystal clear river of Sava Dolinka, flirting with the magnificent Karavanke and the Julian Alps, and filling your lungs with fresh air with a scent of pine trees. Meet the Šobec Camp – a unique piece of nature that will help you to escape from loud everyday life and find your inner peace again. Relax or try out their activities that will awaken your adventure spirit.

Camp Šobec offers suitable accommodation for all lovers of camping. Will you camp in a tent? There is a landscaped plot, where you will be able to comfortably fit and arrange your own intimate corner. Did you bring your caravan or did you arrive with a motorhome? They have plenty of plots where you can park and create your own temporary home in nature. All plots are adequately equipped, so you will feel like at home.


Camping Pivka Jama

Pivka Jama campground Slovenia

The Pivka Cave Tourist Resort is located only 4 km from Postojna Cave, the pearl of Karst world, in the bright spruce forest, just above the underground karst cave. The campsite hosts up to 600 visitors who can spend their holidays in comfortable bungalows or in a beautifully arranged camp.

Camp guests can play table tennis, boule and rent bikes for various trips to the beautiful surroundings. The Pivka Cave Resort also has an open swimming and children’s pool, two tennis courts, a beach volleyball court and a basketball court. The pleasant surroundings offer plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, riding and many more, so take a trip and visit their camp where you and your family will spend a quality time together.


Camping Terme 3000

Terme 3000 campground Slovenia

Camp Terme 3000 is a simple accessible campsite, which is open all year round and arranged in a thermal resort where you will spend your best vacation. As a camp guest you will have unlimited access to the spa with healing thermo-mineral water, numerous sports activities and excellent culinary offer, with which you will regain power and completely forget that you may want to go on vacation elsewhere.

If you will visit this camp you will have the opportunity to enjoy in black thermal mineral water from Terme 3000 that is the warmest in Slovenia. It improves blood circulation and elasticity of soft tissues and reduces muscle tension. Therefore, swimming in this water leads to a pain reduction and improvement of joint flexibility, especially in combination with physiotherapy.

It is also beneficial if you have psoriasis and neurodermatitis, and has a positive effect on the whole organism, because it calms, tonifies, refreshes, promotes blood and lymph circulation, strengthens the immune system and alleviates the pain. You can experience the beneficial effects of black water in many of their pools and medicinal baths. Enjoy in a black gold bath in your hotel room at the Livada Hotel and take care of your health.


Camping Chalets Koren

Koren chalets campground Slovenia

The Koren Camp is the first among the Slovenian camps who has the mark Eko marjetica, the European certificate for sustainable eco-tourism. Camp Koren Kobarid is the second home for newcomers who are looking for genuine experiences. It lies on the left bank of the Soča River, not far from Kobarid, where the emerald Soča runs from a narrow gorge and slows down along the beautiful white gravel slopes and runs along the Soča Valley.

Perhaps you will come here for your dose of adrenaline, on the wild rapids of the river or on the surrounding natural climbing walls, or enjoy the peace of unspoiled nature that can be experienced on hiking and cycling tours or during fly fishing.

You can escape from the daily rush and the city concrete. The Koren Kobarid Camp offers pleasant refreshments and always offers many opportunities for active leisure time for both adults and the little ones in the hottest days.

In the immediate vicinity of the camp, the Soča River creates a short, yet picturesque canyon; here are the wonderful Soča gravel banks, the Kozjak river waterfall and the restored front line from the First World War. Not far away, in Kobarid, you can also see the 1st World War Museum, one of the best museums in Europe. The Soča River originates in the heart of the Julian Alps and is one of the five most naturally preserved rivers in the Alps in the upper stream. Welcome to discover the nature’s beauty at Koren camp!


Visit the most beautiful Camps in Europe

I am sure that you are feeling anxious now to see those camps that offer so many opportunities to enjoy yourself and forget on daily obligations. Why not visit them next time when you go on vacation with your family? I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

For more information about Slovenian camps, you can visit this site: https://en.camping.info/slovenia/campsites


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