4 Best Mosquito Nets For Camping in 2022

How to Find the Best Mosquito Net For Camping

When you’re looking for aa mosquito net for your camping adventures, there are a few important criteria to consider. Below, we’ve listed some factors that can help you determine which is the perfect bug net for your personal needs:


Mosquito netting comes in all shapes and sizes. This is why it’s helpful to determine exactly how big you want the net to be before you start shopping. This will help you narrow down your selection, and make it easier to find a perfect fit. Generally, camping mosquito nets are available in a single-person or 2-person variety: accommodating either solo travelers or duos. Of course, you can always buy 2 single-person sets when traveling with a partner or friend, but a larger-sized option might be more convenient and comfortable. However, the larger your mosquito net, the more space it generally takes up in a daypack, whilst smaller options often fit into a neat included carry bag you can simply clip onto a backpack with a carabiner. 

Note: pay close attention to the size specifications of aa mosquito net, as these can be listed as ‘folded’ and ‘open’. The open size of the netting is most important, as this determines whether it will fit your tent or camper. Folded sizing is merely important for knowing how much space it will take up in your gear pockets or daypack. (Trust us, we speak from experience: you don’t want to buy a bug net you think is a neatly compact size to fit your 1-person tent, to suddenly realize it’s a full-on gazebo style netting and you’ve wrongly looked at the folded dimensions when ordering…)


A mosquito net for camping can come in a range of designs. The most traditional, basic choice is a hanging net. Theses nets can be tied to the inside of your tent, and offer standard protection against critters and insects. However, they can be a bit flimsy and often are a bit of a hassle to secure. A new generation of mosquito nets has (quite literally) ‘popped’ onto the outdoor scene. Yes, we’re talking about pop-up mosquito nets. These collapsible/foldable nets are super convenient in the set-up. Simply pop-up the netted silhouette (similar to a Quechua pop up tent) and slide it into your regular tent, or cover it with a rainfly. Do note that these pop-up designs are often quite a bit pricier than regular netting. Plus, you can’t change their dimensions to create a custom fit for your tent, which often is the option with regular hanging netting. 

A third alternative is a hammock mosquito net, such as the highly-rated Covacure Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net. This suspended parachute-style hammock is designed to offer ultimate protection when suspended in mid-air. Not compatible with tents, but ideal for the solo hiker or backpacker that loves to sleep off-the-ground. 

Mesh type

Mosquito nets are made of mesh, but did you know the quality of the mesh can differ greatly? Yes, though all mesh nets offer some degree of protection against mosquitos and insects, some products are better equipped to shelter you against even the tiniest types of pests: the dreaded ‘No-See-Ums a.k.a. biting midges. No-see-ums are minuscule flying insects that are notoriously hard to spot. As they’re so tiny, they can even fit through some mesh mosquito nets, providing the meshing is not fine enough. This is why a mosquito camping net that uses no-see-um mesh is often preferred, giving you the peace of mind that these tiny, undetectable pests won’t be able to feast on you during the night. You might not notice them, but you’ll notice their itchy and sore bites!

Also good to know: some mosquito nets feature ‘Insecticide-treated’ mesh. This means the mesh is sprayed or enhanced with insect repellent, providing an additional barrier against critters. If you want to take double precautions, you might want to consider one of these types of pre-treated materials. However, we aren’t fans, as both the insect repellent will wear off after repeated usage (mitigating the envisioned effect), and insect repellent treated mesh can also come with a chemical, the unpleasant smell that blocks out the actual delightful scents of nature.

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