35 Of The Best Tree Tattoo Ideas For Men in 2022

Trees have played an immeasurable role throughout human history. From the fruit we eat to the timber we build boats and houses from, we have developed complex relationships with these noblest of plants. It isn’t surprising, then, that so many people choose to get a tree tattoo permanently inked on their bodies. 

From a willow tree stretched out across the wearer’s back, to a sequoia following the lines of the wearer’s leg, rising up their body, the placement of such tattoos for men can be tailored to anyone’s style and body shape. 

The tree tattoos in this collection cover a variety of styles and approaches on a number of different canvases on the body and will give you a taste of what is possible with these powerful symbols as the subject matter.

1. Tree of Life Tattoo

This design represents the link between heaven and earth; life and the beyond. Therefore making a tree of life tattoo a great way to commemorate the circle of life with a positive and mystic symbol.

Tree of Life Tattoo
@dreamcatcher_tattoos / Instagram

2. Palm Tree Tattoo

Few things can perfectly capture the blissful relaxation of an island paradise like palm trees. For someone wanting to take a little bit of the island life with them wherever they go, palm tree tattoos are the perfect keepsake.

Palm Tree Tattoo
@mariiamfernandeztattoo / Instagram

3. Simple Tree Tattoo

The best tattoos for men don’t always need to be full of hyper-realistic detail and complex designs. In fact, simple tree tattoos can be as chocked full of personal meaning as any large, intricate tattoo can be. 

Tree Tattoo
@paulsargent / Instagram

4. Family tree tattoo

Used to illustrate genealogy for centuries, with their splitting branches and expanding foliage, trees are the perfect symbols of family ties. This gives family tree tattoos near-endless potential for family tattoo designs inspired by and in commemoration of the ones we hold dear. 

Family Tree Tattoo
@eric_moore_tattoos / Instagram

5. Cherry Blossom/Sakura Tree Tattoo

Blooming, wilting, and falling to the ground, cherry blossoms symbolize the beauty and transience of life in Japanese culture and have been important elements in Japanese tattoos for centuries. Cherry blossom tree tattoos are the perfect reminder that all things enter the circle of life, even permanent body art. 

Cherry Blossom Tree Sakura Tree Tattoo
@ryanbrayart / Instagram

6. Pine Tree Tattoo

The unique distribution of trees in different parts of the world makes them powerful symbols of place, and many people tie them to where they are from or where they have traveled. With their stark silhouettes, pine tree tattoos are perfect for commemoration of a specific place or time.

Pine Tree Tattoo
@joemammatattoos / Instagram

7. Willow Tree Tattoo

Instantly recognizable, willow trees conjure images of steamy New Orleans evenings overlooking the bayou. Such powerful imagery makes willow tree tattoos perfect for anyone that feels a connection to the backwaters and culture of the Big Easy.

Willow Tree Tattoo
@lovebloodinktattoos / Instagram

8. Oak Tree Tattoo

A powerful symbol of nobility, strength, and wisdom, the oak tree is a popular design choice for these looking to embody these traits. The size and familiar shape of these impressive trees also make oak tree tattoos as visually appealing as they are symbolic meaningful. 

Oak Tree Tattoo
@vv_tattoo / Instagram

9. Bonsai Tree Tattoo

These diminutive trees are symbols of harmony, peace, and the order of nature, plus they’re just cool. Bonsai tree tattoos are an excellent choice for someone that holds dear these characteristics, or just enjoys the shape and lines of these unique arboreal examples of Japanese culture.

Bonsai Tree Tattoo
@elchambo_tattoo / Instagram

10. Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo

A symbol that has made its way into cultures around the world, the tree of life is particularly important in Celtic cultures. In these traditions, the tree represents the balance and harmony of nature. a good intention for anyone that wants to embrace their heritage and add a bit of balance to their life, through a Celtic tattoo design.

Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo
@tattoomija / Instagram

12. Dead Tree Tattoo

Just as trees bloom, shed their leaves, and eventually die, so shall we. This symbolism makes dead tree tattoos powerful symbols of morality and can serve as memento mori designs, reminding the wearer that all things must pass.

Dead Tree Tattoo
@sebotis / Instagram

13. Joshua Tree Tattoo

If a palm tree represents the beach, then a joshua tree is the symbol of the desert. Looking like no other tree out there, joshua tree tattoos are perfect for anyone that feels a connection to the beautiful desolation of arid desert lands. 

Joshua Tree Tattoo
@coop_solidtattoo / Instagram

14. Small Tree Tattoo

Not every tattoo has to be big. In fact, small tree tattoos create an interesting contrast. By inking such a quintessentially large organism in such a tiny tattoo design, these tattoos create a symbol of the unity of all things, big and small.

Small Tree Tattoo
@sergioalvarez633 / Instagram

15. Peach Tree Tattoo

Few things can instantly evoke memories of a carefree childhood like the smell and taste of perfectly ripe fruit. For someone that grew up in peach country, a peach tree tattoo can serve as the perfect memorial to the innocence of youth.

Peach Tree Tattoo
@ben_there_tattoos / Instagram

16. Olive Tree Tattoo

A symbol of peace and friendship that has its roots firmly planted in history dating back to the ancient Greeks, olive tree tattoos can make for some stand-out designs. Whether in black and grey or vibrant color, the cultural significance of these trees is sure to shine through.

Olive Tree Tattoo
@prophecyink / Instagram

17. The Giving Tree Tattoo

An enigmatic children’s story that continues to puzzle and endear readers, The Giving Tree tattoos are a powerful way for the wearer to commemorate a story that taught them the importance of generosity and childlike wonder.

The Giving Tree Tattoo
@milatoscanoink / Instagram

18. Aspen Tree Tattoo

A lightweight wood that holds mythological and historical significance as a tree of heroes, it featured in Greek folklore and Celtic battles as a favorable material for armaments. In the hands of a talented artist, aspen tree tattoos can inspire the wearer in the face of adversity.

Aspen Tree Tattoo
@the_dungeon_inc / Instagram

19. Redwood Tree Tattoo

The giant redwoods of Northern California are some of the largest trees on earth and powerful symbols for the surrounding ecosystem and the people who live there. For someone that wants to dedicate a bit of skin to their NoCal roots, it’s hard to top redwood tree tattoos.

Redwood Tree Tattoo
@heatherbaldwintattoos / Instagram

19. Geometric Tree Tattoo

There’s something inherently appealing to designs that blend the beauty of nature with the mathematical perfection of geometry. When the underlying truth of geometry’s role in nature is born out in how trees grow, geometric tattoos become even more significant.

Geometric Tree Tattoo
@tattoosbypirkko / Instagram

20. Tree of Gondor Tattoo

“Where was the Westfold when Gondor fell?” For any fan of the Lord of the Rings, the meaning behind this symbol needs no explanation. Whether you prefer the books or the movies, the tree of Gondor tattoos is a sure-fire way to show the world your passion for everything Tolkien. 

Tree of Gondor
@lina.larsen / Instagram

21. Tree Roots Tattoo

Without strong roots, we would just be drifting along. Whether its friends, families, or simply your hometown, tree roots tattoos can serve as powerful tributes to the ties that bind us together and make life meaningful.

Tree Roots Tattoo
@gatamagattattoo / Instagram

22. Birch Tree Tattoo

Birch trees, with their instantly recognizable papery white bark, are symbols of rebirth, growth, and new beginnings. Found around the world, they are also considered protectors in Celtic mythology, making birch tree tattoos the perfect addition to a Celtic-themed piece or as standalone pieces for anyone looking to embrace a fresh start.

Birch Tree Tattoo
@anthonygtattoos / Instagram

23. Tree Silhouette Tattoo

If you’ve ever been in the forest as the sun is setting and the light is fading, you understand the visceral power of creeping shadows. Tree silhouette tattoos are a great way to capture this feeling and demonstrate the wearer’s respect for and relationship with nature.

Tree Silhouette Tattoo
@scootiemcgoots / Instagram

24. Tree Branch Tattoo

Sometimes you don’t need an entire tree; sometimes just a branch will do. By ditching the trunk, tree branch tattoos can utilize creative compositions and placements that hold similar meaning as the tree from which it was snapped, without being chained to the linear shape of the entire tree. 

Tree Branch Tattoo
@gnar.guru / Instagram

25. Evergreen Tree Tattoo

The unmistakable symbol of the eternally wet, perpetually verdant Pacific Northwest, evergreen tree tattoos make for the perfect ink for anyone looking to commemorate their time in the PNW.

Evergreen Tree Tattoo
@opttattoolb / Instagram

26. Cypress Tree Tattoo

Found around the world with their boughs reaching upwards to the sky, cypress trees are powerful symbols of the link between this world and the next. Particularly significant in the Mediterranean, cypress tree tattoos are excellent for anyone wanting to reinforce their place in eternity.

Cypress Tree Tattoo
@aaatattoo / Instagram

27. Dogwood Tree Tattoo

With its flowers symbolizing purity, strength, affection, and rebirth — with powerful connections to Christianity — the dogwood is a tree chocked full of meaning. This makes dogwood tree tattoos a great choice for anyone that holds any of these ideals close to their heart.

Dogwood Tree Tattoo
@omegatattoos2017 / Instagram

28. Fig Tree Tattoo

Another tree that has roots in the depths of time, the fig tree is the third tree mentioned in the bible and is most commonly associated with power, wealth, and abundance. Whether your interest is canonical or more personal, fig tree tattoos can be applied in a number of styles and make for eye-catching designs. 

Fig Tree Tattoo
@jenuinerose / Instagram

29. Cedar Tree Tattoo

Thanks to its history of surviving political upheaval, war, and catastrophe, cedar trees have earned its place as powerful symbol of strength, longevity, and eternal life. Beyond any political significance, cedar tree tattoos are a great choice for anyone looking to permanently visualize these traits on their body.

Cedar Tree Tattoo
@terrygrow / Instagram

30. Christmas Tree Tattoo

Who says yuletide cheer only comes around once a year? For anyone that wants to embody the charitable and heartwarming vibes of the holiday season year-round, Christmas tree tattoos are the perfect way to let the world know that for you, it’s always Christmas. 

Christmas Tree Tatoo
@gonzales_ink / Instagram

31. Tree Sleeve Tattoo

Given the linear shape of trees and the lines of the arm, it isn’t surprising that many people choose to incorporate trees into their sleeves. The natural lines of the arm can draw the eye from the wrist, up to the elbow, all the way to the shoulder, letting the artist create entire worlds in tree sleeve tattoos.

Tree Sleeve Tattoo
@thestandardtattoo / Instagram

32. Tree Forearm Tattoo

Tree forearm tattoos, like their large full sleeve cousins, are a great placement that gives the artist plenty of room to stretch out and incorporate a variety of different design elements into a single, cohesive composition.

Tree Forearm Tattoo
@eniv.tattoo / Instagram

33. Tree Arm Tattoo

Tree arm tattoos don’t necessarily have to be large, detailed designs though. Sometimes a simpler approach is more appropriate for your style. Whether it’s a full sleeve or just a bit of black ink, the arms offer plenty of opportunities for unique designs inspired by trees.

Tree Arm Tattoo
@life.ink.tattoo / Instagram

34. Ankle Palm Tree Tattoo

We don’t always get the chance to feel the sand between our toes and dip our feet in the surf. But for a lot of folks, ankle palm tree tattoos are the next best thing. Just a little bit of ink that lets them take the sun and sand everywhere they go.

Ankle Palm Tree Tattoo
@rym_tattoo / Instagram

35. Tree Back Tattoo

With tangled roots, sturdy trunk, and an expanse of foliage, sometimes only the largest of canvases can do justice to the majesty of these arboreal behemoths. For those that live the “go big or go home” life, back tattoos may be the only way to effectively reproduce the sprawling vision they have in their head. 

Tree Tattoos on Back
@hillmaninktattoos / Instagram

Tree tattoo FAQ

What does a tree tattoo mean?

While different species have more specific meanings associated with them, at their core, all tree tattoos represent life, strength, and perseverance.

What is the meaning of a tree of life tattoo?

A powerful symbol that shows up in cultures around the world, the tree of life represents the ties between the physical and spiritual realms, as well as being a powerful symbol for personal growth and the quest for knowledge. As the tree’s branches reach towards the sky, so do we grow and mature throughout life.

What does a palm tree tattoo mean?

While it has some more esoteric meanings in the bible — victory, triumph, and peace being the most common — for most folks these days, palm tree tattoos have less to do with conquest and more to do with holidays. Rest, relaxation, and time spent soaking up the sun, the palm tree has become a near-universal sign of seaside tranquility.

What does a pine tree tattoo mean?

There are certainly other meanings but for most cultures around the world, pine trees are symbols of strength, wisdom, and resilience, thanks to their hardy nature and exceptional lifespans. 

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