30 Best Friend Tattoos To Celebrate Your Friendship

So, the time has come for you and your BFF to get matching tattoos. You want something that will represent how inseparable you are but not too serious. Not to mention, keep it cute! We’ve got you covered with these best friend tattoo ideas. From a little anchor on your ring finger to the infinity symbol inked in your earlobes, these creative tattoos are perfect for BFFs everywhere.

1. Matching Tattoos

Matching best friend tattoos are usually placed on the wrist, but they also work on the ankle or shoulder blade. These tattoos communicate that these two best friends should stick together through thick and thin. Designs can include matching star tattoos, quotes, daisies, circle patterns, etc.

2. Small Best Friend Tattoos

Small, matching best friends tattoos can be placed on many body parts where both friends have enough skin to ink up. Small tattoos are cute but meaningful symbols because they are easy to hide if you don’t want them to be conspicuous.

3. Cute Tattoos

Cute best friend tattoos are the best way to make sure that everyone knows you are besties. It also reminds you and your friend that your friendship can be whimsical and child-like.

There’s something so beautiful about these two elements coming together in one design, whether they be hearts or initials or floral arrangements. Cute tattoos might be tricky, but they’re so worth it. Since these designs are typically small, they look great on the wrist and ankles.

4. Simple Tattoos

The saying ‘less is more’ could not be truer for a simple tattoo design. Symbolize the strength of your bond subtly with a simple design that is just as powerful in its message.

5. Symbol Tattoos

There are plenty of symbol tattoos that best friends can choose to have inked on their bodies. The infinity tattoo is most commonly used when best friends want to commemorate a ‘forever friendship.’ Best friends can choose small black dots underneath the infinity symbols to showcase the meaning behind their matching tattoo. Hearts and flowers are also typical designs.

6. Quote Tattoos

Besties have some of the most profound bonds individuals can ever have. They are bound by sacrifices and promises, trust and loyalty. Having quotes inked on your body is also a great way to express your love for one another. The most common quote that best friends choose is ‘Friends Till The End”. These phrases are usually accompanied by matching tattoos, such as roses, red hearts, infinity symbols, etc.

7. Heart Tattoos

A heart best friend tattoo can best be described as ornamental, feminine, and cute, but most of all, it is about friendship. It symbolizes love, friendship, and a promise. The heart best friend tattoo is usually less than an inch in diameter, and it’s meant to look like a bracelet that wraps around the wrist or upper arm. You can also choose to have your tattoos placed on the neck, shoulder, ankle, back of the hand/wrist, etc.

8. Infinity Symbol Tattoos

The infinity symbol has two lines that come together to create one line. It means “eternal” or “forever.” It is a trendy design as it can be inked anywhere without looking out-of-place. It also doesn’t require an enormous amount of space either. Some might consider a matching best friend “I” or infinity symbol more symbolic than just getting a matching heart on the left or right breast area.

9. Sun and Moon Tattoos

Matching sun and moon tattoos are famous among best friends because they signify how close each person is to the other. These tattoos are usually symmetrical (mostly) and are on either the upper back or shoulder blade area. Sun and moon tattoos also symbolize how each person takes a different role in supporting their loved ones.

10. Butterfly Tattoos

A butterfly tattoo shared between best friends is equally beautiful, whether placed on the back of the shoulder blade. A lot of the time, best friends choose butterfly tattoos to commemorate that they are ‘fated.’ These tattoos can also symbolize an event that occurred in a person’s life, just like your ocean tattoo will remind you of a memorable trip you took with another friend.

11. Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are best suited for best friends who share a special relationship. They are often designed as matching tattoos to ensure that best friends have something in common. These flower tattoos symbolize the blooming of a beautiful friendship into an enduring bond. The best thing about flower tattoos is that you can place them anywhere.

12. Yin and Yang Tattoos

Best friends are extraordinarily close and rely on each other, just like the two sides of a yin and yang tattoo. This tattoo expresses the balance between two opposites and represents how best friends complement and complete each other.

13. Arrow Tattoos

The arrow is an ancient symbol of friendship. This tattoo signifies a bond so strong that no argument or challenge can break the two of you apart. The best thing about this design is that it works perfectly for both men and women, keeping in line with how close your friendship is.

14. Friends Playing Telephone

Do you know how kids used to play string telephone? Well, this is a grown-up version of that. These tattoos symbolize how you can’t keep a secret from each other because you’re best friends. This design is playful and child-like, but the message behind it is undoubtedly directed towards your best friend.

15. Half Tattoos

Best friends get two halves of a design to symbolize how one is not complete without the other. These tattoos are usually inked on the arm, leg, or wrist. The best thing about this design is that it’s versatile because you can choose whatever design you want; it just has to be split into two different parts.

16. Lock and Key Tattoos

These tattoos are expected to sign the key that will unlock your best friend’s heart. Many people choose to have this design inked on the back of their neck, or near the lower back. These tattoos are usually symmetrical, but you can choose to have it inked in color or with a 3D effect.

17. Wings Tattoos

Best friends are wings that lift each other and carry them in times of need. This tattoo represents an angel, which signals that your best friend cares for you as family would. These tattoos are often placed on the shoulder blade or just behind it. Just make sure that whoever gets this design understands what it means before you get it inked on!

18. Best Friend Long Distance Tattoos

A long-distance tattoo celebrates a lasting relationship between best friends. It signifies that time and distance will not keep two people who share a special relationship apart. These tattoos are usually placed on the lower back but can be easily visible to anyone who sees it.

19. To Infinity and Beyond (Toy Story) Tattoos

Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story were the best of friends. They had each other’s back no matter what they were facing. This design is a signal that your friendship will endure and last forever, just like Buzz Lightyear’s proved to be with Woody.

20. XO Symbols Tattoo

X-OXO initials tattooed on both hands represents a unique friendship that’s stronger than blood. It reminds your best friend of the love and care you have for him or her, the same way a true friend would do for you. These tattoos are often inked on wrists, hands, or at the side of your fingers to ensure they will always be visible.

21. Matching Palm Trees Tattoo

Matching palm tree tattoos are depictions of the longevity of friendship. Palm trees stand for tranquility in a relationship, which is very similar to what one feels when standing under the shade of an old frond-laden palm tree. This design also represents versatility, adaptability, and persistence.

22. Matching Bird Tattoos

Tattoos for best friends are best placed on the wrist, ankle, or along the rib cage. A matching tattoo of birds flying together in the sky conveys that best friends can always rely on one another . This design is suggested to be placed on the left hand of both friends.

23. Funny Matching Tattoos

There are many kinds of funny tattoos, and best friends revel in them. These could be comic or cartoon characters or internet memes — or private jokes from a shared experience. While other people may not understand the humor behind these tattoos, you and your best friend will always find a way to laugh about it together.

24. Cool Matching Tattoos

Cool tattoo ideas include names of best friends with different hearts for each name. If you’re feeling even fancier, you can add three dots below the heart instead of two to make it look more like the infinity symbol. You can have small ones on the wrist, fingers, or ankle. Other places to have a cool tattoo would be the side above the abdomen or the shoulder blade.

25. Heart with a Plane Tattoo

An airplane passing through a heart signifies being with your best friend wherever you may be. This tattoo is an excellent way for people who are constantly on the go to let their best buddy know that they can count on them no matter what.

26. Best Friends Forever Tattoo

Best friends forever tattoos (BFF) are not just about friendship, they are also a vow. You choose to live your lives by helping each other from time to time and offering the best advice you can throughout. This tattoo is usually located on the neck but can be placed somewhere else as long as it’s visible no matter what the occasion.

27. Bestfriend Sister Tattoo

The best friend sister tattoo represents a special bond between two sisters, and this token of a union forever connects these two people. These tattoos will most commonly consist of matching names or symbols, representing the closeness of two best friends who have each other’s names etched into their skin for eternity. The best friend’s sister’s tattoo can be placed on the wrist, arm, or ankle.

28. Guy and Girl Best Friend Tattoos

Guy and girl best friend tattoos are a great way to communicate their friendship. It is possible to have a solid platonic friendship with someone of the opposite sex, and the bond can be as strong as any.

29. Trio Best Friend Tattoos

Three best friends can get matching tattoos. These are special, personalized design for three close pals. It can be a design that comes in threes like the stars in Orion’s Belt or a Triquetra. You can also have your names inked in three lines or have the friendship symbol with three hearts. The possibilities are endless!

30. Memorial Best Friend Tattoo

The pain of losing a best friend is genuinely impossible. Getting a tattoo to honor the memory of a best friend who has died helps in the grieving process. The tear tattoo represents a whole life of happiness, sadness, and torn apart memories, and it’s the perfect way to remember a lost friend or relative.


What Tattoos Represent Best Friends?

Having a matching tattoo with your best friend is a way of showing how much you mean to one another. Choose what tattoo you want — then, have it done together. Common friendship tattoo designs include infinity symbols, best friend letters, and matching three dots.

Is Getting a Tattoo With Your Best Friend a Good Idea?

If you and your best friend trust each other with your lives, why not immortalize your bond with body art? Generally, if you and your friend are open to tattoos, getting a tattoo with your best friend is a fantastic idea.

What Symbols Represent Friendship?

There are several symbols often associated with friendship. Among the most popular ones are the heart, the infinity sign, and two crossed arrows. Although these symbols are great examples, it’s best to be unique. So if you want a tattoo that shows your friendship with your best friend, it should represent your bond.

Does Getting Matching Tattoos With Your Best Friend Bring Bad Luck?

It’s not bad luck to get a matching tattoo with your bestie. However, it’s better to consider some things before getting them. You both need to be 100% sure that you’re keen on getting a matching tattoo. After all, tattoos are forever. 

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