3 Best Wood-Burning Tent Stoves in 2022

Best Wood-Burning Tent Stove – FAQ

Finding the best wood-burning tent stove (a.k.a. wall tent stoves) can be tricky with so many options on the market. Though our overview should navigate you towards the best-value products, it also helps to know what factors to take into account when shopping for a stove. Below are some frequently asked questions about wood-burning tent stoves. Along with some handy criteria to help you determine which is the best tent stove for your needs:

Get educated on your wood-burning tent stove basics below, so you can make a well-informed choice in camping gear:

What Is A Heavy-duty, Wood-Burning Tent Stove?

Heavy-duty steel, wood-burning camp stoves are made for ultimate performance. These stoves are the most multi-functional choice, due to their many uses. Firstly, the are outstanding in heat retention, warming your tent to a cozy temperature. Secondly, the integrated stovetop provides an instant surface to boil water and prep meals. Thirdly, they are excellent for drying your wet outdoor gear, generating enough heat to ensure your damp clothing is dry in no-time. 

The heavy-duty steel silhouette is also super durable and has many pros. The thick walls resist warping, hold heat longer, and are less prone to damaging/denting during transport. If the silhouette comes with stovepipe dampers and air inlets, you’re also able to control airflow and adjust burn time. The wood-burning style also means you do not have to carry additional fuel-canisters or propane-bottles, and can simply chop your wood at the campsite. Meaning that you should never run out of fuel, and can keep warm at all times. The downside is that you will be required to provide firewood, so if you’re not handy with an ax, and don’t want to carry pre-bought blocks with you, you may struggle with this option. 

Do note that Heavy-duty steel, wood stoves are not lightweight, and often come at higher pricing. So, if you’re looking for a compact and budget-friendly option, this is not a match. However, if you’re looking for a quality, heavy-duty stove ideal for cold weather winter camping: you can’t go wrong with this classic style. 

wood stove for camping

What Are Wood-Burning Tent Stove Accessories?

A wood-burning tent stove can also come with a variety of add-ons/accessories. Most stoves (expect the backpackers-varieties) will already be equipped with the essentials, such as a stove jack, stovepipe, spark arrestor, and a wood grate. That said, some extra compact, lightweight options may lack accessories, but we’d always recommend ensuring at least the above mentioned 4 are included in your stove package. 

Besides the stove jack, stovepipe, spark arrestor, and a wood grate, a wood-burning tent stove can also include a pipe damper, a hot water tank, and a chimney oven. 

Pipe damper

A pipe damper is a damper valve located in the stovepipe that allows you to adjust the airflow. By customizing the damper valve to your preferred setting, you can slow down the flow of air, which reduced the fuel burn rate. Ideal for making your firewood last longer, without constantly reloading the stove. 

Hot water tank

This nifty add-on is ideal for campers who want to ensure instant access to hot water. The tank is attached to the side of the stove pipe. The heat traveling through the stove pipe is used to warm the water, giving you instant access to hot water without putting the kettle on. Not only does this accessory come in handy for making a cup of coffee or tea. But a hot water tank is also ideal for cleaning up dishes, washing clothes, or a quick sponge bath after a long, sweaty hike. 

Chimney oven

If your wood stove comes with a chimney oven, you’re able to prep even more delicious camp snacks. A chimney oven uses heat from the stove to essentially heat a chimney oven, similar to a pizza-style oven. Whether you want to make this Italian delicacy, or heat-up a casserole, or even bake cookies: the chimney oven has your culinary needs covered. Though it’s not a necessity, a chimney oven is a fun and quite useful add-on to a wood stove. And we recommend it for campers who love prepping camp meals and want extra versatility and cooking options. 

How Do I Guarantee my Tent Stove’s Safety? 

We probably don’t have to tell you, but just to be sure, let us issue a warning: wood-burning or fuel-burning tent stoves do come with risks. The release of carbon monoxide and other gases can be toxic and lead to dizziness, trouble breathing, nausea, and even full carbon monoxide poisoning. According to a scientific study on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Tents, a dangerous level of carbon monoxide (CO) can be reached inside tents within a mere 30 minutes. An alarming statistic. However, the good news is that you can take precautions and measures to guarantee your stove’s optimum safety. Preventing you from becoming a statistic. 


Always make sure your wood-burning or fuel-burning stove is vented to the outside, carrying away any toxic smoke or gasses from the interior of your camping tent. In no scenario should you let smoke and gas escape directly into your camping tent. Proper ventilation is a key priority. Ensure that the chimney pipe of your stove is secure and properly connected to let the smoke/gas pass through without leaks. 


After each camping trip, make sure to pay close attention to the maintenance of your tent stove. Even the most durable, corrosion-proof stainless steel or cast iron stoves need a bit of extra care to stay in tip-top shape. So never neglect a proper clean-up and inspection of your gear. Check your camping stoves for cracks, abrasions, or other damage. And ensure the product’s parts are securely stored between uses. Yes, it may be a bit of a hassle to be that thorough, but when it comes to your safety, you don’t want to take any risks.

How Important Is The Brand?

Well, you can choose to buy from a renowned, expert brand in outdoor gear. A consequence of expert branding is that these stoves are often a bit more expensive. You can also buy a cheaper stove by a lesser-known brand on Amazon, but by doing so, you risk receiving a dupe or low-grade product. 

Now, we’re not saying you should only buy from established outdoor brands. In fact, some of the cheaper options by unknown manufacturers can perform just as well. However, when you buy tent wood stoves from an expert in outdoor gear, you will get an authentic product and lives-up to high-quality standards. Plus, most big-name brands offer a Manufacturer Warranty or Product Warranty on their gear, whilst cheaper brands often do not give this risk-free quality assurance. 

Our advice? Go for an established brand to guarantee the maximum safety and performance of your stove. As with the added risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the pipes/chimney is not up to scratch. Because buying from a second-rate brand is not a risk worth taking. 

How Important Are Customer Reviews?

For us, this is one of the most important factors when buying outdoor gear. Because though a product description might sound amazing, customer reviews are the testimony of the actual performance and quality of a stove. Always check what other outdoor enthusiasts are saying about a product, both the positive and the negative reviews.

For our ‘Best of’ overviews, we always carefully scour reviews to determine whether or not a product is up to scratch. And compare opinions of hikers and campers to get a better idea of the product’s pros and cons. All the products included in our Best Tent Stove review score at least a 4-star customer rating (at time of writing), as anything below 4-stars doesn’t cut it for us. The good news is that there are plenty of quality stoves rated 4-stars and above, meaning you should find a highly-rated match that lives up to (and even exceeds) expectations.

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