3 Best Sleeping Bags for Hammock Camping Adventures in 2022

3. Outdoor Vitals Aerie

This sleeping bag breaks the trend of sleeping bags that cocoon your hammock, but it’s still a strong contender for one of the best hammock sleeping bags. It’s an incredibly comfortable sleeping bag that’s incredible at holding your body heat close.

If you’re partial to the cocoon style, we think this one might be enough to make you consider branching out. This sleeping bag is rated for some pretty low temperatures. If you’re a fall to winter camper, you’ll be happy to know that this light and simple sleeping bag is enough to keep you safe and warm down to 15-degrees Fahrenheit.  

One of the biggest selling points to this sleeping bag is its 5-in-1 functionality. You can toss this onto your hammock to create a levitating bed of comfort, it works well as an under quilt when the temperatures start to drop, it’s large enough to work around your hammock to create a pod, it works as a technical blanket for more extreme settings, or just as a regular old sleeping bag. 

This sleeping bag is incredibly impressive when you consider its temperature rating compared to how light it is. The lightweight fabric and the down filling of this bag are extremely light, but it’s stubborn when it comes to relinquishing body heat.

You’re going to be maintaining a high degree of comfort no matter how much the temperature drops (as long as it doesn’t drop below its impressive minimum rating). This sleeping bag is able to do the work that many other sleeping bags need a second layer to do on their own.

The gridded baffle of this bag vastly increases its comfort and functionality. This is the part of its design that keeps its weight so low. The baffle and the down filling work together in tandem with each other to create an impenetrable layer of air that keeps your body heat close to the chest, so to speak.

The baffle also serves to lock your down into compartments. This way you’ll never have to fuss with reorienting the filling of your sleeping bag. Just unfurl it and you’re ready to hit the hay. The down filling and the evenly distributed baffle also make this sleeping back hyper-compressible.

If you’re a stickler for pack space, you’re going to fall head over heels for this sleeping bag. The down holds a lot of air, so you can squeeze the living daylights out of this sleeping bag when you’re re-packing it, and once you’ve mushed it down to the right size, you can slip it into some pretty tight spaces.

This sleeping bag is backed with a lot of confidence from Outdoor Vitals. They believe in the quality of their products so much that they all come with a limited lifetime warranty. This isn’t a feature inherent to the bag, it won’t make you any more or less comfortable when you’re out under the stars, but we feel like it speaks volumes about the sleeping bag.

You’re going to be applying a lot of pressure to this bag when you take it camping, so a lifetime warranty like the one that Outdoor Vitals backs all of their sleeping bags with is a vote of confidence. If you don’t take out expert word for it, you’re going to take one single look at this warranty and know that you’re going to be able to trust the incredible build quality and functionality of this sleeping bag.

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