3 Best Outdoor Deep Fryers for Camping in 2022

1. Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Cooker Set

The Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Cooker Set is the ideal setup for making the perfect fish fry. The set includes all your deep-frying cooking essentials: a 19-inch cooker, a perforated fry basket, and a 10-qt fry pot. and a 5-inch frying thermometer. All that’s left to add is a 20-pound LP gas cylinder to act as a fuel source, which needs to be purchased separately. 

Though perfect for making fried fish, the Bayou Classic 2212 deep-fryer is just as functional for making other snacks and meals, including french fries and more. The deep-fryer is easy to assemble/take apart and only weighs a modest 11.6 lbs. 

The tripod cooker has a 12.75-inch round cooking surface and stands 19.5-inches tall. The Bayou Classic cooker features a single gas burner stove that attaches to a 10 PSI UL-listed regulator, a 29-inch hose, and a valve. When these are additionally connected to a compatible LP gas cylinder (Liquefied Petroleum), the cooker can put out up to 32000 BTUs. This amount of BTUs is in the middle of the range of fryer outputs, and should be more than adequate to get your fish, chicken, or other snacks golden and crispy! 

Includes key accessories

In addition to the cooker, the Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Cooker Set includes a 12.5″ x 5″ cooking pot/aluminum pan that holds approximately 10 quarters of oil and a steel frying basket. The frying basket fits inside the cooking pot and comes with a long steel handle which enables you to safely lower it – without getting your fingers near the piping hot oil. Furthermore, the set comes with a thermometer that clips to the side of the cooking pot. This lets you keep a close eye on the temperature of the oil and prevent it from overheating. The thermometer comes with an indicated ‘danger zone’ of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the maximum heat for most cooking oils. 

Do note that the Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Cooker Set does not come with a lid for the aluminum pan, which is pretty much the only big con, as we would have preferred a cover to keep your oil safe from insects and bugs. That said, you can always add a lid yourself if you find you can’t use the set without one. 

Highly-rated by other consumers on Amazon, the Bayou Classic 2212 Fish Cooker Set scores top-marks on value, performance, and quality. Speaking of quality, the manufacturer is so confident in the standard of its products, it even offers a 1-year product warranty on the set, covering you against any production or material defects. This gives you the peace of mind you’re buying an outdoor deep fryer that can truly handle the heat, and makes it a risk-free purchase to upgrade your outdoor cooking enjoyment! 

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