25 MISCARRIAGE TATTOOS to honor your loved & lost

This post is to provide inspirational miscarriage tattoos to give you ideas on how to permanently memorialize your loved & lost one.

miscarriage tattoos
Miscarriage Tattoo Ideas & Inspiration

They say scars are reminders of the wounds we have endured.
Tattoos can be looked at in the same way.

As you might know from My Fertility Journey, recurrent pregnancy loss has changed me for life.

I remember every single one of my pregnancy losses in detail.
Where I was, how it happened, how I felt…
It’s a feeling that never goes away for me.

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However, losing a baby that others will never see makes you want to honor their short life with something long lasting. Something that others can look at and tell that you lost something very personal and meaningful to you.

This is why many miscarriage mamas get miscarriage tattoos.

Getting inked is something that we can do to pay tribute, tell a story, honor our angel babies and find healing and closure.

Below, you will find miscarriage tattoo ideas from women who have chosen to honor their pregnancy losses with body art.

(Disclaimer: all of these women have given their permission to feature their tattoo art)


These tattoo inspiration pictures are organized into the following categories:

  • Miscarriage Tattoos for Couples
  • Mother and Baby-Themed Miscarriage Tattoos
  • Miscarriage Tattoos for Dads / Guys
  • Miscarriage Tattoo Birds & Butterflies
  • Angel-Themed Miscarriage Tattoos
  • Miscarriage Flower Tattoos
  • Elephant Miscarriage Tattoos
  • Miscarriage Quote Tattoo Ideas
  • Small Miscarriage Tattoos
  • Symbolic Tattoo Ideas

Miscarriage Tattoos for Couples

Matching tattoos are a creative way to express something extremely profound that you have both experienced as a couple. They can also serve as a unifying symbol to bring you closer in a difficult situation. Though a beautiful gesture, It can be difficult to arrive at a tattoo design that you both can agree on so keep scrolling to get inspired.

1 | Matching Roman Numeral Dates, to commemorate that supposed-to-be due date

This simple and classy tattoo is courtesy of @healthandfitwithash.
She and her boyfriend honored their baby, lost at 12 weeks, with matching tattoos that honor the short but special life.

matching Roman numeral tattoos with the date of lost baby
Photo Credit – @healthandfitwithash (instagram)

2 | Coordinating Angel Wings, to honor their angel baby in unity

These angel parents got the same wing in two different, but coordinating colors. Above all, both wings together form what look like a heart, which to me, symbolizes the joint love they have for each other and for their angel baby.
Photo courtesy of @lacey_janep.

lacey_janep matching miscarriage tattoos
Photo Credit – @lacey_janep (instagram)

3 | Honor your angel baby with A Special Number

Whether it be the number of miscarriages or a lucky number or the birth order of your angel baby, you can get matching tattoos of a number that is significant to the both of you.
This awesome couple tattoo is courtesy of @heaterbugg.

married couple miscarriage tattoo by heaterbugg
Photo Credit – @heaterbugg (instagram)

4 | Matching Footprints, to represent the impact left by a short journey

After 4 miscarriages, this couple (courtesy of @skivertribeandme) got inked with matching footprints. What a powerful way to represent the impact that their baby has left on their life forever.

skivertribeandme footprint tattoos for married couple
Photo Credit – @skivertribeandme (instagram)

5 | A One-of-a-kind Symbol, to represent a one-of-a-kind life

Who says you need to choose a traditional miscarriage-related symbol? @Mooseowlrainbowmama refers to her angel baby as “our seahorse”. In a show of supportive unity, this couple chose these unique tattoos that will always remind them of the unique bond they had with their child.

miscarriage tattoos for couple - matching seahorses
Photo Credit – @mooseowlrainbowmama (instagram)
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Miscarriage Tattoos for Dads / Guys

Men may not verbally express their sadness and grief but that does not mean that the pain isn’t there. For a lot of guys, it may be easier to express these feelings through other avenues, like by getting a meaningful tattoo. Getting inked is a way to remember, to pay tribute and to achieve healing and closure.

6 | I Hold You In My Heart” Angel Baby Tattoo

This tattoo was done by @know_ink_tattoo and says “God holds you in his arms / I hold you in my heart”. What a significant way to remember this previous life forever.

quote and angel miscarriage tattoos for dads
Photo Credit – @know_ink_tattoo (instagram)

Mother and Baby-Themed Miscarriage Tattoos

The loss of a child changes a mother forever. Not only does it leave an emotional and mental impact, it also leaves a physical one.
Some miscarriages mamas choose to honor that physical impact with a permanent tattoo memorial to show that their baby (though departed) will always be a part of them.

7 | Kiss Your Angel Baby

@Thewildthornburgs was faced with the reality of miscarriage when she was unable to see the baby heartbeat on ultrasound at 12 weeks. She got this tattoo with the explanation of “I find comfort knowing that when our baby opened its eyes for the first time, it saw the face of Jesus and will always know a beautiful life in Heaven. “

Tattoo of Mother Kissing Angel Baby
Photo Credit – @thewildthornburgs (instagram)

8 | Watercolor Line Art, for a more artistic aesthetic

You can opt for a more artistic tattoo like this one by @_seedlesswatermelon_, to emphasize the beauty of this special relationship.

mother and baby tattoo in watercolor
Photo Credit – @_seedlesswatermelon_ (instagram)

9 | Lay Your Head On My Shoulders

Nothing shows the deep intimacy of the connection between mother and baby like the intimate hug captured by @jessica_soucys tattoo. The detail in this tattoo further adds to the affectionate nature of this tattoo.

mommy hugging angel baby memorial tattoo with flowers
Photo Credit – @jessica_soucy (instagram)

Miscarriage Tattoo Birds & Butterflies

A bird in flight is a popular symbol to signify a soul departing. Traditionally, wings represent freedom and eternity which is how we would like to remember the immortality of our loved ones soul. Butterflies also signify transformation, to represent your angel baby transitioning from earth to heaven.

10 | Leaving the Nest

Courtesy of @carrie_tatts, this tattoo symbolizes mommy, daddy, the earth siblings and the bird flying upward represents a baby in departure.

bird leaving the nest lost pregnancy tattoo in black ink
Photo Credit – @carrie_tatts (instagram)

11 | Birds as Babies, for those living and departed

Some mommas choose to get tattoos to represent all of their babies – both living and angel babies. @Natalie.kristeen tattoo has a shaded in bird for her living babies and bird outlines for her pregnancy losses. Check out her post for charming photos of her explaining the significance of this tattoo to her two adorable sons.

Bird themed pregnancy loss tattoo
Photo Credit – @natalie.kristeen (instagram)

Angel-Themed Miscarriage Tattoos

Angel wings are a very popular theme when it comes to tattoos for pregnancy loss. And for good reason. When you lose a pregnancy, you want to signify that that baby spirit remains with you.

12 | A Winged Heart, in watercolor

This tattoo shows a fetus in the womb surrounded by angel wings and a halo, to signify them ascending into heaven. Tattoo courtesy of @demolishing_dani95.

demolishing_dani95 ectopic pregnancy tattoo
Photo Credit – @demolishing_dani95 (instagram)

13 | “Amor Fati” (Love of Fate), to symbolize life and loss

When Courtney of @thecourtneyconfession lost her 12 week pregnancy, she feared that she “had nothing to show that this baby was here on earth”.
She got these angel wings and beautifully evocative statement to make sure that her angel baby’s life was never forgotten.

Amor Fati - love and fate tattoo for miscarriage
Photo Credit – @thecourtneyconfession (instagram)

14 | Combination of Miscarriage Symbols

This angel baby is adorned with a miscarriage ribbon, dandelion seeds, footprints as well as a quote, for the ultimate and symbolic memorial. Tattoo courtesy of @kandilandtattooing.

Miscarriage Angel Baby with miscarriage ribbon and wings blowing a dandelion
Photo Credit – @kandilandtattooing (instagram)

Miscarriage Flower Tattoos

Flowers are a common symbol when it comes to pregnancy loss because they represent life, its beauty and its fragility. Certain flowers may be better than others when it comes to memorializing your baby.

Below, you will find flower-themed tattoo ideas that can inspire your own design.
Here is a list of flowers and plants and their meanings and significance, that you can use for your inspiration.

15 | “Planted on earth to bloom in heaven”

This beautiful expression signifies that even though your seed did not materialize here on earth, but will still be remembered forever. This tattoo is courtesy of @_klupe.

Planted on earth to bloom in heaven miscarriage tatt
Photo Credit – @_klupe (instagram)

16 | Floral Miscarriage Ribbon, made of “Forget-Me-Nots”

This tattoo, courtesy of @oasis.one, is one of my favorites. The significance of this miscarriage ribbon being made of colorful and vivid “forget me not” flowers needs no explanation.

oasis.one floral miscarriage ribbon tattoo
Photo Credit – @oasis.one (instagram)

Elephant Miscarriage Tattoos

They say elephants never forget, just like a mama never forgets her babies… whether alive or departed. Elephants are known to be superior mothers in the animal kingdom because of how long they carry their children and how long their children stay with them (some through their lifetime). It is no surprise that they have come to represent the forever bond between mother and child.

17 | Elephants Never Forget, like a mama never forgets

@Motherhoodinanutshell got this tattoo to not only signify her living child, as well as two balloons to show that she continues to carry her angel babies in her memory.

Elephant Miscarriage Tattoo
Photo Credit – @motherhoodinanutshell (instagram)

Miscarriage Quote Tattoo Ideas

Quotes and phrases are perfect for tattoos because they serve as a source of inspiration and the lettering aspect is another opportunity to display your creativity.
For quote inspiration, see my post on Quotes on Infertility & Pregnancy Loss.

18 | “Tu Me Manques”, you are missing from me

@Inked.rhi is a tattoo artist that has also experienced her own pregnancy losses. She shared her own personal tattoo that says “tu me manques” which she explains to mean “‘I miss you’ or more literally translated ‘you are missing from me‘”. I don’t think anything more significantly represents the feeling of losing a baby from your womb.

tu me manques pregnancy loss tattoo
Photo Caption – @inked.rhi (instagram)

19 | Little Footprints Poem by Dorothy Ferguson

@Inked.rhi actually inked this cursive lettering tattoo which says “Almost silently you entered my world. Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint you have left on my heart”.

quote tattoo of the little footprints poem on an arm
Photo Credit – @inked.rhi (instagram)

20 | “You Will Always Be My Favorite WHAT IF”

Courtesy of @hunnybunbunzart, this beautiful quote tattoo incorporates watercolor and features a flattering combination of fonts.

"You Will Always Be My Favorite What If" pregnancy loss tattoo
Photo Credit – @hunnybunbunzart (instagram)

21 | “The Struggle is Part of the Journey”

@Mrs.newman_xo got inked with this popular and powerful infertility quote, which signifies that the challenges have made us who we are.

The Struggle is part of the journey memorial tattoo
Photo Caption – @mrs.newman_xo (instagram)

Small Miscarriage Tattoos

Not everyone is into a huge display. Some people want to keep their tattoos small or private, whether for career, personal or stylistic reasons. In these situations, you can opt for something more discrete.
Here are some simple, yet impactful, tattoo ideas.

22 | Roman Numeralized Date

@Fearless.nyma commemorated her daughters birthday in a subtle and discreet manner using Roman numerals.

memorial tattoo for miscarriage date
Photo Credit: @fearless.lyma (instagram)

23 | Dandelion Seeds Floating In the Wind

@Kellykurcz got this finger tattoo of 6 dandelion seeds floating away from the mother plant, to represent her 6 departed babies.

dandelion miscarriage memorial tattoo
Photo Credit – @kellykurcz (instagram)
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Symbolic Tattoo Ideas

Who says you need to choose a traditional miscarriage-related symbol?
At the end of the day, the point of a miscarriage tattoo is to honor the special relationship with your babys life, so it can be whatever you want. These tattoos are unique in their symbolism.

24 | “Carry her with me even though she’s gone”

@Annaliseree has the most beautiful words to describe her memorial tattoo – “I needed to do this. Carry her with me, even though she’s gone. I needed the visual everyday reminder of how real she was and that she was not just a dream that keeps ending in the worst way…”

girl releasing red balloon tattoo with infant name
Photo Credit – @annaliseree (instagram)

25 | Peas In A Pod

@Joykvan got this unique tattoo to signify carrying baby in her body.

green pea in the middle of the pod tattoo by @joykvan instagram
Picture Credit – @joykvan (instagram)

Many of these women featured have beautiful families now. Make sure to click over to their profiles to follow them and support their journeys.

in conclusion, tattoos are a meaningful way to honor the loss of a short life in a long lasting way.

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