15 Tattoos With Kids’ Names For Dad That Are Meaningful & Cool

Tattoos are a fantastic way to show off your personality and tell stories through art. Parenthood is both a huge part of a dad’s personality and his personal story, so it’s no wonder that tattoos with kids’ names for dads are so popular. Plus, what better way to declare your love for your kid than with a permanent tattoo?

Deciding to get a tattoo with your kid’s name on it is one thing, but picking out the actual design is something entirely different. It needs to be something that matches your personal style, because, depending on where you put it, you’re going to be looking at it every day for the rest of your life. Do you like big bold letters? Are you working on a sleeve or half sleeve design? Will you need something small that you can cover up at work? There are so many factors that go into picking a tattoo that’s right for you.

If you’re not very creative or are lacking in artistic ability then you’ll want to work with a local tattoo artist who you can trust to help you design your dream tattoo. However, in order to do that, you have to show up with some kind of idea for them to build from. So, if you’re on the hunt for some kid name tattoo inspiration, look no further.


With Watercolor Details

For something classic, but with a splash of color (literally), consider a watercolor design. Write your kid’s name out in a font you like and then add in splatters of color in watercolor style around it to make the font pop out.


Minimalist Bold Script

Maybe you like to keep things simple and want a tattoo that’s to the point. Stick to the classic bold script name. Since it’s so simple, you can go as big or small as you’d like, which leaves you with a ton of body placement options.


Alongside Foot & Handprints

There’s nothing cuter than baby hands and feet, and you can have your little one’s prints tattooed right to your skin (as long as your tattoo artist is good with fine lines). After the prints are done, write your baby’s name alongside it to complete the design.


In Their Favorite Colors

Yes, black tattoos are classic, but you can add more personality to your kid’s name tattoo by getting it in one (or more) of their favorite colors. Work with your artist to come up with different designs and ways to work in those colors to make that tattoo all the more meaningful.


Old Western Style Font

Doesn’t this make you feel like you’re in a saloon somewhere? You don’t even have to be a fan of old western movies to appreciate this font and design, and it looks fantastic as a tattoo.


Disney Font

Another font to consider? Disney. If your kid (or you) is a big Disney fan, then tattoo their name in the classic, whimsical font.


Morse Code

Follow in Orlando Bloom’s footsteps and get your child’s name tattooed in morse code. The combination of dots and dashes looks really cool and is a unique way to write out a name.


Your Kid’s Handwriting

Skip the fancy fonts altogether and have your kid write out their name for you and use their handwriting as your font. The little-kid handwriting (when they’ve just learned how to write their name) is always an adorable option, but if your kid is older, their signature is also a fun choice.


Black & White Stripes

This tattoo is simultaneously minimal and bold. The black stripes all the way around the arm will definitely stick out while the names themselves are subtle in their simple font (and the contrasting color looks so cool).


With A Favorite Character

For dads who don’t mind a cartoonish-style tattoo, consider including one of your kid’s favorite characters with their name. You can do this in so many ways, like mickey ears popping up over an “o” in their name, a jar of Pooh’s honey leaning up against the name, or even just some kind of small detail from one of the books they love.


With A Meaningful Symbol

Did you name your kid after something that can be symbolized? Or, is there a symbol that is meaningful to the two of you that you can include in your design? This tattoo by Dan Golebiewski has the child’s name, Lennon, and a strawberry from one of The Beatles’ songs.


Tree Of Life

This person chose to do a gorgeous tattoo of the tree of life with their kid’s name written alongside it. This concept is great on its own, but you could also turn it into a family tree with multiple names within the leaves for something with even more meaning.


A Dandelion Wish

Have you ever blown the fuzzies off of a dandelion and made a wish? Get a tattoo of a dandelion with the seeds blowing off of it, and your child’s name weaved in with them to represent them being your wish come true.


Toy Blocks

Use your tattoo as a chance to capture the little-kid years and keep them forever by writing your child’s name out in toy blocks. Keep it black and white like in this photo, or add some color to make it stand out even more.


Detail In A Larger Design

If you love the idea of having your kid’s name tattooed to you, but you either have or want other art on your body, have their name written as a detail within the larger picture. Have your tattoo artist create a design where the name isn’t the focal point, but instead blends in with the rest of the art.

Tattooing your kid’s name to your body is a wonderful gesture of love, but it’s important to find a design that you won’t regret 20 years down the road. Take your time so that you end up with a piece of art that represents you, your kid, and the love you share.

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