115 Great Date Tattoo Ideas to Commemorate Occasions to Remember

Tattoos have been fascinating not only in ancient times, but also in the modern era. Their roots go all the way back to Neolithic times. However, the art of tattoo has gone through several transformations. Due to its diversity and other features, tattoos are surging into popularity all across America. You will be surprised to know that 48% of the American population has one or more tattoos on their body. Well, it’s no wonder that you are in the era of the tattoo renaissance.

People of different cultures wear tattoos for different reasons. Whether it’s to demonstrate your personality or to commemorate occasions in your life, tattooing is one of the best ways to express yourself. 

You will agree that numbers make up a large part of our lives. Of course, without numbers, we would not have anniversaries, birthday, holidays, or a plethora of other occasions where numerical figures come into play.

Not only this, there are days when your life takes important turns. For instance, it can be meeting someone special, achieving what you have long waited for, or taking your newborn baby into your arms for the first time.

There is no doubt, there are plenty of memories that you want to cherish for the lifetime. So, what can be better than wearing a tattoo that has you celebrate those days? It can be your wedding date or the date of birth of your first child born.

 It can be the day when you stepped into your professional life. Or maybe the date when a beloved family member or friend departed. When it comes to date tattoos, a plethora of ideas would come to your mind. To help you select the best one for you, we are sharing some stunning date tattoo ideas.

Roman Numeral Tattoos

Within a short span of time, the idea of incorporating Roman numeral in tattoos has become quite popular. You will find various celebrities in the media embracing these tattoo designs. In case you’re wondering how numeral tattoos originated, note that its history is quite surprising.

Due to its prevalence, you may have assumed that Roman numeral tattoos started as a prestigious sign as they are in the present era. However, these types of tattoos were used in the Roman Empire as a form of punishment. Back then, Romans used to tag their slaves with such tattoos. In addition, they also used to label criminals for their wrongdoings.

Well, there is no doubt that today such kind of tattoos not only mesmerizes people around you, but also helps you remember the special occasions in your life. So, whether you combine it with a rose flower or a bird, Roman numeral tattoos look extremely cool!

Cat-Date Tattoo

You can adore this tattoo for two reasons; in the memory of your deceased cat or to enhance the meaning of your date tattoo. The cat-date tattoo will surprise everyone around you with its beautiful and intricate aesthetics.

Drawn below the Roman numerals, a cat unfolds the special story of your life. For the placement idea, you can have this kind of tattoo on your chest or back. This way, your artist will have enough space to incorporate all the details easily.

Wedding Date Tattoo


It’s no wonder that a wedding is one of the most important and cheerful occasions in your life. Express your precious emotions for your partner by marking your skin with the date of your bonding. Not to mention, such tattoos have been widely used by people who are about to get married as well.

Be it your wrist or neck, a tattoo that contains your wedding signifies the eternal love you both have for each other. Combine the date with love birds, heart, or a red rose, the choice is all yours. However, feeling of expressions will remain the same; it will show your infinite love for your partner.

First Baby Born Date

You will agree that the first cry of your child and the feeling of taking them into your arms are out of this world! After your matrimony vows, the birth of your first child is what you always want to keep close to your heart. Why not express the intensity of your love by tattooing your child’s date of birth?

Since it is commonly used as a reminder of time, you can get this amazing tattoo on your wrist. You can also infuse it with some colors or add other objects, like a heart, flower, or angel to give more detailed aesthetics.

Furthermore, you can give your partner a surprise by wearing such a tattoo either on the first birthday of your baby or on your second wedding anniversary.

Date with Clock

When it comes to date tattoos, you may have come across myriads of ideas that include Roman numerals. With that said, you will also find some of the most popular date tattoos that incorporate a clock. If you want to commemorate any special occasion of your life along with the time, this is probably the best idea!

Since a majority of the clocks are usually labeled in Roman numerals, it will give an antique yet chic appearance. Date and clock tattoos may look simple, but will be very graceful, especially when your artist will add a rose in the center.

A Heartbeat with Date

For every tattoo enthusiast that is looking for an out-of-the-box tattoo idea, brace yourself! A heartbeat with the date is all that you want! Whether it’s your first or fifth tattoo, a heartbeat with a date will certainly make you stand out. It not only signifies the depth and intensity of your relationship with someone, but it also determines your creative yet alluring style.

Due to its versatility, you can create identical twins; one on your wrist and other on your partner’s wrist. Not to say, a heartbeat tattoo is one of the hottest trends when it comes to body art. In addition to the design, you can add a proposal date to make this even more special.

Date with a Dream Catcher

While there are so many ideas that come with your date tattoo, you can opt for one that perfectly suits your personality. Since there are myriads of emblems to add with dates, you can incorporate a date into an intricate illustration of a dream-catcher.

This will remind you of the day when you achieved the biggest dream of your life. If you’re thinking about placement, your bicep, or arm would be the best spot to place such an exquisite tattoo.

Plant with Date

If your favorite plant dies and you can’t get over the pain, you can heal up by adding this tattoo on your skin. Moreover, you can wear plant with date tattoos to stay encouraged and motivated; the plant is one of the most beautiful aspects of nature and it reflects ‘life’. In other words, such a tattoo will bring you closer to life.

Date with Name Text

Whether in the memory of your beloved family member or a dear friend, you can mark your skin with their name combined with the date. Here, the date can mark the time when you meet them for the first time or any other memorable occasion that you want to keep close to your heart forever.

 The great thing about such tattoos is that they are quite versatile. You can play with the font and text, add colors of your choice, and incorporate any object that you like.

Date with Phrases

For some people, there are phrases, quotations, or words that have motivated them in certain stages of life. So, if you are one of them, there is no better idea than wearing that phrase as a tattoo. Not to mention, it will always help you remember those golden words and encourage you to not to give up. When it comes to placement, make sure to mark it somewhere it’s easily readable.

In the Memory of a Departed one

At times, life brings us at a point when we have to depart from our loved ones. In such a case, don’t confine your love to your memories; rather, express it by wearing a tattoo. Add a date to your tattoo when they departed from you.

To bring more details, you can add any object that goes with the tattoo. Moreover, you can add colors if you want.


Now that you have come across plenty of amazing yet stylish tattoo ideas, make sure to mark the one that is most suitable to your personality. Furthermore, don’t forget to keep in mind that every tattoo carries meanings and should be worn accordingly.

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