10 Best Water Enhancers (for Flavor & Electrolytes) in 2022

3. MiO Energy

MiO has a wide range of drink enhancers, if you have a craving, they’ve got a flavor for you. They have options for getting a little bit of flavor in your water bottle, options for giving you a little caffeine to get you through the day, and MiO additives that are full of vitamins you might be missing in your diet. These water enhancers have a little something for everybody, and it’s really hard to go wrong with a single one of them. We’ve picked the MiO Energy because it’s a great representation of all of those aspects of their water additives.

If you’ve been trying to ween yourself off of coffee, you’re not really a tea person, and you’re trying to get some caffeine to get you through a long day, then their caffeine additives are an incredible substitute. These drops aren’t so full of caffeine that you’d be jacked up after adding a decent squeeze into your drinks, but they’ll give you a nice boost. Plus, if you really do need a ton of energy, then you can just add more to your drinks. They’re a win-win, and once you start using them in your water, it’s hard to want to go back to anything else.  It’s not as abrasive or chock-full of sugar as an energy drink, they don’t require the ritualistic fussing of a cup of nice coffee, and there’s no time spent waiting for your drink to steep and cool down before you can reap that sweet sweet caffeine.

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