10 Best Throwing Knives (Reviewed) in 2022

7. Aeroblades 6PC 5.5″ Throwing Knife Set with Pouch

This six-piece set is lightweight and great for throwing. The knives are made from 440 stainless steel. They may be light, but that doesn’t mean that they’re cheap or fragile. The 440 steel is going to hold up to the punishment inherent to being a throwing knife, and they’re not going to dull themselves after a handful of tosses.

The set of aeroblades comes with a nylon sheath for easy access if you’re on your feet and practicing at a range with targets spread all around or making your way through the woods. These throwing knives are great for beginners. Because they’re light you’re going to have to throw them with a spin. You’re going to learn a lot about wind resistance when practicing with these throwing knives.

After taking your first forays into knife throwing you may want to upgrade to a heavier or longer knife, but these aren’t going to be worn down with a little bit of regular practice. Buying these throwing knives is a great investment in the craft, and you’ll be able to hang onto them for a very long time.

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