10 Best Plate Carriers Reviewed in 2022

Plate carriers serve a lot of purposes. Obviously, they’re mostly going to be used to carry a bullet-resistant plate. If you’re out in the field or just preparing for the worst-case scenario, a good plate carrier can be an invaluable addition to your stockpile.

If you’re on the fence about picking up a plate carrier, consider the benefits of having one around. One of the less obvious uses for a plate carrier is weighing yourself down for bodyweight exercises. If you throw some ceramic plates into your carrier and remove all of your other gear, you can really increase the resistance in your exercises, giving you the gains you need to get yourself some real results really quickly. If you’re not interested in the impact resistance you can get from a good plate carrier, you can also just pick them up for their utility. 

Lots of good plate carriers have MOLLE systems integrated into them, you can skyrocket the amount of equipment you’re carrying on your person just by adding a simple vest to your wardrobe. That applies to search and rescuers as well. A plate carrier isn’t just about surviving combat, they’re great for the simple utility of handsfree transport. So if you’re looking to survive a doomsday or just trying to ditch the bag when you’re heading out to the range, here are the best plate carriers on Amazon!

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