10 Best Bed Tents for Privacy

Do You Need a Bed Tent?

Bed tents are a versatile product that you’ll never grow tired of. They’ll bombard you with use cases as soon as you open up your mind to their possibilities. If you’ve got a non-traditional work schedule bed tents are excellent for blocking out daylight and isolating you from the world to allow for some midday sleeping. If you’re doing the ol’ college backpacking trip across the European countryside and you find yourself stuffed into hostels with a dozen other sightseers, then bed tents will create a little slice of home while you’re away. If you’ve got some kids looking for a play tent at home, they make for a great night in. You can grab some glow in the dark stars and create your own constellations or s’mores indoors, your imagination is the limit.

You can take them on a camping trip as well. If you’re group camping folks will bring along massive tents to share, and if you had the foresight to bring along an air mattress, and you really want the privacy, then a bed tent can turn a ten-person tent into a ten-person home. Bed tents don’t tend to arch towards the ceiling indoors, so if you can grab some dimensions ahead of time, there’s a good chance you can erect a couple of walls for yourself once you’re outdoors.

Bonus tip: Sometimes what you need in order to reset is a quaint little indoor camping trip. Watch as this family shows us how to get down and dirty in the great indoors!

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